Jun 30, 2010

Lookbook: Urban

When it comes to shopping in actual stores, I'm a loyal shopper where I just go to my usual stores and never really look anywhere else.  When I go shopping downtown, my stops are always Nordstrom, Barneys and J. Crew.  I know that there is so much more shops but I just don't really care to look.  Online, I'm much more varied and shop at all sorts of online shops.  My newest favorite is shopgoldyn.  I recently ordered a dress from them and not only did they ship it super fast, it came with a handwritten thank you note!  Gotta love that.  Anyway, Urban Outfitters is not one of my usual stops, either store or online wise.  I have a few things from there but the sizing has always been weird on me. 

What I'm Wearing:
Dress: from Urban Outfitters

But, we walked by the store one day so I decided to pop in and see what they had since it's been forever since I've looked.  I think they've stepped up their game a bit as I found quite a few things that I liked.  I ended up getting this cute dress and this blazer - which is now on sale for $29.99 and makes me a bit annoyed because I paid full price.  UGH. Don't you hate that?


The dress is a bit short but I figure that the long sleeves and coverage up top balance it out.  I love long sleeve dresses, I don't find them that often so when I do, I always have to get them.  And love the ruffles on the front of this dress too.  Added the nude Louboutins to try to add some length to my short legs.  I really love these shoes!  I kept the makeup soft and pretty with a pink lipstick that matched the pink tone on the dress.

Shop the Lookbook:

They don't have my dress anymore.  This tank ruffle dress is great, love the print and the pockets.

I'm actually torn between the print and the solid.  Really cute!  I'm thinking about getting it but should I wait until it's on sale?

Barneys has these back in stock but only a few sizes so snap these up if you've been wanting them.  I know how high in demand these are as every time I walk into a shoe store or shoe department I've had a sales associate tell me that every woman is on a hunt for these and they can't keep them in stock!
Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 

A fab look for less at $69!

And for those of you like me that like an extra high platform, these are great for $89.

Jun 29, 2010

My Weekend in iPhone pictures

Hello lovelies!  It's a start to a new week and I'm feeling a tad bit less overwhelmed from the previous week. Finally had time to upload my pictures from last weekend so wanted to share some highlights of what I did.

I always link my iPhone editing apps on all my iPhone picture posts so you can find the apps I use but to start: all pictures are taken by me with the iPhone and edited with the Camera Bag app and the white borders for this post was done on photoshop.  I usually use the hipstamatic app but didn't this time.  Kinda over it. 

Started Friday with some antique shopping with the hubs in Georgetown.  Bought some gorgeous jewelry and fell in love with other stuff that we can only dream of bringing home with us. 

Found these cute Mod type posters on our walk, love them!

Then dinner at Betty's with the hubs.

Yummy martini to go with dinner

When I'm not traveling for work I like to paint my nails crazy colors and have been doing this thing of painting only one nail a different color.  I don't know why but I like it!
Nail polish OPI "Greenwich Village" and "Do you lilac it", I also made the polish matte with this matte top coat.  Ring is by Made Her Think

The next day, I started with a super duper relaxing massage that was much needed.  After my massage, I stopped by Macrina Bakery for some of the best pastries ever.  No joke, if you like pastries, Macrina is a must go.  I brought them home to hubs but no pictures, Miss Piggy (me) ate them too fast.

Met a friend for drinks at Cicchetti, who had me dying laughing over her tales of drunken nights and bad dates.

Found some time to bake oatmeal raisin cookies.  Miss Piggy ate 2 and then took this picture ;)

Made my dad a card.  Okay, J made it for me, I just wrote in it. :)  Isn't it cute?

J and I took my family out for dinner for Father's Day.  After dinner, my brother treated all of us to Toy Story 3 in 3D at the IMAX theater at the Space Needle.  It was so cute, go see it if you haven't yet!  

The IMAX is actually at the Pacific Science Center (by the Space Needle) which is easily recognizable by these white structures.

AAAAND back to my regular Monday mornings which my view is always a variation of this... looking out of an airplane window.  The only thing that helps is that I fly first class.  If I had to fly coach on a Monday morning I would show up at the office as Oscar the Grouch!

    I had a nightmare travel day last Friday that consisted of flying into Canada in the morning for a meeting, the meeting going too long which made me miss my flight back home, booking new flights that cost the same as the round trip ticket, rerouting me to a different city in Canada, walking the distance of the entire airport to get to US customs and then finally getting back home 5 hours later than I if I had made my original (direct) flight.  UGH!  I swear I aged 5 years just in that one day of travel hell.  I appeased my stress and frustration by stuffing myself with Canadian candy and fashion magazines.  Got to make the best of the situation right? :)


    Crossing my fingers that this week's trip will be less eventful!

    Jun 28, 2010

    Lookbook: Summer Blues

    It hasn't been that nice in Seattle so when the sun comes out, we always take advantage of it and go out just to enjoy the sun.

    What I'm Wearing:
    Dress: Fluxus
    Hat: Eugenia Kim for Target
    Sandals: Miss Trish for Target
    Bracelet: Marika King Designs and Kate Gray Designs
    Again with the hat but I really am loving this hat for the summer.  It can go with my casual outfit to this cute maxi dress.  I get lots of questions about maxi dresses... "are maxi dress still in?", "can short girls wear them","should I wear a patterned or a solid maxi if I'm short?" and I'm here to say that YES short girls CAN wear maxi dresses!  I'm 5'2" and I'm even wearing flats here so you can see that it still works. I think both patterned and solid works as long as with patterned maxi dresses, you keep your accessories very minimal.  Let the dress be the focus and nothing else should fight for the attention.


    I've never been much of a target shopper for things like clothes and accessories.  Target is more of a place where I buy cleaning supplies and such.  However after seeing so many bloggers with such cute stuff form Target and after my good experience with the Cynthia Vincent for Target wedges, and Eugenia Kim hats, I find myself looking at their shoes and accessories even more now.  I found these cute Miss Trish for Target sandals and love the little seahorse embellishment.  I will have to say though, that I'm quite disappointed with these sandals.  While they are pretty comfortable, the back straps do not stay on my feet and was constantly falling all day long so that they were under my feet rather than staying on the back of my heels.  I have them on as tight as I can but they still slip.  It might be because Target does not carry a 5 and so I settled for the 5.5 so maybe I just need to punch an extra hole in the strap so that they fit.  But still... I didn't like having to deal with the slipping strap all day.  I put them away, not sure if I will wear them again.

    Anyway, back to the dress.  I love that this dress is made out of a jersey fabric as it makes it so comfortable that sometimes when I'm just lounging around the house I put this on.  I actually have two maxi dresses from this brand, the other one is black and has straps.  Since they are both so comfy and look great, they've also become my travel dresses.  I've been wearing them on my plane rides to tropical destinations.  I just wear a cardigan over it so that I'm warm enough on the plane.

    Shop the lookbook:

    GUESS Delainee Strapless Maxi Dress

    I can't find my dress online anymore but I love this brand as the fabric they use is so comfy.  Love this little dress with the ruffles and it's currently on sale for $54!
    Fluxus Ruffle Tube Dress

    They sold out of my hat a long time ago but they still have this one available online.
     Eugenia Kim For Target Straw Sunhat

    Although these didn't quite work out for me, they are still really cute.  I like the black coral ones too!

    Miss Trish Of Capri For Target White Seahorse Flat Sandal

    Jun 25, 2010

    Keeping Balance

    from etsy seller VOL25, check out her shop, such adorable prints!

    This is what I'm doing lately... continually moving and TRYING to balance the craziness that I call my life.  I've been on an airplane 4 times in 5 days - 3 cities, 2 countries.  I'm ready to stop flying and just sit at home for a little bit.  Unfortunately, that won't be happening anytime soon as my calendar for July is already booked full with business trips.  And well, those are the ones that are planned.  I get a lot of "We need you here tomorrow" from my clients and by "here" they mean a plane ride away so I take lots of unexpected trips too.  I'm constantly moving and if you've written me an email and I still haven't responded, please forgive me, as soon as I get my head in one place, I will be able to write a proper response.

    Seriously appreciate all of you for keeping up with my blog since it's been a bit boring around here lately.  Lots of lookbooks and new shoes and giveaways to come!

    I live by the whole "work hard, play harder" rule, so I extended two destination photo sessions (one in Mexico, one in NYC) into vacations for July.  Can't wait to be back on the beach in a few weeks!  And can't wait to go back to NYC to do lots of eating and lots of shopping!

    And to make this post slightly more interesting, a beach lookbook.   My outfit is not too great, but hopefully the scenery will distract you from that! 


    Dress by Forever 21 | Sunglasses by Marc by Marc Jacobs | Bikini that you can't see by KanDi Swim | a gazillion bug bites courtesy of stupid bugs

    Jun 23, 2010

    Affordable & adorable online boutiques!

    You know I love sharing with my readers the cute online stores I come across and here are a few more that I think are great and totally affordable!  All of these shops offer stylish clothes for under $100.  Totally I am Style-ish approved!  And not only that, all of these boutiques have given my readers an exclusive discount!  Shop away!

    Dresses from Shabby Apple

    I was recently contacted by Shabby Apple who make the cutest dresses that are modestly cut so you never have to worry about too short or too low cut which makes for the best work appropriate attire.  I love all of their dresses and adore their photos too!

    My two favorites, the Rendevous ($84) and the Ooh La La ($76)

    They were so kind to send me a dress and it is too cute, lookbook coming soon!  But before that, you can shop with them now as they are offering my readers a 10% discount!  Just use the code Iamstyle10off at checkout.


    Erica from PB&J boutique wrote me a sweet email introducing me to her online boutique and I clicked on it to find the cutest, girly clothes and I knew that it was perfect for me (and you guys!)

    How cute are these two?  The Crochet Embellished Dress and the Ruffle Cami Dress.  Both are only $49.99!  Seriously, get on it!

    AND if that wasn't awesome enough, PB&J Boutique are also offering my readers a discount code.  Just put in iamstyle at the time of checkout to receive a 20% discount. Expires 08/31/10.  They also offers free shipping and returns!

    Erica kindly sent me a few things from their boutique and I am in love.  One of the dresses she sent is one of the most comfortable yet cutest dresses that I've ever owned.  Lookbook of that dress to come soon too!


    Megan, the owner of Alainn Bella, emailed me about her recently opened online boutique.  She's only 23 and starting this on her own which I think is so great!  I love young entrepreneurs! She also has great taste, LOVE everything in her shop.
    My picks: Ivory Striped Tank Dress ($56) and High Waisted Tulip Skirt ($24)

    Megan is offering my readers a 25% discount off your orders!  Use code style-ish and it's good until July 15th.

    So I know I'm totally enabling your shopping addiction (I'm suffering from it too.  LOL) but with all these discounts on already great prices, how could you not!

    Jun 22, 2010

    Louboutin: New Simple Pumps

    Another pair to add to the collection! I love these classic pumps in this yellow.  They look great with jeans, it's the perfect POP of color!

    I've been a tad busy these days, especially the past few weeks and not much time to devote to the blog.  My sweet husband offered to help me with whatever I needed so I asked him to take pictures of my new shoes.  He, of course, always does an amazing job, not just with the photography but with the graphic design as well and he surprised me with these fabulous pictures of my shoes!  A very big thank you to my hubs for these awesome images!





    Buy them here!  Or other colors here!

    Jun 21, 2010

    Lookbook: Blazer + Bianca

    If there is one thing in my closet that I want to wear with everything, it is this blazer.  It just brightens up any outfit, I love it!

    What I'm Wearing:
    Blazer: Eryn Brinie
    Tank top: Lush
    Shoes: Christian Louboutin Bianca
    Earrings: Forever 21
    I don't wear earrings very often, other than my diamond studs, but I buy a lot of earrings wanting to wear them.  Usually I don't because I tend to throw on way too many necklaces so then if I wear earrings it would just be too much.  I decided to put my hair up this day which made me want to show off some cute earrings.  That's another thing, with my massive amount of hair, earrings usually just get lost and you can't even see them so it's only worth it to me to wear earrings when my hair is up.
    And of course, the new Loubies completed the outfit.  I heart these shoes so so much!  Thanks again to my wonderful hubs for buying them for me. :)

    Shop the Lookbook:

    Elizabeth and James "James" Minimal Blazer

    I just bought this blazer in black but I love it in white too.  The sleeves are the perfect length, especially for people like me with shorty arms.  I always have to roll up the sleeves to my jackets.

    This cotton one is a good alternative for the summer if you live in warmer climates (unlike Seattle which is 50 degrees and raining. Grrr) 

    Pssst.  Eryn Brinie, the brand of my blazer is having a 30% discount off your whole order!  Use code: LUCKYBREAKS15. I adore this brand and have several things from this line.  The quality is fantastic and their designs are classic but they always add a touch of something to make it different like how my blazer has one side longer than the other.

    They don't have my top anymore but this one is from the same brand and looks like the same color.  I love this brand from Nordstrom and at $28, such a great price!

    Karmel & Alden Denielle Low Rise Straight Leg - On Sale!
    I wear these dang jeans all the time, but I'm addicted to them!  So comfy.

    Christian Louboutin Bianca
    The best platform pumps ever! :)

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