Aug 30, 2010


Posting will probably be sporadic for a bit as I will be traveling all over the US for the next 4 weeks.  My schedule is crazy!  I'm in beautiful San Francisco this week and hubs and I are already loving it.  We've been to the bay area so many times but seem to fall in love with it more and more each time.  Luckily between business trips, I'm able to fit in some fun time with hubs and am glad that he can come with me on some of these trips.

I'm totally behind on lookbooks and have several I need to post process and write the post but those will be coming soon...  Thought I'd share a few iPhone snaps I took in the past few weeks.  Oh and BTW, I got the iPhone 4 and it KICKS ASS.  If you are thinking of getting one, GET IT!  I had an iPhone 3 and after the iOS4 update it was super sluggish and absolutely worthless as every app would crash.  The iPhone 4 is not only prettier but everything is super fast.  The camera is great too.  Oh and I started using a new camera app called CrossProcess which these photos have been edited with.

Onto the pictures... (if you follow me on twitter, I apologize as you've probably seen most of these on my twitpic!)

I got this cute necklace at forever 21 so decided to do a matching red lip.  I love the sparkles on the necklace :)

Wearing: Michele watch (gift from Michele Watches, sponsor of the LBD experiment) | DIY chain bracelet (I found all the materials at Jo Ann's) | L.A.M.B. "Faran" Sandals

Took advantage of Tarte's Friends and Family sale and got a bunch of stuff I've been wanting to try.  My favorite things I got are the Cheek Stain and the Lip Stain, both of which have great staying power.  Perfect for those days when I'm traveling and have to go to meetings right after I get off the plane.  Never have to worry about reapplying my makeup.

Savvy wearing her dress from Sharon and Pooma!  Kisses!  She and I love it!

Playing with different purple tones on my nails inspired by All Lacquered Up's ombre manicure.  I made them matte with a matte top coat

My husband was going to donate an old blazer of his but I saved it from the donation pile to do something with it.  I had no idea what to do until I was reading a magazine that showed me what to do! (I can't remember what magazine it was though) All you have to do is get rid of the sleeves (I just used a seam ripper and left the edges raw) and then wrap it around, secure it with a belt and voila!  a perfect dressy vest to wear over dresses and skirts.

We were having dinner in Chinatown and stopped by Kinokuniya which I love browsing.  I came across this journal and laughed.  Had to capture it for my blog friends :)
I found it here if you want to buy it.
Have a great week everyone!

Aug 25, 2010

Review: Nina Garcia's Look Book

A few weeks ago, the nice people over at Hyperion Books contacted me to see if I wanted to review Nina Garcia's newest book, Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion.  I love Nina Garcia's books and have her "The Little Black Book of Style" (which I reviewed here) and "The One Hundred" so of course I couldn't wait to get my hands on her latest book! 

When I got it I couldn't wait to look at all the illustrations by Ruben Toledo, that's one of my favorite parts of all her books!  But first I noticed just how thick this book was!  It's so much bigger than her other books and to me, I LOVE thick books so I was already into it.  Flipping through it, I loved each little section that she put together.  She's thought of every event for each section from Work, Dating, Day, Night, Holidays, etc... She goes through each event and has suggestions of "What you should wear".  It's super easy to read as it's only a few pages for each "event" but so helpful.  I've already picked up some great tips.  It's not something that you need to read the whole way through.  Just go to the sections applicable to you and then flip through the rest of the book to see the pretty illustrations!  If you couldn't tell already, it gets two Style-ish Thumbs Up so if you've been wanting I suggest to get it now! :)

Of course I couldn't leave you without some pictures of the book.  I did a little photoshoot with my shoes and jewelry.  I thought it was appropriate!

Buy it here: Nina Garcia's Look Book
 Shoes by Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin | Jewelry by J. Crew and LOFT

Disclosure: The book was sent to me for free for possible review however this does not affect my opinion or review of the book in any way.

Aug 24, 2010


I can't wait for fall, all I'm looking at these days are cozy cardigans and knee high boots.  I'm contemplating getting a new pair of boots but I can't decide which ones!  Here are my picks...

I used to hate how flat boots looked on me but now I'm loving them.  I've finally embraced my shorty-ness to deal with it.  LOL!  Skinny jeans and flat boots are my favorite fall and winter go to outfit!

8. Dior Cannage Nappa Quilted Leather Flat Boots 

 Now, it's decision time!  Which ones do you like best?

Click here for more women's boots.

Aug 23, 2010

Lookbook: Jeggings

Last year I kept on hearing that skinnies and leggings were on there way out and I had a ton of readers asking me if I was still going to wear them.  Well, yes, I will wear skinny jeans and leggings forever because I LOVE them.  They are just made for my body type and I don't think that just because something is on their way out I will stop wearing them.  But guess what? Everyone said it last year but skinnies are still totally in so I think I'm safe. ;)

What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Mike & Chris
Tank: Aritizia
Bandeau: PacSun
Jeggings: Vince
Shoes: L.A.M.B
Jeggings, however are a whole new realm for me as I just started getting into them this year.  I think they are awesome and have combined my two favorite things (jeans+leggings) and created the ultimate pant!
I took this picture in July, and I'm wearing a leather jacket... so so wrong but oh well, I love this jacket so the more use I get out of it the better!  Hubs bought it for me for Christmas but I haven't gotten to wear it much.  It's hard to see but it has ruffles on the front which I adore.  Nope, I'm not over ruffles yet either! :)

Shop the Lookbook:
Mike & Chris Russell Leather Hoody Black
You just can't beat the leather of Mike & Chris jackets

Check out more Women's Leather Jackets
G by GUESS Nicole Lace Bandeau
Love love the lace bandeaus to add coverage to any low cut tops.  I randomly went into PacSun one day and they had a bunch so I bought them in pink, gray and nude and I've been wearing them a ton!  So much better than wearing another tank top underneath.  Also a great replacement for a strapless bra as these never fall down!

Vince Zip Jean Leggings
Vince has the best jeggings that I've tried on.  The stretch in them is fantastic and it doesn't lose the stretch.  I've worn these jeggings for a few wears and they haven't been stretched out at all.

I've gotten a million and two questions about my L.A.M.B. sandals.  They aren't sold anymore but for those of you asking the name of them are "Faran"  Even if you can't find them anymore, L.A.M.B. has a ton of cute shoes!  Love the cutouts of these and they are both on sale!
L.A.M.B. Quincy High Heels

L.A.M.B. Dominica Women's Dress Sandals

Check out more women's jean leggings and women's sandals.

Aug 20, 2010

Cut it out!

I tried on these Elizabeth and James wedges last night and loved them. I came home and went on a hunt for all things cutout and found quite a few things that I need in my closet!

Obsessed with all things Miu Miu these days.

ASOS STARGAZER Leather Cutout Shoes on sale for $50!
These look so similar to a pair of (designer) shoes that I've seen but I can't remember the designer, anyone know what I'm talking about?

I'm not a fan of the "ugly shoe" trend but these are ugly and cute at the same time!

Am loving the trend on clothes as well.  I'm all about the subtle sexy and I think cutouts are perfect for that.
Fun little summer dress

adore this lilac color and it's under $30!

Alice + Olivia Sheila Cutout Dress 
I need a LBD like this.

Loving all the details on this top

Myne 'Drew' Mesh Cutout Tee 
Mesh Cutout sounds like a gross combo right?  But not when it's as cute as this top.  I'm loving the army green color too.

Did you notice I got a new header?  Thanks to my hubs for creating it for me!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Aug 18, 2010

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

It's giveaway time!  Yay!  I loved the dress that I got from Shabby Apple so I wanted to give you guys a chance to win a dress as well.

Please click the image below to be taken to the giveaway post and leave a comment there.  The comments included on this post are still eligible for the giveaway.

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    Aug 17, 2010

    Welcome to my world...

    I've been going like the energizer bunny, I just keep going and going and going. My crazy schedule is um crazy but at least it's never boring.  My one wish at the moment is that I get to stay home and not be on a plane for an entire month!  (That won't happen anytime soon.)  On the plus side, I'm now a GOLD MVP on the airline I fly on (I feel special. Ha!)  Awhile ago someone on formspring asked me what my daily schedule was like and I can't remember what my answer was but I'm sure that it was much more different than what my schedule is like now.  So anyway, I thought I'd just share a little bit of what my weeks are like these days.  Here's what's been going on in my past 3 weeks.

    NYC viewThe panaromic view from my sister and brother-in-law's apartment in NYC (photo by my husband)

    Week 1:
    • in New York to shoot an engagement session
    • Stay a few extra days to spend time with my sister and brother in law
    • Get home, fit in an appt for a lash refill & facial (my skin is horrible these days, stupid traveling side effect)
    • Have lunch with a fabulous blogger friend
    • Shoot a 10 year anniversary party/wedding on Sunday
    • Get home at 11pm and pack for my business trip 
    ~iPhone pics from New York~

        Week 2:
        • Wake up at 4AM to catch flight
        • Meetings all day, every day (meaning I get no work done during the day because I'm always in meetings)
        • Work, work and work...
        • Friday - (at home) Take pictures for the blog as that's the only day I'm home and have time.  (and had some fun taking pictures with our pups)
        • Also on Friday, an impromptu photo session with previous clients in which we get to come over and enjoy freshly made pizza from their authentic Neapolitan pizza oven (AMAZING!!  Even the dough was flown in from Italy!)
        • Shoot a wedding on Saturday where we almost miss the ceremony because we had to get on a ferry that was super super late.  YIKES!  Talk about stressed out.
        • Do absolutely nothing on Sunday as I'm sick as a dog 
        Pictures with Macho & Savvy!
          Week 3:
          • No Travel scheduled this week!  Yay!
          • Schedule lunches/dinners with friends. Excited to finally have time to see my friends... 
          • Go grocery shopping for the first time in weeks.
          • Take a trip to Glazers with the hubs and pick up a backdrop set to mainly take cute pictures of our dogs :) Said dogs are not cooperative so no pics yet but shoes are always fun to take pictures of!
          • Wednesday night, while at dinner with my parents, I get a phone call from client, "We need you here tomorrow"
          • Cancel lunches & dinners that I had planned for Thursday and Friday (Sorry ladies, will make it up to you soon!)
          • Book flights Wednesday at 11PM
          • Wake up for my flight on Thursday at 4:30AM
          • Throw together a last minute presentation when I arrive at the office
          • Come home at 11PM on Friday
          • Collapse from sheer exhaustion, look forward to the weekend!
          ~The new backdrop~
          I recieved an advanced copy of Nina Garcia's newest book so will be reviewing that soon!
          So there you go, its nearly impossible to plan my weeks these days as it changes on a whim!  Although things have been hectic and I've had one (OK, maybe two) breakdowns, especially when it comes to last minute travel, it's a wonderfully crazy life I live but I can't imagine it any other way!

          P.S.  We were finally able to update the photography blog so check out our latest post of what we've been up to!

          Aug 16, 2010

          Lookbook: Twinsies

          I got the blazer and the skirt early in the summer but haven't gotten around to wearing it until now.  And then I wore the blazer twice in one week which is something I never do.  LOL.  The perfect summer blazer!

          What I'm Wearing:
          Blazer: J. Crew
          Ruffle Tank: Lush (Nordstrom B.P.)
          Skirt: J. Crew
          These yellow Loubies get comments everywhere I go.  Mostly "Woh, those are some bright shoes!" and I kinda want to say "Woh, you are super observant!" but I don't.  But I also don't say anything back except just smile at them because it's not really something that you respond with a "thank you" don't you think? 

          My mom and I showed up at a party wearing practically the same outfit - pink ruffle top, poofy little skirt and brightly colored pumps!  My mom and I do this all the time where we show up wearing very similar items, it's pretty funny.  It's no doubt that I got all my style from my mom.  She's adorable isn't she? 
          We pose the same too!  LOL!

            Shop the Lookbook: 
            Women's Blazers
            When I bought it early this summer all I could find was a size 2 but now it's on super sale and there's a size 0 left.  Argh.  Annyoing.
            Mine is a denim version of this one.

            Lots of cute tanks now for super cheap!

            I get lots of sizing questions about my Louboutins so for these, I would say they are a bit small, but I still stuck with my normal size.  They stretched out a bit after a full day of wearing them but they are still a bit snug.

             Still obsessed with this ring.  Loves it!

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