I am Style-ish {Seattle Fashion and Beauty Blog}: September 2010
birthday - 5:00 AM

It's my Birthday and a giveaway!

This cat rightly reflects how I feel about birthdays and getting older. Not impressed at all.  LOL!...

just me - 5:00 AM

It's the little things

Thanks for all your sweet comments/messages yesterday!  You all know how to cheer a girl up.  It'...

Shoes - 5:00 AM

My Happy Place

You know how they say "When it rains, it pours"?  Well, that's my life right now.  Eve...

lookbook - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Last days of summer

This lookbook was taken in August which you'll be seeing a bunch from August/early September sin...

same but different - 5:00 AM

The same but different: Miu Miu!

For those of you that are in love with my Miu Miu pumps (I love them too!) I've found the perfe...

dior - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Bows and Bling

You know I couldn't stay away for too long right?  I missed you guys!  I'm not back full tim...



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