Nov 29, 2010

Same but Different - Holiday edition!

Another edition of the Same but Different with some great shoes for the upcoming holiday parties!  If you haven't seen my other same but different posts, I pick out a few designer pieces and then pick similar items that look like them but WAY more affordable

$90 vs $1,300!  I think I know which ones I'd buy!

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron and Michael Antonio Keme Pumps
Don't get me wrong, I love the Louboutin Ron Ron pumps (and I own a few) but these gold glitter pumps are so similar and would look perfect with a LBD. (Plus, they are only $59!)

I tried on the Pour La Victoire pumps the last time I was at Nordstrom and they were MORE comfortable with the YSL Tributes!  I would have bought them if they had my size but they were sold out.

These are the kind of trendy shoes that I don't like to spend too much money on so I think the $58 vs the $1,395 price tag is well worth it!

I have had my eye on the Casadei Trip Platform Pumps since forever but I can't pull the trigger, is it just too MUCH of a platform?  Well, if you don't want to commit to the price the Leno pumps make a great alternative!  (on sale for under $50!)

The ones below aren't holiday related but are perfect for the winter!
What a great winter bag.  Since I've had to do some walking in the snow lately I've been pulling out my satchels that I can sling across my body so I don't lose anything in case I fall and slip in the snow/ice!  I'm liking the extra stud detail on the cheaper version and the $1,900 price difference is pretty convincing of which one to get!
OK, so not as similar as my other picks but I love both these clutches.  You could get all 6 colors of the Urban Expressions clutch and it would STILL not be as much as the Alexander Wang one!

Ash Egoist Bootie and Rag & Bone EVEREST BOOTS 
I have been eyeing the Rag & Bone Boots and although the Ash ones aren't SUPER cheap, they are a great price for a similar looking boot!

Nov 26, 2010

Lookbook: Tucked

Happy Thanksgiving!  We got hit with a snowstorm the day that J and I were supposed to meet my family in Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with them.  We had already dropped our pups off at the dogsitter (who lives about 30 minutes away) and were set to go the next morning but the weather had other ideas for us!  BOO!  I rescheduled our flights 3 times to try to accommodate for the weather *hoping* that it would warm up.  Unfortunately for us, it just wasn't working out so not only could we not go on our trip, the doggies were still at the dogsitter since there was no way we could get there to pick them back up!  I mean, as long as J and I are together, we're happy but it was annoying that we were paying the dog sitter to watch our dogs while we were at home plus not getting to spend time with my family, especially my sister and her husband who I rarely see.  But we have rescheduled our tickets and have a good chance of flying out as the weather is finally getting above freezing!  Yay! So I'm okay with it as J and I had a chance to walk to Whole Foods to whip together our own little Thanksgiving dinner and it was delish.  I hope you guys had a less eventful thanksgiving and enjoyed spending time with your friends and families!

Anyway! Onto the lookbook for today! Remember when I told you that I was obsessed with baggy tops?  This is one of the tops I bought during that phase.  Untucked, this shirt is HUGE but tucked into a slim bandage style skirt, it's perfect!  And no way jose did I wear this last week, I was bundled up in layers and fur snoods as it was frighteningly cold! This outfit is from early October.  I'm still trying to catch up on my lookbooks!

What I'm Wearing
Skirt: BCBG
Tights: DKNY
Shoes: Miu Miu
Necklace: J. Crew

Shop the Lookbook
Mine is sold out but look at how long and baggy it really is!
Numph Oversize Printed Tunic
I get a lot of questions about ASOS sizing and it is really confusing and a hit and miss with their stuff.  The above tunic I bought in a 2 but for most of my tops that I buy from them that are a bit more structured I size up to a 4 just in case because I've gotten some super tiny stuff from them before and it's much easier to alter something too big than something too small.
BCBGMAXAZRIA Solid Power Skirt
Every woman needs a slim skirt like this, you can pair it with so many tops and it always looks great.  I prefer a baggy top or wearing it underneath a too short dress to balance it out.  I like that this one is called the "Power Skirt" :)

I'll take this cute metallic bandage skirt too (and for $13.80 you can buy a top too!)  Out of my price range but I just love this tulip bandage skirt.  So pretty!

DKNY: Basic Tights
My favorite tights ever.  I buy these in bulk.  The terrible thing is that they run super easily but a few times a year DKNY puts their tights on 25% off sale so I stock up then.

Vince Camuto Women's Momas
The look for less version of my shoes.  This gray version is now on sale for $95!
These blush colored Steve Madden pumps are also a great alternative and check out these ones with the cutouts.  Cute!

J.Crew Crystal broochette necklace
My necklace is sold out but isn't this one pretty?
Or I'm loving this one (on sale for $29.99!) or this one from Banana Republic.

Speaking of pretties, I want to thank for sending me these gorgeous bra and panty sets from Elle Macpherson Intimates.  I'm always looking for new brands and stores to shop for my intimates at as I stopped shopping at Victoria's Secret in college and unfortunately there's just not many other options out there.  I'm happy to have found a few online stores that I can order from and freshpair is definitely on that list!  I haven't tried out the Elle Macpherson Intimates line before and I'm glad that they introduced me to them.  I'm loving the delicate, girly designs!  Nothing makes you feel better than having a set of pretty undergarments on right? :)  And don't forget before you place your order to use your ebates for 6% cashback on your order!

Nov 24, 2010

Shopping at Madewell!

If you didn't already know, Madewell is one of my favorite stores.  I love shopping there and everything in the store.  Every time I go there, I grab practically everything in the store to try on and my husband settles into the seat with his iPhone.  Wanted to share some of what I tried on and what I ended up bringing home with me!

I wanted to love the Warm-Up Sweater Jacket as I love big cozy cardigans but this was just a tad too big on me and not in the good boyfriend cardigan kind of way.  I did like the Climbing Vines tank that I'm wearing underneath (on sale online for $9.99!) so I did end up getting that.  The outfit on the left is the Sparkle Cardigan and the Tulum Top (both on sale) and I loved both pieces separately and paired together!  And I did buy them both!  The sparkle cardigan is quickly becoming one of my go-to cardigans (I was wearing it on my first Video Blog!).  Everything I'm wearing below is an XS, the blue cardigan runs big and the sparkle cardigan runs slightly small, the tanks run TTS.
I really wanted to like the Autumn Feathers Silk Dress but it was too baggy for my liking.  In the picture on the left it looks fine but on the right you can see how it's too loose in the waist and does a weird poof thing.  I'm wearing a size 0 and I'd say it runs slightly big so I left this one behind.  However, it was on sale and if it fit me I totally would've gotten it.

The top on the left is the Sparkle Shapes Tee (wearing XS and is TTS) and it comes in several colors (gray, blue and purple) which I tried on every color but loved the purple the best and it came home with me as well.  You'll have to click on the product link to see the sequins better but I loved the fun colors that it added to just a plain ol' tee.  (Jeans and boots are mine.)  If I didn't just buy a pair of black skinnies from J Crew the day before (I know, another pair, I love black skinnies) I totally would have bought these Legging Cords.  They are sooo comfy and I loved that they were casual but would still look great dressed up.  I'm wearing a size 25 and it runs TTS.  The plaid top is mine, what I came in wearing, but doesn't it go perfectly?  The top is by Vince.

I also wanted to bring this Glitter Flecked Pullover home with me but I left it behind (for now, will probably go back for it!) The fit is nice (wearing XS and fits TTS) and I adore the rainbow glitter flecks in the sweater.  I'm also wearing the Alexa Chung for Madewell high waist jeggings but they aren't online.  If you can get to a store go now because they were on sale for $19.99 so of course I had to get them.  They fit really well and I love the seam running down the middle of the legs.  Sorry I didn't capture a better picture of them. 

And lastly I bought the Supper Club Tee as I loved, loved the shoulder detailing.  (It's on sale for $39.99!  Wearing an XS and fits TTS)  This outfit (wearing with the Alexa Chung jeggings) is the perfect casual, throw it on kind of outfit where you can look cute without thinking too much about shoes and accessories!

I also bought a bracelet that's not online but they have lots of great jewelry in the store and online that's on sale.  So, all in all, a pretty good shopping trip right?  Thanks for coming shopping with me!  So tell me are you as obsessed with Madewell as I am?  :)  Also, if you shop online, don't forget to use your ebates for 1% cashback!  It's not much but at least it's something right?

Nov 22, 2010

My First Video!

Guess what guys? I finally put together my first Video Blog!! (or Vlog as I think the kids call it these days.  ;) )

I'm still learning how to use the video function of my camera so I'm out of focus for the first minute or so but I get in focus later on. I still need to figure out a few other things as well. BTW if you are wondering, this was shot on my Canon 5D Mark II so using a dslr camera as a video camera is a bit different than a regular video camera. I'm pleased with my first video but hope that I can get better in later videos. I hope you guys enjoy it!

And I know for those of you that are at work or don't have time to watch it right now, below are pictures of the products I talked about in the video. (but I hope that you come back later to watch my video!) For all my future videos I plan on doing the same, having a video and a corresponding post so don't worry, I'm not jumping into the video blogging thing just yet. I still enjoy writing my blog but now will have some videos mixed in!

Oh and if you guys want to know when I put new videos up (you will most likely get a sneak peek of the videos before the blog post since I have to upload them first) then please subscribe to my channel!   (And let me know if you have a channel, I'm new to the whole youtube thing and would love to subscribe to some channels!)

NARS Lip Gloss Coffret, Crazy Heart,

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, Volga

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, Tonkin 
side note: I pronounced the name wrong in the video (I said "Tomkin").  It was impossible to read that little label!
Not pictured: NARS Pure Matte Lipstick, Bangkok

Urban Decay Apocalyptic Nail Kit

Would love to get your comments/feedback about the video and if there are any topics you'd like me to cover in my future videos!

Oh! I have new buttons on the side of my blog.  They link to my videos, blog shop and reviews blog so if you are reading through your reader, click on over to check them out, they are soooo cute!  (thanks to my hubs) :)

P.S. It's going to be a light posting week as I, like many of you, are going to take a little Thanksgiving break!  I will also be slow (err slower than usual) to answer emails but will get back to you as soon as I can. XOXO

How did it go? (and $250 Best Buy Giveaway!)

This is a compensated review by BlogHer and Intel.

I recently told you about the laptop that BlogHer sent me that was powered by the Intel® Core™ i5 processor and I'm back to tell you my experience with it! I can honestly say that it's pretty awesome! I've used older PC's before and I always noticed a lag time when opening programs and working on large spreadsheets but this laptop with the new processor definitely made a difference. For work, I was able to work on several spreadsheets at once and then even edit photos with those spreadsheets open and everything went quite smoothly! My screens didn't freeze and I didn't have to restart at all. I mean, if you've used a PC before, I'm sure you've had to deal with that at least a few times! I really liked how well the processor work because that meant that I could get my work done faster and spend more time with my husband and dogs!

I also had a lot of fun using the Intel® Wireless Display which let me pull up my screen on our HDTV! It was actually a lot of fun sitting on the couch and reading through my favorite blogs through our TV instead of the laptop screen. Not sure my husband enjoyed it as much though. LOL!

Click on over to my reviews blog to read the rest of my review and enter the giveaway for a $250 Best Buy Gift Card!

Nov 18, 2010

Lookbook: Spray Paint

I'm not a sweatshirt kind of girl.  I really don't own that many (and I only wear them to the gym) but when I saw this one on Gilt, it seemed like something I needed in my life.  And I was right!  I love it.  It's a comfy little sweatshirt but doesn't scream GYM CLOTHES.  Know what I mean?  I love the double row of buttons and that it zips to one side and not in the middle. 

What I'm Wearing
Hoodie: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Gilt
Tank: from Aritzia
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes:Christian Louboutin Bianca
Earrings: gift from Marika King Jewelry
Ring: YSL
And funny enough, while wearing my spray paint printed sweatshirt, we actually were out spray painting!  And no I didn't do that on purpose.
We had some candlesticks and other decorative items that we thrifted and spray painted them a new color (they were gold/brass before).  They add fun touches to our decor!  (I only wore my Louboutins to take this picture, I changed shoes to finish spray painting.  No Louboutins were harmed in the making of these photos.  haha!)

Shop the Lookbook
Marc by Marc Jacobs Quilted Cotton Zip Up Hoodie use "shopstyle40" to take $40 off your first order of $200 or more + 3.5% cashback
this one is a similar style but love the fur collar.  This one zips up the same and is really cute!

AE Women's Polka Dot Tank - very similar to mine and on sale for $14.95
Or this one is very similar and this one on sale for $9.95!
Take 15% off with your order with code 54876589 and 3% cashback from ebates.

Madewell Legging Jeans In Classic Black

Glamour Gal Earrings in Gold & Emerald

A great Look for Less for under $100! (plus get 3% cashback)  They're even the gray flannel! And check out these in the "gray multi fabric" with an additional 30% off and 3.5% cashback.

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