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Lookbook: it doesn't snow here

5:00 AM

Ok my post title lies, it DOES snow here :) I'm writing this post Tuesday evening and it's snowing like crazy outside.  Boy am I glad we went to the grocery store this morning!  Our car does not manage well in the snow so we are basically stuck whenever it snows.  There's a Whole Foods within walking distance (like a few miles) which is good when you need it but I would prefer not to walk through the snow to get groceries.  I made a seafood chowder for dinner (I put it Tilapia, scallops and clams) and it was SO good and perfect for this weather!  I'm on a soup kick, I'm gonna make this recipe next!  Anyway, onto the outfit for the day... I think you all know that I love ruffles so when I saw this cardigan I had to get it!  The ruffles wrap around the back too which is such a fun detail.  And the "shooties" are one of my faves for the winter.  I know, winter shoes?  I'm a weirdo but since I wear pumps a lot, these shoes actually cover my feet and keep them warmer than pumps so I consider them winter shoes! :)

What I'm Wearing
Cardigan: J Crew
T-shirt: C&C California
Jeans: J Crew
Shoes: Miu Miu
Here's a better pic of the shoes that I took when I first got them.

J Crew always makes great cardigans.  I own way too many from them.  This one from J Crew Factory is similar and only $19.99.  Or loving this ruffle shoulder cardigan from Banana Republic.

So about these jeans, I love them but I bought them when I was in between sizes and thought that I should size up to be safe (too tight jeans are just such a no no in my book) but now that I've lost weight, they don't fit at all.  So I'm putting them on my next blog sale but if you want them first, email me.  (they are a size 26 and I'll sell them for $20)  UPDATE: They are sold! They are really great jeans that don't even feel like jeans, more just like leggings.  They are fab and I would totally keep them if they were my size!

On another note, I don't ever keep "fat jeans' just in case because that would only encourage me and justify me keeping weight on so I just get rid of clothes that don't fit rather than keep them in my closet.  Same with "skinny" clothes.  Only keep clothes that fit and then when you lose weight/gain weight, buy new ones, because when you have to buy clothes a size up, you'll be reminded of how much weight you've gained and that might encourage you rather than buying new clothes to go work out instead!  Or if you've lost weight and you get to buy new "skinny" clothes than it will be a reward for your hard work!  But the point is, only wear clothes that currently fit your body because anything that isn't your size will just be doing a disservice to yourself no matter what size you are.

Maxstudio Women's Cambodia Platform Bootie
Mine are a few season's old and there's not that many low cut style of booties out there any more but these are pretty similar.  These foldover booties are cute too. Or these for $50!

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  1. I love the ruffle cardigan. So cute!!

  2. Your shoes are fabulous!!


  3. I adore the cardi...;0) The entire look is very pretty.

  4. Isn't it funny how everyone is frighted of the weather? I think it'll be okay but the news and radio make me nervous! Love that ruffly cardigan!

  5. Love the outfit, and chowder sounds delicious!
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  6. Love the sweater! Very cute and winter-y! XO


  7. I have the JCrew jean leggings and I love them. They are so comfortable. They do feel more like leggings than jeans.


  8. I totally share you opinion about sizes, I only keep things that fit cause otherwise as you say I'd not care much about fitting in my clothes and go straight to my "fat closet", you look very good and in shape, that's awesome taking into a count Christmas was just a few days ago! I gained a few lbs that must go away in no time! Any advice?


  9. I absolutely adore those booties! Especially the color. They're fantastic!!


  10. I totally agree with your perspective on sizes in your closet. For my entire adult life, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit. As a result, I kept size 10-16 clothes in my closet. Having recently lost 34 pounds (8 more to go), I decided to adopt your strategy. I immediately donated all of the too big clothes. When I kept them, it was like giving myself permission to gain weight. This time I am keeping the clothes that fit. B/c who wants to go out an buy "fat" clothes? Not I said the cat. May just need to write a blog post on this - http://clearlyfabulous.wordpress.com

  11. hi tiffany!

    glad to hear you are staying safe in this snow storm. i am lucky i live walking distance to the grocery store.

    omg. i have been in my fat clothes for over a year. lol. it's def my new year resolution to throw them out. :)

  12. Charcoal and black is my fave combination at the moment! I know it can be seen as drab, but I think they compliment each other so well and the overall outcome is so chic! I love the jeans, I will have to look into getting a pair since I have been dying for a skinny black pair.

  13. All of these posts about ruffles are making ME start to like ruffles! LOL

  14. MJ - thanks, I love it too! :)

    Ivonne - Thanks for stopping by!

    DeeDee - thanks for your comment!

    Liz - haha, I know! I'm sure we'll be fine, I just like to be prepared because I've been stuck without food one too many times. not fun.

  15. NicoleLisa - yes, it was delish!

    Brittany - yes, a great winter sweater isn't it?

    kpowe - oh I know, so comfy! I might have to go back and buy them in my size because they are really great jeans!

    CessOviedo - Thanks! I've changed my diet since October so it's been a slow buy steady process and I think that's been the biggest difference for me.

  16. Twenty.Something - thanks! Yes, the color is my favorite part of them!

    clearlyfabulous - woohoo! that's awesome! Good for you. Good for us for wanting to be healthy! :) And yes, who wants to buy fat clothes? No one I know!

    Youa - and a good excuse to buy awesome new clothes! haha!

    Beautygirl24 - black skinny jeans are one of my top 10 must haves in every girl's closet. They are so awesome and versatile, you must get a pair!

    Aftertherace - LOL! I know, ruffle overload in my closet!

  17. Love the shoes & cardigan! The color of those shoes really pop out at you, love it! Also, you have gorgeous hair.

  18. I love the shooties. The color is a nice compliment to that gray sweater. And I am on the hunt for black stretchy jeans that will go with my Audrey Hepburn ballet flats I just purchased at gap. They otherwise known as the city flats.

  19. i love this ruffly cardigan and i had no idea these shoes were called "shooties"! how cute! and congrats to you for losing weight. you should do a post where you explain everything that you're doing. i know i would definitely be interested! :)

    cute and little

  20. Those jeans look great on you ! And love the "shooties." i just got a pair of grey suede ones that I love. Good point on not keeping clothes that don't fit. I just gave away a bunch of sweaters to my sister that were either too small or too warm for my SoCa weather. On the other hand, I had 2 pairs of "fat" jeans which I am thankful for because I am 3 months post-partum and there is no way I would buy new clothes in a bigger size while I am losing weight! That would definitely make one not motivated to lose!

  21. you look very cute! i like the ruffles on the cardigan.

  22. i am definitely craving some chowder right now...do you think you could post the recipe for your seafood chowder? :)

  23. Yum, seafood chowder sounds quite tasty right about now! Cute outfit and HOT booties! That burgundy leather is gorgeous.

  24. omg that ruffly cardi is beyond adorable. And seafood chowder sounds amazing.

  25. The snow was insane last night! I'm so glad the rain melted it all away when I woke up this morning.

    Do you ever go to Scraps for doggies stuff? I always like to walk over (well..only when it's warm out) to buy my two puppies chew toys. I try really hard to resist the pretty sparkly crystal collars! :D

    I went to Pike Place Market <-- :) earlier and found a really cute dog boutique downstairs. I hope I don't sound totally doggy obsessed but I think it's so amazing how dog friendly this city really is!

    I'm still getting used to my 2nd Winter here. It's amazing how everyone here is so used to overcasts skies (sometimes 4-5 days in a row w/ no sun!). I wish I was more mentally strong and not let the weather affect my mood.

    I'm glad I can look at your blog and lift myself up when I get the blues. :)

  26. I just love the cardigan, so classic :D

    Kiss from Portugal,

  27. i'm lovin the burgundy booties! and i own the same cardi, love!

  28. I love the detail of your sweater and those booties are fab, what a great color!

  29. Do you know that I never used to like cardis before? Now, I wear one amost everyday!

    Love the pretty ruffles on you!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  30. p.s. I do have that BR ruffled cardi - in black!


  31. Love. Run. Wine. - thank you! love the name of your blog :)

    Christina - cute! black skinnies will go perfectly with those flats.

    kileen - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll think about it :) I've gotten a few requests but am kind of hesitant to do a whole post on it.

    Apt. #34 - thank you!

  32. Katie - thanks!

    genieinabottle - ooh, your gray suede ones sound cute! That definitely makes sense since you just had a baby - congrats!

    Raeven Marie - thank you! the ruffles are fun aren't they?

    itsbajigidy - sure thing! I'll do a post on it next week!

    Cee - thank you! :)

    Rin - thanks! and yes it was yummy!

    Stephanie "DSK" Nguyen - sorry the weather is affecting you. It gets to me sometimes too and I've lived here almost all my life! Hopefully your puppies can cheer you up when you are getting a bit of the blues! <3

  33. Sara - thank you for visiting from Portugal! ;)

    Leena - oh cute, don't you love it?

    shendovestyle - thanks! yes, the color is so fun!

    20 York Street - wow I can't believe you didn't like cardis! I've always loved them! But yes I'm like you now, I wear them almost ever day.

    WendyB - thank you!

  34. lol... you're too adorable Tiff! Shooties = winter shoes! I've been living in my Uggs for weeks cuz I think the cold is unbearable in SoCal! :) I'd never survive in a snowy/rainy region.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  35. That ruffle cardi is too cute. As for the shooties, those work in any season, I think!

    I hope the weather has calmed down for you some. We had about a foot of snow dropped on us yesterday which wasn't fun at all, and it is still snowing today. Nice. Gotta love Cleveland!

  36. i love your boots!
    lucky no snow for you...i can't wait for winter end over here

  37. LOVE the shoes!


  38. Love those booties! I can't wear booties for some reason but you look amazing in them!!!

  39. Could you please tell me what's the style name of those shoes? Thanks!

  40. Vivian - haha, yes you'd probably hate it here!

    Beautifully Invisible - yes definitely any season but I tend to wear them more in the winter. The snow melted in one day thank goodness! Hope it clears up for you soon!

    Saba - I think everyone is feeling the same way :)

    OceanBaby - thank you!

    Fashion Court - thanks much!

    Really Petite - I can't wear regular booties because they cut off my leg and make my legs look even shorter but the lower cut booties work good for me.

    Joey's mom - I'm sorry but I got them so long ago and don't have the box so I have no idea what they were called.

  41. Holy crap, those shoes are gorgeous. *covets*

  42. Tiffany, thanks so much for the advice re: ill-fitting clothing. I've lost approximately 9 to 11 lbs. in the last 3 years; I've moved from a size 2 to a size 0 or 00, depending on the clothing brand. I've held on to my old clothes for a year, however, thinking I might gain weight. I haven't, though. Your post has helped me decide to donate those old clothes to charity. Plus, it'd be too much of a pain to alter them.

    And I really like your style and appreciate your tips/advice!



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