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Lookbook: Clutch

5:00 AM

First, some exciting news!  I've been asked to one of Smarter.com's "Fashion Experts" so will be blogging over there once a week.  Click here to check out their profile about me and the other Smarter Stylists and my first post about how I'm still obsessing over faux fur!  Nothing will change over here just that I will be linking to my blog posts over there once a week and hope that you will visit me there too!  (For full disclosure I am getting paid to be a contributor to the smarter.com blog but I make the decisions on what goes into my posts and the opinions that I write over there are not influenced by them or anything else.)

I'm usually a big bag kind of girl since I carry so much stuff with me but I recently decided that I wanted to start carrying smaller size bags.  I've also really been into cross body bags so when I saw this clutch with a removable shoulder strap, I just had to get it to try out my new "small bag" idea.  There definitely is some getting used to not having all my lotions and potions that I usually carry with me but the best part about having a small bag?  Not having to share your chair with it!  I hate putting my bag on the floor so when I go to a restaurant I always share a chair with my bag (or I try to get a table with an extra chair for my bag) so with big bags, sharing a chair means I have little room to sit.  With the clutch, I have the whole chair to myself!  

What I'm Wearing
Cardigan: Target
Top: Madewell
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Miu Miu
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff
Necklace: Vintage
Rings: Good Charma and Kimberly Baker
You've seen (half of) this outfit before in my hair curling video, so if you thought it looked familiar, that's why!  The cardigan is actually lace but you can't see it very well in these pictures.  I like that it still kind of showed the pattern underneath.  What a good Target buy!  Both the rings are gifts from the hubs, he picked both of them out without any help from myself and I love them both.  I like wearing multiple rings on one hand but I can't do more than 2 at a time.  I've seen people do 4 fingers which I think looks cool on them but on me, it just looks strange.

I love all my Madewell blouses. They fit really well and are perfect for work. I want to get this silk one next! I love the blue.

Daytrip Metallic Lace Cardigan
Not sure if you can find mine at Target anymore but this one looks quite similar.  I think I will be adding more lace pieces to my closet, particularly this crochet and lace cardigan isn't it gorgeous? And this one is really cute with just the lace on the back.

Gap Really Skinny Pants
I've talked about these pants before and they really are great!  They make for good work pants without looking too "office-y".  And the material is really comfy. 

Vince Camuto 'Momas' Corset Back Suede Pump
These are pretty much exact dupes of my Miu Miu pumps!
Speaking of Miu Miu shoes... I want these sequin ones so badly. And they even have them gold too! Eek!
Kimberly Baker Maude Ring
One of my favorite rings that hubs has ever gotten me (besides my engagement/wedding rings of course).  I just love the design and that I can easily adjust it to fit any of my fingers.
 Good Charma Love Ring
awww, how could I not love this ring from my love?

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch
I liked my blue one so much that I had to buy another one so I got it in pink too!  It's such a great piece to add a pop of color to your outfit.  And even though it's a clutch, it actually still holds a lot which is great!  I also really love this Marc Jacobs clutch.  The color is so pretty!

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  1. Can't wait to read your blog at smarter.com... that's so exciting!

    You look fantastic! I love the color of the RM purse... I love her bags!!


  2. I LOVE this outfit! The pop of blue is so gorgeous, and I love Rebecca Minkoff bags too. I do have a question about your pants - did you hem them or did they come off-the-rack like that? The length is absolutely perfect with those heels.

    By the way, thanks for answering your fan emails! We readers really appreciate it.

  3. I am the exact same way with my bags - they never touch the floor. My boyfriend is so used to it that when we go out to eat or something, he pulls out my chair, and the chair for my bag too! haha, he's well trained ;)

  4. I love the pop of blue in the clutch! I'm so boring, I have no colorful purses..hehehe

  5. oh that clutch is beautiful! i have been eyeing so many minkoff bags!

  6. @Twenty.Something yay! thanks for the support! I'm really excited to be a part of the team.

    The color is what sold me, I don't own any blue bags and thought it was just perfect.

  7. @B yup, I got them hemmed. I think that there is a petite sizing but I just got the regular sizing to hem it to the length that I like. I usually don't like where the petite sizing hem comes up on me but at least there's that option if you need it.

    And of course! Thank you for writing me, I always am happy to hear from readers.

  8. @Really Petite it took me a bit to get into buying colorful purses but I really like the pop of color it gives to an otherwise plain outfit so now I am addicted!

  9. @Andee Layne if you are thinking about getting the MAC I recommend it! I do love so many of her bags as well.

  10. Congratulations! I will be checking you out over there as well. It's so strange but lately I've been in search of a new wallet. I decided to go based on the look/feel of the wallet rather than the label but almost every single time, it was Rebecca Minkoff. Have you seen her passport cases? Lovely!


  11. So chic! Will definitely check out your post on Smarter.com - congrats on the new gig!

  12. I have the same suede pumps from BCBG outlet for like 40 bucks. They're not the most comfortable shoe but it's so cute! Congrats on your new side gig. that is awesome Tiffany!

  13. congratulations on being a featured writer! i love this blue clutch and i can't wait to see the pink one in your looks too. it really does add a great pop of color to any look and i totally know what you mean about sharing a seat with your purse!

    cute and little

  14. Great outfit as always Tiffany! Love the top and the RM clutch! I have one of those and I LOVE it! Must get another one - but seriously I can never hold it like a clutch. Congrats on your new Smarter Stylist gig! Yet another job - soon you'll be the Ryan Seacrest of blogs! :)

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  15. your husband is so considerate with his gifts, i love the rings! and the clutch is TDF! i have wanted this clutch for too long and i am so mad i am not in NY to go to a warehouse sale :(

    the blue though, is so beautiful!

    congrats on being featured! well deserved IMO!

  16. I love clutches, especially VINTAGE clutches. :)

  17. Love the pop of color! I wish I had more clutches!

    If you have time check out my recreated Rachel Bilson's look for less : ) http://myembellishedlife-tiffany.blogspot.com/

  18. Congrats on smarter.com - that's awesome! I'm totally the same way about my bags, I cant stand the thought of them touching the floor! Ugh. That clutch would be a perfect solution :)

  19. Color is amazing, such a statement, bag itself has lots of personality, and then add it to your lovely one, perfection! Have a great week doll!


  20. congrats on smarter.com! :)

    love your outfit! and especially love your clutch.. i'm currently obsessed with all things cobalt blue! i have the gold glitter miu miu's and love them to death!

  21. What a great clutch! I am madly in love with my Rebecca Minkoff rocker bag as well. That's such a sharp color! XO


  22. i am in love w/ that clutch!! especially in that blue color. xo

  23. I love that you got it in two colors!

  24. Tiffany! I just stumbled upon your blog and recognized you from college. I hope you remember me. :) I adore your blog. I'm gonna check it out every day now that I know about it.


  25. Great choice in clutch, and I really like the vintage necklace. Do you think you'll use a purse hanger with it?

  26. @House of Hemingway oh I love the passport holder! I recently saw her ebook holder and her iPad holder too and those are super cute!

  27. @kileen oh yes, glad you understand the seat sharing! sometimes my purse takes up more than half my seat but I'd still rather not put it on the floor!

  28. @DiamondsandTulle bahahaha you make me laugh! I love the "ryan seacrest of blogs" :)

  29. @J-ezzy I would love to go to one of her sales in NY! I would go nuts!

  30. @aftertherace me too! so fun to go vintage shopping to see what you can find.

  31. @Tiffany I'm still getting used to holding a clutch but it's fun to mix things up!

  32. @Katie I know, I see people put there bags on the floor all the time and I just can't do it!

  33. @lisa eek! you have the gold glitter Miu Mius! I love!

  34. @Brittany - Try It On Me the rocker bag is so cute. I love so many of her styles.

  35. @WendyB I couldn't decide on which color and then just had to get both!

  36. @hj Hi Helena! Yes of course I remember you! :) I'm glad you found my blog. Feel free to drop me a note, I'd love to hear how you are doing!

  37. @Elisse I haven't used a purse hanger before. Do you recommend them?

  38. Love the Rebecca Minkoff bag in both colors!!!


  39. I have the same bag in black and love it... I wear mines on the weekends and like you carry a much bigger bag during the week.. Agree I do not like putting my bag on the floor. Have you ever tried the table hook for your bag?

  40. Ahh you just convinced me that I need to add this clutch to my collection! What's the name of that beautiful blue you ordered? I see that they have teal, lapis, royal blue... can't decide.



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