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Lookbook: My Valentine

5:00 AM

People who don't blog (and don't read blogs) don't really understand my love for blogging.  Don't get me wrong, my friends and family are all VERY supportive of my blog which I love but for some friends/acquaintances I often get asked "How do you  have time for that?" or "Why do you blog? What's the point of it?"  They just don't understand that it is simply something that I love to do and beyond anything it is the community and the friendships that I've made in the blogging community (and those of you that don't blog at all but are loyal readers!) that keeps me going.  I get such wonderful emails, tweets and facebook messages from so many of you that make me feel like I have the most amazing friends in the world.  I've been able to meet readers in almost every city that I've visited since I started blogging and many in Seattle as well!  Every single reader that I've met has become an instant friend.  I've never met anyone who reads my blog who I don't have an instant connection with.  It's like starting a relationship without the awkward "getting to know you" stage!  So many of you are so thoughtful and even send me links to products that you stumble across and think I would like and reach out to me for advice from things like a fashion dilemma to career decisions.  I'm so flattered to that you guys even think of me to reach out to for such things.  Anyway it's all a bit mushy but a big reason why I blog is because of you guys and I can't thank you enough for making this girl feel loved by so many people every single day.

Anyway, on that same note, I was incredibly flattered and happy when Luce from House of Hemingway reached out to me about a brooch that she had made just for me and wanted to send it to me.  When I received it I could tell just how much care she took into making it, including the vintage Pucci piece that she added in the middle!  She knew that I would love it and it is totally me!  Thank you so much Luce, what a wonderful Valentine's present!  And don't forget, go visit her here to enter her giveaway for one of your very own!
What I'm Wearing
Cardigan: Forever 21
Tank: Target
Skirt: Necessary Objects
Tights: Target
Belt: Nordstrom
Shoes: Bally
Ring: Kimberly Baker
Brooch: Handmade by House of Hemingway
 While there is no red or pink in any part of this outfit (except for the lips!) I still love it for Valentine's day as it's a bit sweet with the ruffle skirt and the crochet cardigan and of course the pretty brooch.  Speaking of the lips, I'm obsessed with bright pink lips lately and went on a hunt to find the perfect pink lippie.  I feel like I should do a separate blog post about it as it's super cheap but one of my absolute favorites!
I did a Valentine's nail as well :)  The little pink spots that you see are actually a glitter heart polish so I had little hearts all over my fingers!

Heritage1981 Crochet Knitted Cardigan
I love the look of the crochet cardigans but watch out for it getting caught on stuff!  Snag city!  I love how long this Free People cardigan is, it's a great length for dresses.
Mossimo® Women's Applique Tank
 Target is really surprising me with their clothes lately.  I don't wear green often but I really like the color of the tank that I'm wearing and the quality is pretty good too.  I think this top is adorable as well and would look cute under the same cardi. This tank is similar to mine and looks quite comfy too.

I bought my skirt so long ago I can't even remember when but surprisingly I found it!  And even better it's on sale for $9.99!  And I found a dress version of it too.

These Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps are a great color too.  Or these peeptoe pleated pumps are great for the spring!

China Glaze Fly

Nicole By OPI Love Your Life

Nicole By Opi Nail - Respect The World

Disclosure: Nicole by OPI polishes were gifted to me by Nicole by OPI.  *Please see my disclosure on product reviews/gifts from companies* 

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  1. Great outfit! Reminds me of spring!

    And I totally agree with you... there is just something special about the blogging community! I could definitely see a connection between blogger and readers.

  2. you look SO CUTE here! fantastic outfit! so funny that your friends that don't understand blogging question how you have time for it. mine do the SAME thing! :P

  3. Very, very sweet outfit and how nice of your reader to send you that, that's amazing!

    I was one of those people that didn't "get" blogging. I didn't understand how a normal person could have something interesting to say that strangers would want to read and I really never thought anyone would read what little boring me had to say! But then I stumbled upon blogs I actually had a "connection" with one of them being yours of course and I reached out to some of the ladies in the petite community and I thought - why not? So I started with the intent that it was just for myself and it was a bonus if others read it. And I am so absolutely amazed at the openess and kindness of virtual strangers and I have made some great friendships as well :)

  4. I actually love the white tights! They remind me of the white tights I wore as a little girl for Easter, which is a very fond memory I have at an early age of dressing up!

  5. I'm obsessed with blogs and your blog is my all time favorite. I'm one of those that don't have one but loves to read them lol. Maybe one day I'll start my own blog. Love ur outfit! Please tell us were u got you lipstick! It looks really cute on u :-)

  6. Blogging really is wonderful but a lot of people who don't blog or read blogs have trouble "getting" the concept of a blog. And that brooch suits you perfectly, Luce is so sweet. :)

  7. I love reading your blog! It's one of my favorite things and I get excited to see what you decide to share with us readers. Cute outfit. I'm not much of a pink girl. I am loving that ring though.

  8. I love the outfit!!! You look amazing!!! I totally agree with you because like you I do love blogging!!!
    xoxo Cybelle & Fabi


  9. wow I would never would have thought I liked white tights but you make them look adorable!!

  10. I shrieked when I saw your post this morning! hahaaha, like really...shrieked! I was surprised to see the preview of the brooch outfit but the whole thing was like bam! hehehe. Thanks so much for the support, I didn't expect so much love back from you and your followers which have made my whole "love make the world go 'round" project even THAT much amazing. Thank you and all your readers for the support to this humble young (ha!) girl who's coming back to life through blogging. Cheers!

  11. i love the gray skirt you picked out! and the nail polishes too!

    Just Better Together

  12. I'm such a fan of your blog, but like this outfit except the white tights and white shoes. Ruined it for me. Unlike Christina, I dont understand why anyone in adulthood wants to look like a little girl on Easter w/the white tights and mary janes. I will protest the day this style comes back in fashion. If you want to feel like a kid again, wear babydolls. and white shoes?? I can't help it but the word FOB comes to mind. and if they're patent white shoes? I DIE!

  13. I'm inspired. I have a cute little number from Forver 21 I got this summer that I haven't worn. I live in South Florida so this look is a cool way to rock this on a nippy day. Now I need a day for thrifting to locate a cute sweater/cardigan like this.

  14. @Twenty.Something Thanks! I've been in the spring mood. Trying to will it to come quicker :)

  15. @Diane I always respond with "You know all that time you spend watching TV? I would rather blog." because it's true. Think about how much time people waste on watching TV. I watch less than 2 hours of TV a week! I just don't have time nor care for it and only spend time doing things that I love.

  16. @curls-and-pearls I'm glad you joined the blogging community! You are one of the sweetest bloggers that I've met and love to interact with you through our blogs and twitter.

  17. @Christina hehe, cute :) My tights are actually gray but it was so bright that day that the photo white-d them out. Funny enough I don't think I wore white tights when I was a kid but I did have lots with polka dots and stuff on them! :)

  18. @Erika thank you Erika! I'm so flattered :) If you do start your own blog, let me know, I would love to read it!

    The lipstick is NYX. I can't remember the color right now but they have these lip crayon things that are perfection. I will do a beauty post soon!

  19. @Elle it's true, but I understand I was one of those that had no idea what the word "blog" even meant!

  20. @cynthia thanks Cynthia! I always appreciate your support and love talking with you over twitter!

  21. @Cybelle e Fabi It's so nice to have so many of you guys that understand how rewarding blogging is!

  22. @Amber's Notebook thanks Amber! :) They are actually gray but the photo washed them out.

  23. @House of Hemingway thank you for making me and sending me the brooch! You are just the sweetest and I love your "love makes the world go 'round" theme! I can't wait to see the other lucky recipients.

  24. @Justine it was kind of an unusual combo for the polishes but I went with it and it worked!

  25. @AubreyOhDang! the shoes and tights are actually gray but it was so bright that day that the photo made them look white.

    At this age I don't think anyone wants to dress like a kid (and I don't think that's what Christina was meaning)

  26. @Kerissa glad you were inspired! I would love to see your outfit once you put it together! :)

  27. hi tiffany. i love this post and it's so true. i love reading your blog and i read it almost every day during the week as my break from work. lol.
    i think you have some loyal readers and i am def one of them. what i love most about you is your willingness to help others. whether it be a question about blogging, a career move, photography, etc. you always welling to share your knowledge and i cannot say that many women do that for one another. you're awesome! :)
    xoxo, youa

  28. Your nails look great and I love that brooch!

  29. @Christina

    Agreed! I'm getting tired of the dark colored tights all winter--this has inspired me to buy a pair of white tights!

  30. i totally agree i've only been blogging for a little bit but i feel like i've made so many friends through blogging!!

    love your outfit.. it's so pretty.. and not sterotypically valentine-y.. and hello how gorgeous are your legs that you can pull off white leggings.. omg if i did that they would look like tree trunks :( hahaha.

  31. OMG Tiffany- YOU buy Target clothes??? I seriously can't picture it, lol. :) Okay, it's my favorite place EVER so I really can't blame you. :)

    I really like the grey tights and shoes. and this entire look! :)

    See you very soon! :D

  32. Love that pin! Adds so much to the already adorable outfit! :)

  33. What a pretty sweater!

    <3, natasha
    twenty-something blog
    Enter the COSMOPOLITAN subscription giveaway!

  34. I love your white tights I need to get some! I never wear white tights but you look so cute!
    The little flower "corsage" is very sweet as well:)

  35. I love your blog Tiffany! And I especially love this post. It's your sweet personality reflected in what you write that keeps me reading :) Not to mention, your cute style! This outfit is so cute!

  36. i love your blog! i actually get the same reactions when i tell people about my blog. i agree that it's just hard to understand if you're not a blogger.

    and what a beautiful pin!! and i can't wait to hear about the pink lipstick. it looks perfect on you!

    cute and little

  37. I love that I can come to your blog and read these kinds of sweet things. I go on my blog, and people hate on other people on why they just don't go to talk to a professional rather than ask me on something as simple as "help me find my first LV bag".

    I honestly frequent your blog on a daily-basis (since I ran into it a few weeks ago) and look forward to all your new blog / vlogs.

    I hope you never stop doing this!

  38. You pull off white tights well! I think if I did this, I would look even younger than I already do, which isn't a good thing. That brooch is so cute and how awesome is that, that a reader made it for you! Your blog is always very inspiring and approachable to read, which is why I've been a longtime subscriber :) Hope one day we can actually meet in person!

  39. My boyfriend is not always too thrilled with my blog and the time I spend blogging, which in reality, isn't that much as others spend on theirs. He just doesn't get it.

    Your blog is fantastic and seem like a genuinely sweet person so I'm not surprise others are so thoughtful of you!



    Join the Easiest Blog Project Ever at:

    Twenty York Street

  40. i think an outfit without red or pink on valentine's day is a breath of fresh air! u look so pretty!

  41. You're outfit is absolutely darling! You are hands down my favorite fashion blogger. :)

  42. the brooch is gorgeous! and yes i love blogging for those reasons too, the community is so supportive and there's just that instant connection. we need to meet up and say hi sometime since we're both in seattle! <3

  43. love the look!! super cute :)



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