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What's in my bag - Update and Vlog!

5:00 AM

An update to what's in my bag! I did one awhile back so come see the new things that I've added. 

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In the video I'm wearing a Spring & Clifton sweater (it's on sale and get 2.5% cashback from Saks!) and a Swarovski ring.

Glad to finally reveal my new (to me) Chanel bag!  It's vintage and I love that it's a style that not many people have or that you see very often.
Clockwise from top:
Miu Miu Wallet
Envirosax resuable bag (gifted from Envirosax)
Chanel card holder
Chanel eyeglasses - as seen in this post
Louis Vuitton Wapity case
Gucci Cosmetics Bag
Gloves - as seen in my "Winter Accessories" video
Rebecca Minkoff "Allowance" Pouch

I'm not going to go into more detail about the contents, I hope you guys will watch the video!  Oh and at the end I also did a quick review of the Michael Kors iPhone wristlet as many of you had questions about it and was wondering if I liked it. 

What's in YOUR bag?  I'd love to see!

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  1. GORGEOUS vintage Chanel... I love it.

    And cute video!!!

  2. what's that fantastic lip color you are wearing? and I too am a [broke] sucker for vintage Chanel bags.

  3. Love the vintage Chanel!!!
    xoxox Cybelle & Fabi


  4. I love everything Chanel! Still yet to own one of the gorgeous bags, but hopefully one day!

  5. Neat post, Tiffany, and I LOVE vintage Chanel - it's fun to see something different out there in the sea of classic flaps!

  6. LOVE the bag, I also think that Allowance purse is so cute. I want to get one for myself. I was actually thinking of posting a "what's in my purse" blog. I'll be sure to mention your blog in the process : )

    Thanks for stopping by! Just did a new From 9am to 9pm military inspired work look.


  7. The Chanel bag is too cute and I am definitely loving the Gucci makeup bag. My purse is way too junky to do a "What's in My bag" post. I guess that means I need to clean it. :)


  8. Love it. http://www.fashionaddictnamedcorbyn.blogspot.com

  9. Heheheh I thought I was the only one with tons of small bags inside my real purse:)

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. LOVE the vintage Chanel purse!! I like how you organized everything into little bags too. I used to look for purses with lots of pockets but your way is better.


  11. What a great video, I love how organized you are! I'm thinking about doing a similar post and I'll let you know, although it won't be anywhere near as fabulous as yours!

  12. omgomgomgomgomg i HEART your vintage chanel.. it's gorgeous!! and i love what's in my bag posts.. i'm going to do one right now because i loved your post so much!!

    ps. is your bow from tiff & co?? i love that bow and it's so pretty on you!

  13. I love your vintage Chanel and your very full lashes :) I'm going to post a "What's in my bag" blog a little later :)

    - Richelle @ rarepersona.com

  14. @aa31b8d4-3390-11e0-b088-000bcdcb471e Oh, thanks for asking I forgot to mention it. It's NYX #709 Deep Red

  15. @liz Yay! I can't wait to see what's in your bag!

  16. @lisa Can't wait to see your post!

    And yup, it's the Tiffany & Co. bow necklace. Good eye!

  17. @Richelle oh, I know you'll have some good stuff :) can't wait to see it!

  18. oooh... nice bag! you're so organized. i should start using little bags inside to keep it clean. i'm tempted to follow your foot step and do a what's in my bag post...


    P.S. YAY! i can leave message on your post with my actual url now!! you did it!

  19. WooO~ so envious! I especially love the CHANEL cardholder! Love that blue :)

  20. LOOOOOOVE the bag Tiff and all the organized contents inside. I need one of those RM "Allowance" pouches! Heart RuMe bags too!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  21. Love it! I have the same Hello Kitty key cover! :) Where did you get your vintage Chanel, btw? I have been searching high and low!

  22. hi tiffany! i did my what's in my bag posting.. please check it out :) i linked it to you!

  23. @Viv I know it's such a cute little pouch. Guess what? I'll be giving one away soon! (it says something else cute on it but the same pouch)

  24. @Empee Thanks! Actually the bag is all the way from Japan. I had a friend who lives there scour the vintage boutiques for me and she found this one which is basically what I was looking for.

    I know that a lot of people go to malleries.com for used and vintage Chanel bags so maybe check there!

  25. It's so fun for me to see a vintage Chanel bag. I've never seen that one before :) I really would love to find vintage earrings (just to be nosy to see what's out there!)!

  26. Love your post. Thanks for sharing. Do you know Where I can get/buy the Rebecca Minkoff "Allowance" Pouch? so adorable...^.^

  27. also if you can share where to get the pill box?

  28. I love that Chanel purse, as well as seeing what's inside it! :)

  29. @DSK Steph Oh yes, there are lots of vintage Chanel jewelry out there too! I'm thinking about getting some myself.

  30. @Claud I got it awhile back and I don't think you can find it anymore! But, if you keep on following my blog, I'm going to do a giveaway with a similar pouch!

    Oh and I got the pill box from Nordstrom in the Gift/Home Department but that was years ago too so not sure if they still sell it.

  31. I am obsessing over that cute little Rebecca Minkoff pouch! Any idea where I can get one?



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