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Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial (Vlog)

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A new video!  It took me forever to edit this one as I realize I have WAY too much hair and watching me curl my entire head was so boring :)  So I cut out a bunch of footage and hopefully just left the important parts of the tutorial.  This tutorial is inspired by the pretty beachy waves frequently worn by Kate Hudson.
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The magic tool used for this tutorial was the Conair Clipless Curling Iron.  I love the waves that this curling iron produces and it works great for my now shoulder length hair.  Considering I'm a bit of a hair tool snob as I don't mind spending a lot on my hair tools/products, this cheapo curling iron has really impressed me!  I have yet to try a more expensive brand of a clipless curling iron but I'm looking into buying one so if you guys have recommendations, please do share!
In the video I'm wearing a blazer from Anthropologie, tank from Forever 21.  The ring is YSL and the necklace is Tiffany & Co.

So obviously, this was done when my hair was long but you can totally use this technique for shoulder length hair too.  I did my hair the same way and this is how it turned out with my short hair.

I'm running out of ideas for videos so if you have anything you guys want to see from me, please let me know!

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  1. Enjoyed your video! You should definitely check out the Sultra rod curling iron if you're still looking for a good one! I got mine about 9 months ago from Sephora and I use it all the time. I have super thick hair and its great for achieving a wavy look without ending up with a fro (a problem I had with my less expensive, clip iron). The rod doesn't taper though so you might not be able to get the larger curls towards the roots of your hair like you were talking about in the video (hope that makes sense). I like a uniform wave so its perfect for me!

  2. Love this look! Great video.

    My hair will uncurl within 4 minutes usually so def going to try this out!

  3. Love the look, it definitely creates the natural beach hair look. I always use my regular curling iron and just hold the clip, but this curling iron will make it so much easier?! How did I not find it before, ha!

    Thanks for the videos, they are great Tiffany :)

  4. Always enjoy your vlogs :) How about doing an eye make-up tutorial. I like how you do your smokey eyes. I'm asian as well and most of the smokey eye tutorials are for Caucasians...which doesn't work on my eyes :) What eye shadow colors do you usually choose?

  5. oh i love this look! i have too much hair too and this seemed impossible to do!

  6. LOVE this video...my favorite hairstyle. I highly recommend the Sultra Bombshell from Sephora. After reading all the amazing reviews I knew I had to have it. The curls really do last and I never even use any product in my hair. Definitely check it out : http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P268003


  7. Love the video- I think I may actually be able to do it and I an seriously like a five year old working a curling iron which is why I always use rollers!
    I actually like the wavy look even better on your shorter hair- so pretty

  8. Great tutorial! Also, I can't stop fawning over that bold black and white blazer top. I also love how it's paired with ultra-feminine.. is that florals? Looks like a floral print underneath. Cute!

  9. Another great video Tiffany! Love the look both short and long!

  10. thank you for the tutorial, Tiffany!! i actually have this Conair curling wand too and i absolutely love it. i recently also invested in the Enzo Milano 1" clipless curling iron as i wanted more uniform waves and it works just as well too!

    cute & little

  11. Great tutorial!...I definitely agree with the other two commenters on the the Sultra Bombshell from Sephora as the best clip less curling iron. The curls really do last all day. I’ve found that they sometimes actually look better the next day!

  12. Wouw! Gorgeous! Going to try it myself! x Love!

  13. Thanks for the tutorial Tiffany! I only have a 1" flat iron that I use for curling, can it also achieve this look? What is the purpose of using the hair cream?

  14. This makes me want to grow my hair back out... beautiful!

  15. Love this look! Perfect for spring/summer :)

  16. cute video tiffany! i actually love the beachy waves on you with short hair something so whimsical and pretty about it :)

  17. I always love when your hair is the more beach wave effect and I am gonna go buy that curling iron to now try it on my own! Thanks for always having great tutorials.

  18. I love all your hair tutorials, but I really like this one. I didn't even know a tool like that existed. Now, if only my hair would grow faster so I can try this.

  19. Great post! I´d love to have such wonderful curls one day, but my hair is desperately straight, no matter what I do!
    All the same, thanks for sharing!

    xo Ivana


  20. I agree with the previous commenters that the Sultra Bombshell is AMAZING! Love, love, love it and totally worth the hefty price tag.

  21. I couldn't live without my Infinity Conair! This is a great tutorial. xo




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