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Lookbook: I wear flats

5:00 AM

What I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: Target:
Jeans: Uniqlo
Shoes: Prada

People online and in real life always ask me "Do you own flats?  Do you ever wear them?" and even people that have known me for a long time have yet to see me in flats but in fact, I do own quite a few of them and I DO wear them!  Just not as often as I wear heels.  I wear flats a lot more when I travel only out of practicality because we usually spend the day walking/touring the cities and I don't want my heels to get ruined but by the time I get home and I've been in flats for the majority of the time on my vacation, I am ecstatic to be back in heels.  There's something about wearing high heels that just feels comfortable to me and is what I prefer to wear.  I used to completely loathe flats and never wore them, even for long outings but after some foot troubles I now have accepted flats into my wardrobe and I do love them.  (I also started taking a Potassium supplement, as recommended by the podiatrist, to deal with foot cramps that I often get.)

One of my favorite things about these jeans is that they can go from heels to flats in seconds!  Just roll the hem up and they are perfect for any shoe.  I often go out wearing heels but will bring a pair of flats in a shoe bag and keep it in the car or in my handbag if I know I'll be walking a lot.  This has saved my feet (and my shoes!) many times so I highly recommend doing this.  I love these Prada flats and most recently wore them all over San Francisco but the majority of my flats are the Tory Burch Reva flats which I am a huge fan of.  I have them in so many colors and they are super slim and really easy to carry in my handbag.

They also have this blouse in petite sizing which I wish I had gotten as mine is slightly too big.  This Bow-Detail Blouse is also a great blouse, especially for the summer.  I am loving the print of this Leifsdottir ruffled blouse. Super cute!

Banana Republic Hannah lace front cardigan
My cardigan is all sold out but isn't this one from BR so pretty?  I just bought this Forever 21 Rose Print Cardigan which has a pretty lace trim and is so cute paired with shorts. The Cropped Lace Cardigan is really cute too and would look great over a cute floral sundress and keep your arms warm(er). Even on sunny days my arms get cold so I always like having a lightweight cardigan option!

Joe's Jeans Honey Straight
Straight leg jeans are a lot easier to roll up than skinny jeans and I often do like the look of the cuffed jeans.

Prada black patent leather bow flats
I found my flats here but there's only 2 sizes left and they are on pre-order.  I also love the eyelet perforated bow flats and the super adorable pink striped flats.

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  1. I like your look in flats (and also your ballerinas are so cute you don't even notice there isn't a 4" heel attached!).
    Also the ASOS shirt is really sweet.
    <3 Nicole Lisa

  2. Those flats are so super cute Tiffany! I was wondering how you lasted in those Lou purine all day! Now we know your secret :) happy Monday!

  3. I had my eye on those PRADA shoes for long time! they are just too cute!


  4. Those do seem like the perfect length jeans! You look adorable in flats, just as much in heels. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  5. I love your jeans. where I can buy them?

  6. I get that asked a lot! But truth is I love pumps so flats have to wait, of course I wouldn't mind those Prada lovelies! You look so cute in both!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  7. @Nicole Lisa There are so many cute flats out there now that I don't mind replacing my heels every now and then!

  8. @Make Mommy Chic haha, yes, stashing a pair of flats in my bag definitely is a lifesaver! Although I do think that I can last on heels longer than most people!

  9. @The Beauty In Me oh, you should get them if you can! They are really cute and comfy!

  10. @Melissa thanks Melissa! I know, finding perfect length jeans is impossible for me! I got these ones hemmed to a heel length but was glad that they rolled up nicely too.

  11. @Anonymous I got them at the Uniqlo store in Hong Kong. I know there is a Uniqlo in NYC but unfortunately they don't have online shopping.

  12. @CessOviedo Definitely prefer heels to flats but I don't oppose cute flats! :)

  13. @Annie thanks Annie! I love bows too, that's why i had to get them :)

  14. I love your style so much! Who are your favorite style bloggers and YouTube gurus?

  15. lovely shoes :)

  16. I have been lusting after those Prada flats for so long but my feet just cannot handle elasticated flats (and actually, I don't really find flats to be all that comfortable anyway). Do yours hurt your feet?

    xo, alison*elle

  17. gasp! your wearing flats and look super cute in them! my mom is the same way - never wears flats. she feels like she'll fall in flats but can run a mile in her heels.

  18. Please teach me to be graceful in heels! Haha I love the way they look so much but I twist my ankles all the time. :( Those Pradas are so cute and need to make their way into my closet.

  19. You look super cute! What size is your Asos top? Thanks.

  20. Adore your whole navy outfit it's such perfect Gorky outfit especially with the lace cardi and your big bow pradads!

  21. WTF is Gorky I meant girly!! I hateeeeee iPad autocorrect argh!

  22. Love your flats !! You look so cute.


  23. I used to be like you. I used to wear heels for years and couldn't do flats. I never used to own a pair of flip flops. Now I only wear flats :|

    Love the look :) No wonder why I had to have those flats. They look so great on you :D


  24. Your flats are so cute! I love the bows!

  25. Those flats are gorgeous! The bows are so cute! xo


  26. I love those flats! Those poofy bows are so adorable. I currently don't own a single pair of flats; only heels and converses. Maybe, it's time for a change, huh?

  27. love our prada flats!! and omgosh_ uniqlo!!! Reminds me of Taiwan and HK!!!

  28. I just hate how I look in flats. I do wedges for comfort!

  29. Always wondered what these look like on and they're definitely adorable!

  30. Tiffany! I love this simple look on you! So glad you finally posted a lookbook with your Prada bow flats! Gives me simple inspiration to rock my pair that I have in nude! I love the giant bow!!

  31. I love your hair straight like that and those shoes are just adorable and looks so comfy. You look effortless.

  32. I LOVE YOUR STYLE! Flats are my staple footwear, especially since I do lots of walking around my university. I wish I had a pair of those flats too! Aaaww :) YOU ARE AMAZING!



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