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a little break...

5:00 AM

This past month has been crazy, full of travels and just general busy-ness. I guess that's just summer right?  Trips, seeing friends, work getting busier and just generally wanting to get out of the house!  I've been traveling for most of May and will be traveling for most of June as well.  I'm loving every second of it but admit I'm a bit exhausted.  So anyway, I will definitely be blogging about my travels and back to regular posting when I get back home and settled in but for the time being the blog will be a bit quiet.  You also won't be hearing from me much in terms of comments, facebook and twitter.  I will be in areas where it will be hard for me to get internet access so I'll be scheduling posts but it won't be often (Check back tomorrow and then on the following Mondays, that's when I'll schedule them for).  Just to let you know that returning emails will be a bit harder for me right now also.  I promise to get back to you as soon as I have time and I'll check my twitter every once in awhile so if you "@" me I will get back to you!  Same with facebook if you leave a comment for me there. (and who knows, I might actually do some updates on my travels, we shall see.)

Thank you all so much for reading and following my blog.  It really means a lot to me and I truly appreciate your comments and emails.

Not related but you know I can't leave a post without a photo!  I'm still on my fresh flowers kick and I love taking pictures of them.  The mirror was a score from an antique shopping trip.  We plan on spray painting it later but I loved the gold with the roses together.  That's another thing about traveling, I haven't bought fresh flowers in awhile so I'm excited to be settled back in and be able to decorate our place with flowers again!

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  1. Hope you have so much fun while traveling and keep us posted when you can, no worries ;)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Hope you can realx and have some fun while traveling! I love fresh flowers every so often in my house. It's like a little treat that makes you feel good.

  3. Gorgeous flowers !! Enjoy your travels...cant wait to hear all about it !


  4. Gorgeous flowers! Hope you have safe travels. :)



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