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Lookbook: Return of the lace!

5:00 AM

You saw a glimpse of this outfit from my mother's day post, so here's the full outfit.  I got this dress last year (see how I wore it last year here and here) and I mentioned on my facebook page that Forever 21 brought this dress back in stock and many of you told me you were able to get it!  Yay!  I really love this dress, I think it's one of my favorite Forever 21 pieces ever.  It's really well made and the lace is just so pretty.  The length is a little too short for my liking so I always end up belting it and wearing it as a tunic/top but I've seen it won as a dress on many other bloggers and it looks fantastic.  I wanted to offset the girliness of the lace with some unexpected pieces so I paired it with my slim black trousers that I typically reserve for work and my funky Madewell necklace that made the top a little less "sweet".  The hot pink shoes came last just because I wanted to add color in the outfit.

Forever21 Lace Bib Top

They are sold out again of my top but you could acheive the same look with this pretty top.  There are a ton of pretty lace dress options too, like this one from Delia's (on sale). The ASOS lace bib top is a bit different but really cute. Or the gorgeous Backstage Glam Rock Dress that you can see on my sister here.

I love these pants.  They are so comfy!  I haven't tried these on yet but the  Zip skinny stretch pants look great too. 

I love my pink pumps!  I bought them a few years ago not thinking I would wear them as much as I do but they have become a staple in the shoe wardrobe.  These are really similar in shape and color. And under $100!  Or these Kate Spade pumps are so pretty!

I had a few questions about the size of my bag and it is the "large" size which I think is perfect. I'm about 5'2" (5'6") in heels and I think it's a great size for me. I can carry a lot in it! The Dooney & Bourke "Florentine" Satchel is really similarly shaped don't you think?

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  1. Belted short dress gone tunic was such a great idea! In deed is pretty, sadly most of f21 dresses are way to short for me, I'll follow the belt thing, amazing accessorizing!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. You look great! I love the lace top and, needless to say, your shoes!


    Fashion Fractions

  3. That laced tunic is so pretty. The combination also looks nice ;)

  4. i love how you're wearing this dress as a top!! i'm definitely gonna have to try this out with mine too! and i'm so glad F21 brought this dress back. :)

    cute & little

  5. Such a great forever 21 find ! The lace looks so pretty on you and really loving the bright pink miu mius ! !


  6. Your Miu Miu bag is gorgeous! I love the color too. :)

  7. You look gorgeous as always! I love love lace, and the pink pumps are sooo cute.

  8. that lace top looks FABULOUS on you! it always does!

  9. i have been seeing lace everywhere lately. i LOVE this trend! so feminine and classic.

    P.S. i *adore* your shoes :)

  10. @CessOviedo I'm only 5' 2" and most of their dresses are too short for me!

  11. @Neris thanks for visiting and your comment! :)

  12. @kileen I loved it on you! Can't wait to see how else you style it.

  13. @Lily yes, it was a great score! I'm glad I was able to get it when it first came out. Thanks Lily, have a great weekend!

  14. @DSK Steph thanks Steph! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite bags!

  15. @lesouefsbrouilles lace is so fun to wear isn't it? I love that they are making more wearable lace pieces these days.

  16. @Diane I know, I'm so glad lace is trendy now. It's one of my favorite materials! It's nice to get a lace dress like this for so cheap!

  17. I'm going to sound like such a copycat, but I bought this dress (or in my case, more like a top), too! I've yet to wear it but had only planned on wearing it tucked in. I'm really loving how you wore it as a tunic, belted. You seriously wear everything so well :)

    The item I did run out and buy after seeing you wearing was the hot pink ASOS top. I love it so much already, so thank you for sharing!

  18. ohh those pants look great. ive got to make a trip to GAP to check them out.

  19. Such a beautiful outfit!! LOVE that handbag!

  20. Hi Tiffany! :D I love how you have worn that dress, the red shoes and the black pants are an amazing combination with the dress. :D

  21. SO pretty! Looks great.




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