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Lookbook: Shiny & Blue

5:00 AM

I've mentioned before my love of daytime sparkle.  I can't get enough of it!  I just think it's so fun so when PB&J Boutique sent over this Flowers by Zoe top, I had to put it on right away.  I think I'll pair it with a slim skirt and black heels next time for a night on the town!

I forgot to take photos with the purse but wanted to show you guys the cute print on it.  I borrowed it from my mom and it's one of my favorites just because it's the classic Chanel shape but the print is just so playful and cute.  This bag is over 10 years old but you would never know!  Chanel is kind of annoying me with their continual price increases but I guess if my mom can carry this for 10+ years and then I use it for many more years, I guess I can't complain too much about the price.  (although I do think it's getting to ridiculous amounts).  Vintage and resale is the way to go now :)

I bought my blazer ages ago and I like that this one is a little bit cropped as all the blazers I buy now are a longer length.  The quality and the fit is fantastic so I'll be holding onto this blazer for awhile.  LaRok still makes lots of cute blazers, I like the subtleness of the lace on this jacket to give it some texture.  The Starburst blazer has fun detailing on the lapels or this one with the shoulder embellishments is fab too and under $80!

They have a lot of cute stuff for the summer like this tank with the shoulder embellishments and this lace tank (you know I love lace!) that I'm thinking about ordering.

Also get an exclusive discount for I am Style-ish readers! 15% off your order at PB&J boutique with the code "style"! Not applicable on sale items.

You probably already know I'm obsessed with Madewell denim and these leggings are so cute and a great price! I also just got these Rag & Bone The Zipper Jean and I love them! They fit really well but size up because they have no stretch to them.

The Calvin Klein peep toe pumps are really cute in the blue suede, and under $100.  How amazing are these Alexander McQueen skull pumps?!  Expensive but love the blue with the gold accents!

I don't mention this necklace a lot but a lot of you sharp eyed readers have noticed me wearing it quite a bit and asked about it so just wanted to point it out here.  It's such a simple delicate piece that I tend to wear it when I want to leave my accessories unfussy.  It's one of my favorites!

 The bracelet I'm wearing is from Jewelmint.  Have you joined yet?  It's like a jewelry of the month club and the picks are always so cute and unique.  I'm kind of addicted to it!  I love getting my monthly picks and I always take forever deciding which one I want to buy.  I decided to make it a bit more colorful by braiding some embroidery floss to the sides.  Here's my invite to join if you need one!

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  1. Such a fun outfit, Tiffany! am loving your Mom's Chanel purse. I have never thought it's 10 years old. It is still in great shape. Thanks again for your Chanel's post. I am getting closer to find my dream one :)

  2. I usually like all of your lookbooks, but today you look so chic!

    I wish the tank was still available in my size!

  3. you're absolutely right about daytime sparkle .

    it makes everything just a bit better haha

  4. I love daytime sparkle! I have a similar one in black and I practically wear it all the time. Now I have to get that blue one.


  5. What a fun outfit. I have the same exact LaRok blazer (love it) and never thought of wearing it with sequined top during the day. You just gave me more ideas! Love you shoes and love the Miss Dior ones too. They are absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Love your outfit and that bag is adorable.

  7. Title should be Lovely, Shiny and Blue, Tiff you look so pretty! Love the Chanel cutie, it made me go awww!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. i love the jewelmint bracelet!


  9. Another great inspiration look. Love the Chanel bag!

  10. I cant get enough of your Purse. I MUST FIND IT!
    Great Outfit - which I expected.... nothing less from you!



  11. I love that color blue. Nothing wrong with daytime sparkle!

  12. The Chanel price increases are SO frustrating and bordering on ridiculous. But I do love your mom's Chanel... the print is so cute and unique and even though it's 10 years old, it doesn't look dated at all! Guess that's why Chanel is a classic...

    xo, alison*elle

  13. pretty as usual

    giveaway at http://urbanprettygirl.blogspot.com/

  14. cute outfit...and i love the blue sparkly top!

  15. omgggggggggggggggggg I LOOOOOOOOVE that Chanel bag!!! I.DIE. I thought it was from a newly released line or something.. totally would not have guessed 10 years ago! I also love the whole outfit, Tiffany! I just bought brown over the knee boots b/c I had been obsessed with finding a pair that looked like your Roberto Del Carlo ones since I loved how they were the perfect shaft length and not up to mid thigh or anything crazy like that. I finally found a pair I'm satisfied with but I don't quite know what to wear them with now though.. I think I need blue jeggings b/c all I seem to have is black! I should probably look into some of the Madewell ones!

  16. Those shoes are amazing! Love the sparkly top too!

  17. those dior peep toes are darlin'. you look beautiful as usual. safe travels tiff! can't wait to see all the gorgeous photos you & your hubby take. xx

  18. you look amazing! the piping on your blazer is beautiful! and I love the blues shoes! to die for


  19. Love this outfit, and I share your obsession with the bow pendant!! I had been coveting it for months and finally bought it a few weeks ago. It's hard for me not to wear it every day!

    Thanks for your posts - you inspire me. :)

    Blondie, Esq.

  20. I love it! You seriously have the best style. You're definitely a fashion inspiration for me. :)

  21. I swear that's the cutest purse ever! I want a Chanel bag so badly but can't afford it... yet... :)

    Fashion Fractions

  22. OMG! You look amazing! Totally in love with your shirt. You look thinner in those pics.

    Excellent job!


  23. that bag is too much!!! cute outfit!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  24. Tiffany! The blue looks so great on you :) Seems like you had a fun-filled & busy past month.

    I can't believe that your mothers bag is 10 years old. It looks brand new!


  25. love this outfit! i'm totally obsessed with your patent blue dior pumps! prada had a pair of patent blue pumps this past fall.. but i decided to get them too late and they were sold out in my size.. so i'm back on the hunt for a perfect pair of patent blue pumps!

    i swear your mother has the MOST amazing chanel collection ever! will she adopt me?? haha

  26. How much are classic Chanel bags now? Your daytime sparkle is adorable. :)

  27. You always have the best in anything. Truly stylish.


  28. Oh, that sparkly top is just too cute. And you are an expert at mixing neutrals in exciting and interesting ways!

    The Chanel purse is gorgeous -- the print makes it feel a bit more whimsical than most Chanel offerings, which I love!

  29. Such a fun outfit, Awesome anthology! Some of these shots are fantastic. Thank you for a post full of stimulation!



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