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Nail polish and shoes are two of my favorite things ever. As you can see from my nail polish collection and my shoe collection, I have a lot of both of them. I love changing up my shoes as much as my nail polish and now that I'm wearing a lot more shoes that show my toes, I'm all about coordinating my shoes with my toe nail polish. I love putting fun combos together so thought I'd put a post together! It's kind of fun visualizing it with this way, that way I can create similar combos with the colors and shoes that I own!

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  1. Oh, I'm in love with the OPI CFTC & YSL combination! I love that color combination; I never do it, but I think I might soon. The OPI YCBYH & Jessica Simpson pairing is the one I stared at for awhile, wondering whether I liked it, but I think I do. Just not on me XD (Orange looks absolutely abysmal on me.)

  2. Love the color combos you came up with. Great post idea!

  3. Ha so cute! What a great idea! How often do you change your polish colours?

  4. What a cutie idea for a post!! My favorite combo is "glitzerland"!! This really makes me want to buy shoes and get a pedi- both good things!!

  5. Can I have these all? it looks so cute, I love the YSL and cuckoo combo, so much fun!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  6. Hope you're well rested after your travels! I only traveled for a week to India for business but was exhausted!

    Loving the black and blue vibe of "Last Friday Night" .

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. I looooove loooooooove all of the color combos. I usually pick one color- usually it's a pink and I'll wear that with everything, but I really like this idea. I think it's pretty cute ^^

  8. Platforms are so comfy. O, Love Love the red Miu Mius.


  9. Can I please have every single polish and shoes? Great post and thanks for sharing!

  10. Great color combos! My fav is YSL + Cuckoo for this Color! Lately I've been venturing out of my normal "Lincoln Park After Dark" color scheme and going for bolder brighter colors! Thanks for the color inspiration!

  11. I'm slightly obsessed with the first combo - it's got a very classic feel with just the right amount of somethin'-somethin' ;)

    I second the question left by Elaine A - how often do you change your colors? and as a followup, do you DIY your mani-pedis or have them done pro?

  12. Love your pairings, Tiffany! Nail polish is seriously one of the easiest ways to "accessorize" (at least for me... self-confessed polishaholic right here!)

    xo, alison*elle

  13. I love this posting and want those YSL shoes now. I'm not great a making my nail polish different than the standard pale pink on my nails so next time you've inspired me to color it up :)

  14. Those Kate Spade's are just incredible!!

  15. i love these combos! my fave is the orange and nude color followed by the green and fuchsia. i might try these as outfit color combos! :)

    cute & little
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  16. Great combos. I'm definitely going to have to remember to bookmark this post so that I know what OPI nail polish to buy.



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