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Lookbook: Bright Cobalt

11:29 AM

Hey loves!  It's been a hectic week because I have Jury Duty all week (UGH!) so it's kind of messed up my schedule for everything.  I'm working really hard on a new project (actually, new business!) which I hope to reveal soon. (Hint... if you check out my sister's blog, you may be able to figure out what we're working on) ;)  Don't ask me for details quite yet but I'm super excited and I can't wait to launch it and share it with you all!  I think (or hope!) you guys will love it! Anyway, the blog may be a little more quiet than usual but I'm still here if you need me! :)

I've always loved color in my wardrobe and this year I especially love lots of color.  My favorite trend right now is the bright jeans.  I can't get enough!  You've seen my pink jeans, which I've been wearing lots this summer, and these are my latest acquisition which I got when Refinery29 Reserve did their $150 for $300 at Rag & Bone deal.  (Have you checked out Refinery29 Reserve?  They have pretty sweet deals - kinda like Groupon - but mostly only for fashion sites.  I've saved so much money using their deals!)  These are probably the best fitting bright colored jeans that I've tried on.  The Zara ones are great because they are cheap but they've already lost a bit of it's shape, which is expected with cheap pants.  The J Brand jeans are fab and come in great colors but they aren't as soft or stretchy as the Rag & Bone ones which also come in a ton of colors.  My sister also bought these exact same jeans, which I didn't know until I saw her lookbook.  Great minds think alike! :)

You know I love my Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch but since I have two, I've decided to sell this one.  I'm doing a major closet clean out and will be selling other bags so I'll try to update my blog sale shop soon.  (But don't get your hopes up, I never sell my high end designer bags!  They all mean too much to me even if I don't use them.  It will be bags like my Marc Jacobs and another Rebecca Minkoff)  Anyway, I'm selling this bag for $160 (includes shipping - US only). I purchased it for $295 and it's still currently selling at that price (but this color is no longer available).  Only used a handful of times and looks brand new.  Comes with the detachable strap and dust bag.  Email me at tiffany (at) iamstyle-ish . com with the subject line "RM Clutch" to purchase.  First come, first serve.  I'll email you back to let you know if you are the first and details on how to send payment.

 Vince Stripe Sweater Tee
I think the rest of the world is warmer than Seattle right now so this sweater tee is probably more appropriate for the rest of you guys than the sweater I'm wearing!  Although, what's great about striped sweaters is that they work really well into the fall and winter too so I'm stocking up on all of the ones that are on sale now. Love this Joie sweater, it looks so comfy, and it's is on sale for 60% off! And this Rebecca Taylor sweater is similar to mine and on sale too.

Rag & Bone Skinny Jean - Bright Cobalt

Love all the other colors too, like the Kelly Green and the Rose.  If you are petite and can fit into a girl's size, Joe's Jeans Kids has these skinny jeans in pink and blue for only $49.50!  I'm tempted to order the size 14 and see how they fit!

 Miu Miu Pumps
Such a great price for these!!  I have so many Miu Miu pumps and they are all super comfy and I wear them all the time.  I recommend true to size in Miu Miu shoes.  (Yoox is a reputable retailer, I've ordered from the before and they are great.)  Mine are sold out but these pumps  are similar to mine.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Bombe Clutch
I love the MAC Clutch and wouldn't be selling mine except I went crazy and bought way too many crossbody bags lately so that's the only reason why I'm letting that one go.  I love the design of the Bombe Clutch.  It's really pretty in this metallic taupe too and is a great neutral color.

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  1. love absolutely everything about this look ! :) hugs

  2. I love the color of the jeans! That is a color I would think to steer away from but it looks so great in your outfit!

    xO Kristen

  3. insanely stunning!!! I've recently discovered your blog (i know, what rock have i been hiding under right!?!) and i'm just lovin' ur style and very jelly of your shoe collection!

  4. You look great in cobalt!!

    I just did a post on color denim. I have a pair of red ones from F21 that I love, so I'm thinking of branching out and picking up another color.

    Have you tried the AG Farrah's? They are cropped so they would work for your petite self and the fabric is wonderfully soft.

  5. LOVE!!! i swear you rock cobalt jeans like nobodies business!! so hawt!

  6. Looking adorable as usual! You're making me want to buy colored jeans! (I'm tempted to buy the turquoise Joe's Jeans you recommended.)


  7. You rock the coloured jeans trend so so well. I hate drawing attending to my bottom half thus, have patiently sat this one out but it is becoming increasingly more difficult :).

    Boo to jury duty - I'm all for fulfilling my civic duty but it can be so incredibly boring. Hang in there!

  8. Love the skinnies! As a skinny jean girl (I'm obsessed), I really want to try Rag & Bone.

  9. Love the cobalt and black and white combo. I so wanna get bright colored jeans but I am not sure if they are here to stay or if they are just a passing fade :(. I They do look pretty for summer.


  10. Love the cobalt jeans!! Cobalt is a great way to get in on this trend, without being too "out there" with your color.

  11. fun pants lady! i love bright for sure. rocks and rolls.

  12. Oh seems like you are up to a lot! Jury duty is never fun, but I'm excited for your new project, can't wait! Looking fab in cobalt! Off to see your sister''s blog :)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. ..I love those miu miu shoes ..you look so stylish ..

  14. kicking myself for not seeing this post sooner! whoever scored your mac clutch is super lucky! i actually have the mac mini but would looove the larger size as well. is it pointless to have the same bag in 2 sizes?

  15. Love the bright jeans and the stripes !! Cant wait to hear about the new business :) Ahh jury duty is never fun !


  16. love the blue jeans! you look great!

  17. This is a beautiful outfit! :) Doesn't show a lot but really classy!

  18. You look awesome in those bright blue jeans. Very you :) I am usually a huge fan of J brand but will check the rag and bone out. Thanks for the post :)

  19. Love this combo. You look great (as always) but especially in the cobalt color.

  20. Love your outfit! :D I think the pop of color with your jeans is super cute!! Aw, good luck with jury duty~

  21. You look gorgeous as always!

    Can't wait for these bag sales!!


  22. I've been looking for cobalt blue jeans! What's the inseam like on them? I've been eyeing the JBrand ones, but they're all 29 or 30 inseam, and I'm 5ft10!

  23. you look fantastic in your cobalt jeans! love your whole look!


  24. I don't own much blue but I do love the cobalt shade! It's still blue denim but much more modern!

  25. I love your Miu Miu pumps! Thank you for the dupe link at Yoox - I love those too! My Miu Mus are all so comfy :)

  26. Oh my gosh, those jeans look STUNNING and fit you like a glove! I got the Zara version of them and while they are comfortable.. the fit is not all there. They're loose in the crotch and gives that area a rather unsightly appearance! I really want these now... great post!


  27. I'm wanting flared colored jeans.



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