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Latest Loves: Prada Bow Pumps

5:00 AM

I used to do shoe collection posts whenever I got new shoes and then I just stopped.  Don't really know why, but thought I'd bring them back!  :)  Got these pretty Prada pumps on sale about a month ago and they are definitely one of my favorites.  They're super pretty on and the color is a great tone on my skin and the bows are just too darn cute.  The perfect shoe, I could say!  Except for, since they were on sale, I had to buy a size down and well, I never recommend doing that but I HAD to because I loved them so much and since they were on sale, my size was nowhere to be found.  I took them to Nordstrom to get them stretched (FYI, they don't charge for that so if you ever need to do that for your shoes, take it to them!) and it helped but they aren't completely comfortable yet.  It's okay though, I love them so much that I can deal with them pinching my feet a little!

Similar pair of Pradas here but in black!

You can check out my other shoe collection posts here!  My favorite posts are my Christian Louboutin Bianca and the Christian Louboutin New Simple pumps.

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My latest post is up on the smarter blog, see my top picks for jeans to transition you into the fall!

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  1. Gorgeous shoes and loved the combo with Chanel 2.55!!! Awesome!!!
    Do drop by my blog and follow it if you like.. :)
    Fashion Panache

  2. Gorgeous! Can you do a purse tour or purse collection like you did with your tours. And a post on your favorite bloggers. I love your blog.


  3. Keep making them Tif I looooove them! Your shoe and bag collection is the cutest ever, super girly and classy! :)

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. Yes - definitely do a shoe post when you get new ones! So pretty :)

  5. Love the shoe posts !! The pradas are gorgeous !!


  6. These are very cute (so you :)). I wish I could see the heel, I guess I can always catch it in your future lookbooks.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Super cute! I love bows! Don't stop doing your shoe posts!

  8. EEK! prada + bow = LOVE!!!

    *sigh* bows make everything 29837498237948 times better!!!!

  9. Love the bow heels!!


  10. the shoes are so cute, i can completely and totally understand the justification to buy them a little small =) glad you decided to bring the shoe inventory posts back and congrats on your jewelry line!!

  11. I really want these shoes... they look so good :)

  12. Gorgeous shoes...I would have totally bought a size smaller too - I had no idea about the shoe stretching service...thank you for the tip!

  13. Adorable shoes! I've been guilty of buying a size smaller / larger just because I couldn't resist. I had no idea shoes could be stretched though! I will definitely have to look into that if I ever fall to temptation again & buy a size too small. :P

  14. Awwwwwwwwwwwww....love your cute bow pumps and that color is gorge!!!!! Hope they wont be hurting your feet too badly:) No pain , gain! Gosh, talk about the sacrifices we make in the name of fashion,hehe

    I've got super small feet so my prob is always that they don't have my size or i gotta use insoles,arghh....the world is never perfect eh!?lol

    Btw, i heard Christian Louboutin came out with a new eco friendly collection called Christian Louboutin's Ecotrash Platfrom Slingback. Have u checked them out yet, and i'm really curious to know if you would buy them? hehehe....i've got some pics of them on my blog post so check them out or google them if u want!:) Just wanna hear your thoughts as you're a shoe addict, which i am as well:)


  15. Love the Prada's. Especially because they have bows on them!

    I have to check out your accessory line! I loved your sneak peak photos :)




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