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Lookbook: Hot and Cold

5:00 AM

If you see me this summer, I most likely will be wearing a blazer with shorts or a skirt.  It's basically become my summer uniform.  On Monday's lookbook, Kimmie commented that for her, it's usually too hot for a blazer or it's too cold for shorts which is generally true and probably that way for most people.  The funny thing about me though is that I hate when my arms are cold but I don't mind when my legs are cold so the blazer-shorts outfit is my perfect outfit!  Even on hot sunny days my arms still manage to be cold (there is always a breeze in Seattle!), plus when you go in and out of air conditioning the blazer is nice to have.  Of course I'm always more cold than hot which is the exact opposite of my husband who is always hot.  We've made compromises about fan usage (as long as it's on low and not blowing on me at all - I can't stand fans blowing on me) and at night I sleep with an extra quilt on my side of the bed, so we finally got the temperature to be just right for both of us.  Ahhhh, marriage, it's always about the compromise. ;)

ASOS Linen Boyfriend Blazer - on sale!
Forever 21 has this cute peach blazer for under $30.  I also love this relaxed open blazer, also for under $30!  The color is so pretty.

  Vintage cotton V-neck tee
I seriously own J Crew tees in almost every color, they are the best and they don't stretch out or get misshapen after you wash them.

Forever 21 Floral Print Shorts
I'm in love with floral shorts this summer.  I bought a ton from Forever 21, they are so cheap and cute!  Love these shorts too or these!
Miu Miu Vitello Lux Bow Bag
also comes in blue or ivory!

Miu Miu Peeptoe Platform pumps
How I wish they had my size as I LOVE these!
or these Guess Kissani Heels for a more affordable version  

YSL Arty Ring

I got my pink one at the YSL store in New York and this one is similar but mine has a more stripey texture in the stone and this one looks super smooth.  I think all the stones vary a little.

Thank you to Anjolee for sending me this gorgeous pendant!  It's so different than most of my jewelry as it's so delicate and most of my jewelry is so big and showy but that's what I love about it.  I've already worn it several times and it's just the perfect touch when you need a necklace but don't want it to take over your outfit. 

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  1. how funny, i actually just got done commenting on Kimmie's post when i saw yours! the blazer + shorts look is really something i need to try. and your pink YSL ring is so super pretty!

    cute & little
    Etta Grace Giveaway

  2. Love this look. I am loving the flower shorts trend as well ! Love your pink arty with the pale pink blazer and bright pink miu mius !!


  3. Well that's a cute uniform! The shorts are so cute, and the blazer does not look f21 at all, you make them look a million bucks!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. Tiffany you are so cute! I love how your miu miu handbag complements your outfit, as do the pink pumps. I love your arty ring, makes me wish that I picked up a few more colors in NYC as well. Thanks for the post :)

  5. Super cute! I'm loving blazers with shorts as well. I've been dying for a blush-colored blazer all summer! When did you find your F21 one? Is it recent?

  6. Love the colors! especially your mui mui's and nails!!!

  7. @kileen hehe, yes I saw your outfit post last night so I thought it was perfect timing when I scheduled mine!

  8. @Lily I was really feeling the pink that day! :)

  9. @CessOviedo the blazer is a great summer blazer, it is so lightweight! It's not the best quality since it's F21 but it's okay, I loved the color!

  10. @Make Mommy Chic thank you! The arty ring is so addicting! I think about getting another color all the time.

  11. @B I got mine last spring so unfortunately they don't have it anymore and I can't find anything similar. but it's always worth it to go to the store and poke around and see what you can find!

  12. @xxayeexx thanks! I matched them on accident but they really are super similar colors!

  13. Super cute outfit! I have the same problem. I can go around wearing bare legs until it's pretty much winter, no prob, but I HATE having cold arms!

  14. hi pink lady!so beautifully styled. loving this outfit!

  15. I love the blazer and shorts look :)

  16. love it! and the ring! nd the shoes!!!


  17. i'm just like you - my arms are always cold, and it doesn't bother me if my legs are! i wear a hoodie to sleep every night, even when it's 100+ outside, haha! a blazer and shorts is one of my fave looks too - keep rocking it!

    a peek of chic

  18. I LOVE everything about this. I'm usually too hot for a blazer, too-I wish I wasn't, because it looks amazing!

    The Bombshell Manifesto

  19. I like blazers with shorts as well and similarly, I don't mind if my legs are cold but when my upper body is cold, I feel really uncomfortable! I miss Seattle, I used to travel out there every week for my consulting client and made a lot of friends. We even drove up to Vancouver once, beautiful city!

  20. @MizzJ yes, that's how I am! it's funny because when I wear a skirt in the winter people will ask "aren't you cold?" but I never really am but in the summer and I'm wearing short sleeves, I'm always cold!

  21. @Katie Thanks Katie! I think I'm going to do this look again today!

  22. @cheryl denise hehe, I'm with ya. I have to be fully covered when i sleep. I don't care what the temperature is!

  23. @B.Inspired oh I'm a consultant too so I know what you mean how you get so used to going to a place and then once the project ends you never go back but wish you did! Yes, vancouver is a fun drive! I haven't been in awhile but we're thinking about taking a trip up there this summer.

  24. ALL of those shoes are so cute!!!




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