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Lookbook: On a Boat

5:00 AM

Hehehe, not really on a boat but close to a boat :)  I get super sea sick so I can't be on a boat at all without turning green.  (unless it's a cruise ship which I can do.)

Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the summer and when it's sunny, EVERYONE is outside doing something.  We definitely take advantage of our weather and our favorite thing is to walk our dogs to the coffee shop and enjoy a yummy iced latte outside and just chat and people watch.  We also love walking our dogs to the park which is what we did this day.  Hubs and I have been to a lot of HOT climates lately (like Taiwan, hello! hot hot hot!) but what we love about Seattle is when it's hot, it's still reasonable enough to sit outside and actually enjoy it!  The humidity is low and there is usually a breeze in the air and the best thing, no crazy mosquitos or other bugs to bite you up!  If you visit Seattle, come visit now because it's definitely the best time!

J Crew only has a size Petite 8 left for my same blazer but you might be able to find it at the stores.  It's super lightweight and I love the subtle white pinstripes.  It might be my perfect summer blazer ever!  Forever 21 also has this pink blazer which I might order.  I love the ruched sleeves!
I got my dress late fall so it's not available anymore but Joie makes such cute dresses, this one would look great paired with a blazer as well.  This one with the ruffles is super cute.  I also have my eye on this striped dress.  It would be perfect to transition into the fall and winter with tights and boots!

Miu Miu Sandals
These are similar but sizes are limited.  I have been wearing mine non-stop!

I like sandals that cover a lot of your feet like these cute ones at Vince Camuto  and these that are on sale! I particularly love them in gray.

I've been wearing this watch a lot lately and had quite a few of you ask about it.  I love the color and style but it does get a bit heavy wearing it all day but it's a great pop of color to the wrist and looks great with bracelets stacked with it.  This pink watch is really cute and way more wallet friendly :)

I love all of our earrings but these are my favorites of our hoops!  They are just the right touch to your outfit and really stand out when you wear your hair up.
Thank you so so much for all the kind words and support we got about our jewelry line launch!  We are processing all the orders and will get them shipped right away!  I got lots of questions about if we will be getting more styles and yes we will!  We wanted to do a limited run with our first release but we will have more styles coming soon with some super cute rings!  (and sizes to fit those of us with small fingers!)  Make sure to like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, or sign up for updates on our website so you'll know when we get new styles in!

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  1. Love the pics! And the watch is super cute! Wish I could visit Seattle and tw!!

  2. Seattle is definitely one of the cities that I'd like to live in. The city is gorgeous. However, the rain would bother me =)

  3. I love it! That's the Center for Wooden Boats! I'm a Seattle native living in SF, so I love when I recognize your photo backgrounds :)

  4. Loving your pink blazerand hello gorge earrings, wondering who made them? ... oh that's you! love them! thanks for the beautiful pictures from the pier.

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Fabulous lookbook and those earrings are definitely a win!

  6. cute outfit! love the heels and the sunnies!

  7. Always beautiful images, love the dress and the earrings :)

  8. August is without a doubt my favorite month here. :D

    p.s. I give you major props for walking in heels to the park!

  9. Love the pink blazer, great blog now following :)


  10. Great outfit, great shoes, as usual. :)

    I adore your sunglasses and have been looking for something like those. Where did you get it?

  11. Seattle is so gorgeous when its sunny out !! Love it there. And love the dress and your hair here !!


  12. I found you through your sister's blog- both of you have great style! I love the new collection and I might break my not spending-in-August rule for those great hoops! My only question is are they heavy? My ear lobes are pretty low so I have to be careful with the weight of my earrings.

    Liv @ bklynlifestyle.blogspot.com

  13. Congrats on your new jewelry line! I found your blog from your sister. You both have great styles! Can't wait to order from your shop =)


  14. i love the pink blazer with the pinstripes!! and of course your jewelry is absolutely beautiful. looks like a fun time out on the boat!

    cute & little

  15. You look so pretty, love the hair and makeup.

    Those earring are also beautiful.


  16. Love this look, what nail polish colors are you wearing? Also - cannot wait to get my jewelry order!! :)

  17. omg i have a VERY similar black dress with ruffles from BCBG!! muhahaha.. we are SOOO TWINSIES! i love how you styled this tho.. with the blush blazer it is SO CHIC!

    I LOVEEEE those platform sandals they are so bleepin' sexy on you!

    haha I DID!! i caved yesterday!! i was trying to hold out.. my fingers were crossed that i could resist until it would go on sale.. but i was like.. umm.. navy blue + sequins + giant fantabulous bow + prada = this is SO going to sell out in my size. bahahaha. miss you chica!!!!

  18. lovely pink blazer! it's perfect with a black dress! and those earrings are beautiful!

  19. Absolutely stunning!! I'm loving the pink scheme combined with that beautiful dress. :)

  20. you look amazing as usual! my bf is currently in seattle on a business trip and he basically said it's probably one of the most beautiful cities...ever right now =) so jealous

  21. omg, i dont know why but i totally love your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i so want them:)

    Seattle eh? I've never been to the states apart from going to the big apple back in 2008! it was soo surreal and a fun/unforgettable life experience!!!Like seriously, everything i saw from TV was in my face! lol i was even fascinated with the cops and a yellow school bus and hence,my friend just laughed at me like there was no tomorrow! lol...Oh btw, i'm originally from Europe, thats why the admiration! hahahaha

    I would like to visit Seattle one day, i heard its beautiful there:)

    Lastly, love your outfit and your smile!!! It's glowing my dear;)


  22. What a chic ensemble! I went to Seattle in the fall a few years ago and experienced the rain. Next time I visit, I'm hoping the weather looks more like in your photos.

  23. @DSK Steph hehe, I didn't walk the whole way in heels, I had flats with me to change in to!

  24. @Ida these are by Chloe but they are sold out of my style. Check out my post a few posts back on my picks for cat eye sunnies!


  25. @Olivia the hoops are not too heavy, they are on the lighter side for hoops but because they are hoops, you will still feel them after a few hours of wear. I don't wear earrings much, but overall, I'd recommend these.

  26. @blondieesquire it's a hot pink one from Cosmetic Arts. I can't remember the name of it but if I find the bottle I'll post it!

  27. @Cinz haha, that's pretty much like all americans when we go over to Europe! I hope you can come visit someday too! :)

  28. Tiffany! Can I just say congrats on your jewelry line, very cool. I took a peek at your jewelry website and love all the pieces. Looking to invest soon!
    Always look forward to your posts.

    Have a good day!

  29. Thanks! It's such a fantastic bright pink, love it!

  30. Cute pink blazer! I've been contemplating one like that for awhile, but I'm leaning more towards grey now.



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