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Lookbook: Finding the perfect jeans

5:00 AM

levis_curveID3 levis_curveID2
What I'm Wearing
*Top: Zara (I got mine this summer so it's not available anymore but love this star print top!
*Jeans: Modern Slight Curve Skinny Jeans (gifted from Levi's®)
*Shoes: Miu Miu (similar Prada pumps)
*Vintage Chanel classic flap
*Jewelry:all t+j Designs Link Necklace, Glam Bracelet, Chain Bracelet, Rhinestone Cuff and Glass Crystal Bracelet

Jeans are one of those things that you'd think would be easy to buy but with all the different styles, washes and how each brand seems to fit differently, I often have to try on quite a few pairs before I find the "perfect" pair and once I find them, I wear them WAY more than I probably should but they become so comfy that I can't help but reach for them every time!

I was given the chance to try out Levi's® Curve ID which basically is a little quiz with a few questions about your body shape and fit issues to find your perfect jean.  I took the quiz and they told me that I was a "slight curve" and brought me to a link to all their "slight curve" jeans.  I'm definitely more of a skinny jean girl so I wanted to see how their "Modern Slight Curve Skinny Jeans" would fit.  I ordered them online and when they arrived, I was a bit intrigued to see how they fit and was happy to see that they really did fit my body pretty well!  After I tried them on, I still ended up going to the Levi's® store here in downtown Seattle because I was curious how the other "curves" fit.  I do have to say that after trying on the "Demi Curve" which I suspected I might be as well, that they really didn't fit right at all.  It was actually nice to see the differences in fit and how it changed the way the jeans looked on me. 

And here's a video lookbook of the outfit so you can really see how they jeans fit on me!  I did have to roll the hems under because I didn't have time to go to alterations but everything else fit me just fine.

 Get your custom fitting at Levi’s® Stores and Levi.com

Disclosure of Compensation: A free pair of LEVI’S® CURVE ID jeans and Ultra HD™ Flip Video Camera was supplied to each blogger for the program courtesy of Glam Media and Levi’s®.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by LEVI’S® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LEVI’S®

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  1. love the top and those heels add the perfect pop of color! So pretty and feminine!

  2. I love that top! Is it still available?


  3. I love Levi's cause they have so many fits, and of course they know curves, as a latina body type so much appreciate it! Love this simple but cute look!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. What a cute outfit !! Love the zara top and the pants look great on you !


  5. Great look. Love the top and the fit of the jeans. Jean are hard to for me to find the right fit and size without trying them on. It's a problem since I tend to shop online a lot. For that I don't own enough jeans as much as I'd like.

    These Levi ones look really cool.


  6. That's an awesome idea with the levis online quiz:) online service is just as important, that's for sure!

    You look great here. Love your butterfly print top. I think I need to inject some prints in my wardrobe too, been wearing a lot of basic wear lately due to laziness, lol

    Happy Friday Tiffany!!!


  7. love the look! the top actually reminded me of topshop :P

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I love Levi's jeans they seem to fit me perfectly. Lovely outfit Tiffany and your Chanel is amazing!



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