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Lookbook: Stripes and Chanel

5:00 AM

I took these photos after watching my 8 month old nephew and let me tell you those under eye bags are from him!  He is adorable but SUPER exhausting and I wasn't even watching him alone!  My mother in law and my husband were there too!  hahaha!  This is why I don't have children of my own.  I can work 20 hours a day every day but put a baby in front of me for 2 hours and I feel like I need a 12 hour nap!  Oh and can you tell that I'm not used to being around babies?  He LOVED all my jewelry and thought I was his little entertainment center.  I spent half my time prying my jewelry away from his very tiny but strong fingers.  Lesson learned, no jewelry around babies!  

What I'm Wearing
*Top: Zara - OMG, the online store is finally open!  I got my shirt at the beginning of summer so I don't see it on the site but how cute is this green top?  Perfect for fall!  So not over stripes (as you know from yesterday's post).  Am completely in love with this striped blouse at Shopbop.  Would look so fabulous with some slim black trousers, black pumps and lots of fun jewelry.
*Shorts: J Crew - similar here except mine are a wool blend.  I mean does wool shorts even make sense?  No they don't but if you were to wear wool shorts, Seattle would be the place to wear them.  I've worn these a bunch this summer and I'm always the perfect temperature.
*Shoes: Miu Miu - buy them here or here in leather.  Loving these too!  And a look for less here.
*Necklace - Vintage | Bracelets - Bhuddist beads from Taiwan and J Crew bangles

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  1. what a gorgeous shirt!! i love all the colors and the different colored bracelets you chose match up perfectly! and i know what you mean about little kids sapping up all your energy...i max out at about 2 hours too!

    cute & little
    TJMaxx Satchel Giveaway!

  2. I love your outfit- especially those shoes! I know what you mean about kids. My cousin and I have done some babysitting for our aunts before, and while she's wonderful with them (going for a degree in child development now, actually), I never got the hang of it when they were little. It's so much easier now that the youngest is 7 xD

  3. Love that top! Maybe your nephew just already has great taste in fashion at a very young age :)

  4. I'm obsessed with wearing stripes and those colors are so pretty

  5. fabulous blouse! love your ouyfit! xoo

  6. Totally agree with you Tiffany - babies are cute but not when they're mine! This Zara top looks great on you. I remember pondering over it earlier this summer but deciding against it. Kind of wish I had tried it on!

    xo, alison*elle

  7. I tried on that top and it looked horrid on me, looks so much better on you! And I totally agree, jewelry is a huge hazard in watching kids, what are we going to do ;)?

  8. Gorgeous outfit! I love the bold stripes paired with the black!

    You still look fabulous, under eye circles or none. It's surprising how strong babies can grip things! Especially hair! Lol good luck :)

  9. cool colors

  10. I love that top really beautiful colors!


  11. Hi Tiffany, your post made me laugh. Yes, babies and jewelery don't mix, but I have to admit that babies are super fun (and of course, super exhausting). I was never a baby person either (as in never held one before my own kids) and now I want a third- crazy huh? Anyways, you look fantastic as always, very colorful and cheery :) Thanks for the post!.

  12. Babies are a full time job! but I'm pretty sure you'd be a lovely mom! I love you on this fun shirt, black rest makes it look so chic, enjoy the weekend!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. Love your bag is a beauty! happy weekend!

  14. "I mean does wool shorts even make sense?"
    LOL. I never thought about that but it definitely does not make sense. I have a pair with a thick grosgrain trim around the waist (it's high waisted) that ties into a bow and it's SO cute. I love it! From J.Crew too. You know what? I bet wool shorts would look great with some fun tights for the winter! :)

    I'm a pumps kinda girl also, but I absolutely lurrrrve those miu miu sandals! Here's another more affordable option that I'm eyeing: http://www.aldoshoes.com/us/women/sandals/occasion/85836973-salvietti/32

  15. These are calling your name, btw: http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Navigation/Sale/AllProducts/PRDOVR~44074/99102372730/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~20+17+4294967047~90~~~~~~~/44074.jsp

  16. Tiff.. I Love this blouse so much. Too bad, I can't get it online. :( But I'm so excited that Zara ia available online now. I can quit my whining about not having access to Zara. LOLs.

    I love your recent F21 purchases too. I'm thinking of getting the polka dot top and we can be twinsies. hehehe.

    I've been wearing my bracelets a lot. and everyone loves them. they're so fun! Hope I can get some photos up on the blog this week. I'll let you know for sure.

    xx Love & Aloha

  17. LOL! I'm exactly the same! When my nephew was about 1 1/2 he was already walking/running. I watched him for about 2-3 hours alone and when his mom finally came home, I took a 4 hour nap. They are incredibly exhausting. I think it's because you have to watch every single thing they do.

    I love the shirt. So summery! I need to check out the zara site! :D


  18. Solid chunky rings are actually good! My nephew used to gum my Diana ring.

  19. So adorable! These sorts of post make me want to do more outfit of the day posts!

  20. the bag is amazing! so classy.
    and i love the stripped shirt - it's so bright and fresh.

    great blog. following you now =)

  21. LOVE this outfit Tiff! I hear you about babies! Though I'm more ready now for one of my own, I never learn about the long hair and jewelry! I just had a chunk of hair ripped out by a 4 month old, and remember having earrings almost ripped through my ear years ago. eek.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com



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