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Wants it!

5:00 AM

I of course had to take some time out of this holiday weekend to do some fall shopping.  I know I'm not the only one! :)  Here's what I've got in my cart.  Now, the tough decision... What to cut out before I check out?  I really just want it all!

Lace and jewel tones are definitely on my fall wishlist!  I love the look of the polished capri pants, I kind of want them in every color.
Oh how I love my pumps... I own too many but I still want more!  The Dolce Vita pumps at $165 seem like quite a bargain next to the other 2 and the bright red would be the perfect pop of color with the navy J Crew capris!

J Crew Edie purse | Prada Saffiano Lux Tote  | Marc Jacobs Skinny Quilting Leather Shoulder Bag
Still loving the look of the crossbody bags especially in bright colors.  The structure and size of the  Prada bag is perfect!  A total classic that I would carry for years to come.  I totally didn't mean to choose the same colors as my shoe choices but the deep cobalt and the bright red must be on my mind, especially because I'm loving my rag and bone jeans in cobalt and red

Need some ideas on how to wear your colorful jeans?   Here's how I wear them

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  1. Loving all the jewel toned colors!

  2. Can't wait to see what you end up buying! I love everything you chose!

  3. Love the purse and Marc jacobs bag :)


  4. Marc Jacobs green blouse and Prada bag for me please! Cute picks!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. I would recommend the capri pants, marc jacobs blouse, blue Bireman pumps and the red JCrew bag. The structure is very much what I am coveting at the moment!


  6. I'm loving all the jewel tones too! Definitely huge for Fall. Let us know what you choose!

  7. So man great picks for Fall ! In love with those jcrew pants !! Loving the red & blue pumps and all the bags ! Ha. I know that didnt help at all really ! So hard to pick...guess I would go with the prada or the marc jacobs ( love the blue and the crossbody style) !


  8. I can vouch for how great the J.Crew pants are! Petite sizing for sure! I tried the classic cafe capri and the new cafe capri but I like the new cafe capri because it has a more modern fit which I prefer. These are my new favorite pants! (I have them in the original cotton material but I want the wool now, too!)

    Since I started running a lot my legs have gotten more muscular and all my pants are tight. I've been looking for something like this and I'm so glad I found these because they're exactly what I want! It's so refreshing to not wear skinny jeans! These are so flattering and are very comfortable while being stylish. It's the perfect pant.

  9. Yes the dolce vita pumps are the cheapest but those Dior pumps are Incredible! The bow seems so you and the quilting reminds me of a chanel bag! They are unique despite being "another black pump."

  10. Red and blue are great colors! My only colored pumps are red and blue. Thinking about getting some colored denim as well... in red or blue. Hah! Can't get away from it! I'm wanting a red bag as well... it's like the red lips of accessories: classic!

  11. ah, that PRADA bag makes me smile. I went to Seattle to visit a friend and took him to Nordstrom just for fun (my amusement really) and when I saw the Prada bag I gravitated towards it and it immediately took its place in my arm. The sales lady immediately came over and said "It's our LAST red bag, they came in this morning and we're out". Wow, I said, I can see why, it's gorgeous! Now, I wasn't planning on buying it but i did catch my eye. Then I grabbed the black version and said "oh, it' looks amazing in black as well..." then she said "Oh yes! it is amazing! THAT is our LAST black bag"....silence..."oh, I get it..." I think it's funny the sales tactics that they use, then I said "my friend Bob, here, loves to surprise me with gifts from time to time..." (my friend Bob is a few feet away) then I said "why don't you whisper the price to him so that he can have an idea of what to get me for my up coming birthday?" "sure!" she said enthusiastically, then I walked away to see the girl follow through and my friend Bob's eyes WIDE open at the hefty price tag. sigh* boys are so funny when it comes to hearing the price us girls pay for things! lol anyway, just a funny anecdote ;) you got great taste btw, great minds think alike !



  12. Loving all the colors! omg to pick which shoes will be hard!

  13. Omg what a dilemma! Definitely keep that green blouse and the J. Crew crossbody - such adorable colors and so on trend! As for the pumps... you're on your own with that one sister as I cannot decide either!



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