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Fall Must Haves!

5:00 AM

There's been some changes going on in my life, the biggest one being starting t+j Designs and basically spending every single minute of the day working on it, thinking about it and discussing it with my family.  Also, finances have changed a bit since you probably know that starting a business is basically an investment that you hope pays off in the end.  I've had to cut back on my spending but I'm okay with that because following my dreams of starting my own business is way more important to me than just having a bunch of stuff.  With that said, I'm still a shopper at heart however I'm much more aware of what I buy now in the sense of "only buy what you truly want" (and also, what fits in my budget) rather than before where I'd just buy it because I thought it was cute and the price was good.  I'm cost conscious but also still would buy quality over quantity so keeping all of this in mind, I took a look in my closet, noted the things that I do have and things that I don't have and decided to put together a visual "Fall Must Have" list so that when I went shopping, I would be able to keep on track with the things that I would like added to my wardrobe rather than just buying stuff and end up having 4 more striped cardigan (trust me, I don't need anymore of those!) in my closet.

Seattle weather has pretty much skipped fall and is basically in winter mode so anything to help keep me warm is a must.  This anorak with the fur lined hood seems like a great coat to help keep the wind and rain out, something that is definitely needed.  You probably know that I love blazers and am really loving brightly colored ones.  I have a pink one that I wear a lot and I've been looking for another bright color to add to my wardrobe.  Love the shape of this red one and it seems like a perfect blazer to wear to all the meetings that I've been going to.  I have a fur vest that I adore but it's a bit long so I'm loving the length of this one.  Fur vests really do keep you quite warm and I've found that it's nice to slip on when you are wearing something with bulky sleeves that don't fit into any of your jackets.

OK, admittedly I have a lot of blouses already but they are such a staple in my wardrobe that I am making room for a few more.  I'm really love the ones that you can tie at the neck but also look great just on it's own too.  I love these kind of blouses for work and I think having the pattern or texture brings just a bit more personality into your outfit.
Yes, I'm not over loud pants!  My blue and red skinny jeans are still getting a lot of play but I wanted some that were work appropriate as well so I love both of these from ASOS.  The J Brands are a great color of pink which I've been wanting to replace my pink Zara jeans for ill fit.  I tried theses ASOS ones as well but did not like the fit either.
One of my favorite outfits in the fall is a pretty dress with tights and great shoes.  I  especially love long sleeved dresses.  I'm not sure about the fit of the Old Navy dress but adore the color and the style.  I may have to go in store to hunt it down but it's such a great price so I may just risk it with ordering it online.  The ASOS dress is so calling my name!  I love the lace print and the color.  It's like my perfect fall dress!  The YSL pumps need no explanation.  I may just save my entire budget for those bad boys!  As much as I love them, I don't own any black booties because I can't find booties that don't cut my legs off at a bad spot.  Having short legs and muscular calves, I have to be careful that I don't wear booties that cut me off at the ankle so theses House of Harlow ones are perfect as they look like they cut off right before the ankle.  I will definitely be trying them out!

P.S. I'm sharing my tips on how to wear striped tops and my top picks so check it out here!

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  1. i love all of your picks but the fur vest is my favorite :)

    Happy Friday!


    Fashion Fractions

  2. what i need for fall...a tie neck blouse, loud pair of pants, and a statement piece from t+j :)

  3. Wish I could have those sky high heels on my fall must haves, haha but not very practical when we get pounded with snow. I'll have to check t+j out!

  4. Great list! now all I need are bright bold jeans, I have pink on my list already and considering cobalt ones too! So true about the cut out ankle, that little detail can make your legs look way longer, enjoy the weekend!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. The first two neck tie blouses... *dies* I want them!!

  6. Love the House of Harlow booties! x


  7. These are my must haves too!! Love a great tie neck, and bright pants are such a must! xo

  8. wow, tiff, i feel like i could have written this post myself. i really love all of your pics and many MANY of them are on my list as well. that bb dakota red blazer is really great and quite affordable as well. i might need to snag that...

    happy friday and congrats again on the exciting changes you've got going on!

  9. I love the miss sixty anorak! and I love loud pants and are still on the hunt for some blue ones:) Thanks for sharing your fall faves :)


  10. I definately agree with making list when shopping. I have a problem with impulse control. lol! I love all your items especially the colored pants trend. Those are next on my list.

  11. I like that anorak!

    I agree with you on the shopping list. I always say I'm on a shopping hiatus but the "hiatus" ends the next time I think I need a new pair of boots, oxfords, loafers, sweater, etc...sigh. Trying to stay on top of trends is even more stressful than going to medical school.

    I wish you well on your new business! I'm eyeing the ring with the black leather...love. I will pay a visit to t&j designs real soon!

  12. I swear you, me & mom always find the same things! 1) the Jack vest I just bought it from Urban this week, it is a great length and love the collar 2) I just saw the J. Brand red/pink and loved it at Nordstrom, but don't have the budget for it yet and loved them 3) I found a pair of booties with fur I love from Guess. Great list Tiff.

  13. love the dresses and the heels ♥

  14. I have a Tie neck blouse I'm excited to wear this Fall :) glad it made it on your list!!

  15. love the nude coloured ASOS dress and YSL tribtoo's!

  16. I am a big fan of colour pants this season aswell :)
    blouses are also a fav ,I like your choices~cute style!

  17. Great list of items. I finally purchased my first pair of red pants and I can't wait to wear them!

  18. Best of luck with your new endeavors - your jewelry is lovely! I adore your feminine dress picks :)

  19. YES to it all! In the past week I've scored cobalt skinnies, a vintage red corduroy blazer and a vintage emerald dress that looks very similar to your examples!

  20. Oh wow, those YSLs are amazing!



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