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Lookbook: Polka Dots and Chanel

5:00 AM

What I'm Wearing
*Blazer: Bird by Juicy Couture - Similar for $150, Similar for under $100 and love this Rachel Zoe blazer.
*Top: Forever 21 (as seen in my shopping haul post) - now sold out.  Similar polka dot top in tan or similar style with the cutest print!
*Jeans: Rag & Bone (you can see them better in my OOTD vlog from last year) - Similar in more of a dusty black or similar in black.  I love the Rag & Bone legging jeans.  Very comfy.
*Shoes: Gucci Hollywood pump - Here in gold logo and here in black or in black glitterSide note: I wore a silver version with diamonds of these shoes for my wedding :)
*Bag: Chanel Ultimate Stitch Flap
*Jewelry: t+j Designs Gold and Silver Trio Bangle, Silver Clasp Bangle and Delicate Luxe Rhinestone Necklace.   Use GLAM to take 20% off your order of $75 or more.

I'm currently reading The Art of Racing in the Rain, which I didn't even read the description or Goodreads it which I usually do before I read a book, because it came so highly recommended from so many people.  I didn't know what to expect except that it was written from the perspective of a dog which I thought I'd really enjoy.  Well turns out, I love the book but I can barely get through a few chapters without crying!  I have to put the book down and walk away even though I love reading it but I'm continuously crying!  I really try hard not to but next thing I know I'm bawling.  Hubs can hear me sniffling away and he doesn't even have to look, he knows I'm reading the book.  haha!  On another note, I found out that I could borrow e-books from the library to read on my iPad which has saved me tons of money!  I never was one to borrow actual books from the library and I switched to e-books when I got my Nook 2 years ago (which I still love) so I never looked into borrowing from the library until a few months ago when I stumbled upon the fact that my library had tons of e-books to lend out.  They don't have as much as a selection as Barnes and Noble and you do have to get on a waiting list for more popular books, I think I had to be waitlisted for a month for The Art of Racing, but it doesn't bother me to wait.  I love it and the best part is, it's free, even the app!  My library uses the Overdrive app to read books on iPad and Nook.  I'm not sure how other libraries do it, but if you have an iPad/e-reader, it's worth checking out how your library lends out e-books!

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  1. Gorgeous look! polka dots look super cute on you and I'm in love with your shoes (but that's nothing new) :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. polka dots AND a peter pan collar. this look has won over my heart!

  3. This is such a classic look with a twist :) I love it. Of course, I am in love with your Chanel bag as well. Have a great day!

  4. what a great look. Of course I love anything with Chanel but you totally worked these polka dots in a cool modern way. Love the necklace.


  5. Your look great! That top is so fun and I love the jacket. That Chanel bag is fab and so are the heels!

  6. Just by reading the title I knew I'd love it, and of course I did! I'm so into polka dots right now, the necklace glams it up just perfectly! When I read I get so much into the story that sometimes is inevitable to read, the book sounds great, I'll put it on my winter reading list!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. OMG! I can't help but smile whenever I see polka dots. They make me happy! :)

  8. You look absolutely beautiful. I love that top and blazer on you. Love the hair and makeup as well :)

  9. cute outfit..love the polka dots ♥

  10. I am a huge Chanel fan. Sadly... I recently consigned several in order to get a camera that is on my wish-list... :) Your stitch bag is beautiful, and your jewelry is amazing! Great job!


  11. Lovely outfit, my dear!


  12. This is such a pretty look! I love the mix of polka dots with the jewels & your Gucci shoes!


  13. That necklace is so gorgeous :) My MIL has a Nook and checks out books from the library on it - its definitely tempting me to get an e-reader ASAP!

  14. Love this outfit on you! You look very chic and look at those heels..they are gorgeous!


  15. My friend has been raving about e-books from the library too... I should really look into it! Love this look Tiffany especially your lovely necklace :)

    xo, alison*elle

  16. im so in love with polka dots and you look adorable in that top! =) fun!

  17. Love this outfit!

    And I didn't know you could check out ebooks for the ipad! I use Overdrive to listen to audiobooks I check out, but for some reason I thought I wouldn't be able to get the ebooks. I'll have to take a look into that now :) Are you using KCLS or the Seattle Library system? What kind of format do you download them in? Do you need a special app to read the books? haha, so many questions! :)

  18. great look! I'm so wanting that top. Maybe I'll get lucky the next time I visit a F21 store.

  19. @kimmie I use the Seattle Library. Apparently since I live in Seattle, I'm not allowed to download e-books from the KCLS. Silly right? So go on to this website http://spl.lib.overdrive.com/ and then just search and checkout from there. The iPad uses the Adobe EPUB eBook so just look for books with that type of download, which is most books they have.

    I usually just browse from my iPad when I checkout and there's a button to download and it automatically gets loaded into the Overdrive. After 21 days, it disappears and returns itself. Super easy!

  20. Hey Tiff! I think it's awesome that you can borrow books from a library and read them on your ipad. I didn't know that! I learned something new. That's why I love connecting with other bloggers. Loving your polka dot top and those heels are fab girl. Hope you're having a great Monday! :D

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Cute top!

    I think I am going to have to read that book - after I buy a box of tissues :D

    Thanks for the heads up regarding the library ebooks. Ebooks do get kind of expensive - I really hate paying for a $12 book knowing full well that I will read it once and never read it again. So this is great news!

  23. i love this look,its so chic...your necklace is so pretty!!

  24. Hi Tiffany! I just ordered some jewelry from your collection, and it's really great! Congratulations on putting out such a good product and I hope to keep finding awesome stuff. ~Helen

  25. aww - i love/hate books like that. now that i know how emotional that one is i will probably pass as lately i've been in a fluffy/happy/very light entertainment type of mood.

    i love this outfit and how you are so good at pairing high and low. you'd never ever know the blouse was from f21! really great find!

  26. I love your polka dot top! i have this thing with polka dots, lol...and gorge necklace:)

    Wow, i didnt know about that e book service in libraries...so high tech eh! Wonder if Hong Kong libraries offer that kinda service???? hahaha

    I've not heard of that book you mentioned but i should definitely see what it is about. I cry easily so hopefully i won't be needing a box of tissues if i ever do read it, lol




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