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Lookbook: Stripes and Chloe Marcie

5:00 AM

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What I'm Wearing
*Blazer: J Crew Maritime Stripe Blazer - on sale.  And don't forget to click through ebates to get 4% cashback at J Crew!  Or similar for $24.50 + 3% cashback and here for $40 + 2.5% cashback  <--- love the colors of this one, perfect fall/winter blazer. 
*Top: J Crew - The Natasha top is very similar and they also have it in a very cute polka dot print.
*Jeans: Rag & Bone capri jean (2% cashback) - they also have a corduroy version at shopbop (2.5% cashback)
*Shoes: Gucci Hollywood pump - similar in gold print, or black or tan here.
*Bag: Chloe Marcie Small although my color is called "Stone" (5% cashback at Nordstrom!)  Here's the Medium (which basically seems like the same size) in black or brown.  I love the Marcie bag and am thinking about getting it in a different color.  If you are looking for a gray bag, this Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB is a great color.
*Jewelry: t+j Designs Bamboo Crystal Bracelet, Hammered Bangle, Small Gold Bangle, Rosegold Turquoise ring and White Enamel earrings to be added to the store soon.  Use code THANKS to take 25% off your entire order!

The winner of the ebates $100 giveaway is Yuni K.!  Congrats, your prize is on it's way!

I don't love this outfit but hey, you win some you lose some :)  I do however love the blazer, it was a gift from my mother in law for my birthday and I just adore it!  It's officially the holidays, can you believe it?  I'm prepping myself for the food fest that will occur later this week.  My mom always prepares a ton of Chinese/Taiwanese food along with the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, etc... so it's always way too much food!  But, I love it!  I'm going to try to do a little bit of relaxing this week since the past few weeks have been super stressful.  I'm looking forward to it and spending some time with my family.  I hope everyone (if you celebrate it) has a great Thanksgiving!

And to get your holiday shopping started early, we are offering 25% off your order (no minimums!) and free shipping for your order of $75 or more!  Use code THANKS at checkout.  Come visit our shop and stock up on your favorites or buy your friends and family something special!

P.S. My top picks for knee high boots is posted over on the smarter blog, check it out!

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  1. I think you've won this one too girl! The combo looks really cute, and so true the blazer is amazing! Sounds like you'll have a delish dinner, hope you enjoy it!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. You don't love this outfit!? I do :)


  3. i love this outfit. red and navy is one of my fave color-combos. i almost got that blazer... it fits you really nicely.

  4. I almost bought a jacket just like this one yesterday when I was shopping and now I'm regretting my decision. Hmmm maybe I should go back tonight and pick it up.... Anyway, great outfit. You are rocking those red pants!

  5. I had to take double looks, this is almost the same thing I wore to church yesterday! ha! (my top was black, and yours looks navy). I agree with it not being my favorite. I think it was a bit too bold of combo but still, it's eye catching with so much going on!~ lol.

    Have a great one :)


  6. Love your new Chloe Marcie and your blazer! Wow your MIL can shop and pick great things too! Happy Eating Week! hahah

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Tiffany. Love the blazer also and the red jeans. Red looks so good on you.


  8. I just bought myself a pair of red and a pair of colbalt blue jean this weekend! Can't wait to go back thru ur outfits to give me inspiration how to wear them!

  9. totally love the outfit so nice ♥

  10. What a great bag to be named after me!! Does that mean I should buy one?

  11. You look lovely, dear! Much respect for the J Crew love :)

    Enter my blog competition to win Jeffrey Campbell Litas!

  12. I love the striped blazer! Oooh does your mom make Turkey stuffed with sticky-rice? It's so good, but I always crave regular bread-stuffing as well :( Hope you guys have a happy thanksgiving!!

    Oh, and really stupid question, but every time I see pictures of your shoes (or any other blogger who does the "shoe shots," I always wonder if you bring a second set of shoes to change into when you take your photos, or do you stand there barefoot on the sidewalk while you shoot the shoes? haha, I seriously think about that EVERY time, and I NEED to know the answer :)

  13. @CessOviedo aw thanks Cess! Hope you are having a good week!

  14. @Erica Thanks Erica! :) Just one of those things I guess, I liked it that day but not as much in the photos.

  15. @AdamAlexMommy (Jasmine) thanks Jasmine! I'm really loving navy this year and of course my red jeans! :)

  16. @Schnelleooh , I hope you do! I love striped blazers, they are one of my favorite things to wear these days.

  17. @House of Hemingway haha, yes, a bit too much going on for me but you know it's okay, not everyone can pull off an awesome outfit every day! :)

  18. @DiamondsandTulle hehe, actually my husband sent her a little hint list so he actually picked it out for me. LOL! it works out nicely!

  19. @xxayeexx cute!! you know how much I love these colored jeans! :)

  20. @K.M. thank you K.M. you are always so nice! :)

  21. @Marcie haha, definitely :) It's a great name and a great bag!

  22. @Lela thanks Lela! I really do have an unhealthy obsession with jcrew. I need to stop. lol!

  23. @kimmie yes! I usually make the regular bread stuffing too. I love both!

    When I do shoe shots, I always have a pair of flats on me that I change into. ewww barefoot outside, so not me! haha If I don't have flats on me, then I'll just shoot the shoes at a later time (like sometimes I go home and change shoes and take my shoes outside to shoot them.) I know, a lot of effort but I love the shoe shots!

  24. This whole outfit is gorgeous! I'm always looking for new ways to wear my red pants...thanks for the inspiration :)
    Mix and Match Fashion

  25. Yay you gontr Chloe Marcie! This is a great outfit and you are reminding me to get red pants and look through your store!

  26. I love the Marcie and especially in that color too! I have been seeing red pants a lot lately and am loving them more and more!

  27. I adore your red pants!!! I've seen quite a few bloggers in them and i've been trying to look for a pair too.

    Wow, your mother in law has taste and style Tiffany! I love striped blazer and i've been looking for something like that too! Ive seen some around in boutiques but their quality isn't that great but of course they're cheap, lol. Yes, you get what you pay for eh?

    We dont really celebrate Thanksgiving here (well, i did in high skool, lol) but it sounds like you'll be stuffing a lot of delish food!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!


  28. Tiff, you should LOVE that outfit. You look hot, hot, haute girl! Those red pants and that striped blazer are gorgeous on you. I have Thanksgiving on the brain too. Nothing like spending time with your family, being thankful for all the things that you have and enjoying great food! :D

  29. Love how you styled these red skinny jeans! So chic.

  30. tiff!! adore this outfit the crisp red pants w/ the navy blouse and the striped white and navy jacket LOVE!!! you look like you're headed to st. tropez for the wearing!

  31. T, you're crazy - this is such a cute and crisp outfit! I love the colors together and the Marcie is TDF. I've been so enamored with the Chloe bags after seeing them on Chloe and your Marcie may be my fave - the size and color are perfect.

  32. Love this outfit!! The blazer is so cute! And with the red pants...LOVE!! :D Great with the shoes and bag as well.

    YAY FOR THANKSGIVING! I'm excited. hehe.



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