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Pre-Thanksgiving Shopping Haul!

5:00 AM

I got a call from my shoe sales associate at Nordstrom that he had the list for the designer pre-sale (select designers will be going on sale on Black Friday and the rest of the brands will follow in the upcoming weeks) so I stopped by and tried on lots of pretty shoes and pre-saled a few :)  I actually shot a little video of my shoe shopping trip so come back tomorrow for that!  Here's a sneak peak at what I tried on!

both are going to be on sale for 40% off!

I couldn't leave Nordstrom without checking out the handbag department.  While I did put a bag on pre-sale (this Marc Jacobs bag in metallic navy) I saw and fell in love with this Proenza Schouler bag that is now high on my wishlist!
PS1 Keep All Bag
What I'm Wearing: Trovata Cardigan | Forever 21 top | Rag & Bone jeans | Prada booties | t+j Designs jewelry (take 25% off your order with code THANKS)

Madewell just opened up a store in Bellevue and they sent me a postcard last week to come in and get 20% off my purchase so OF COURSE I had to stop in while I was there.  :)  When I do shopping posts, I'm often asked about sizing and what size I bought so I'm including that info below and hope that helps if you guys decide to get these items as well.
My absolute favorites jeans are the Madewell legging jeans so I got another pair as my other ones are so well worn that they are a bit too baggy in the knees for my liking.  I also got the henley as it was a good winter staple to wear underneath sweaters.  It's full price online but in stores it was $34.50.  The Soft Silk Boyshirt went on my "wishlist" because I didn't want to spend that much on a blouse for now, but I absolutely love the fit and the color.  Both tops are an XS and run true to size.  The jeans fit true to size.  They are a nice thick but still stretchy denim.  The length is too long but I just roll them under and it does the trick until I can make it to my tailor to get them hemmed.

J Crew was my next stop and I saw that they were doing 20% off sweaters so had to try on a few that I've been eyeing.  Oh but I just noticed that they are now doing 25% off all orders over $150 online so make sure to take advantage of that! (and of course the 4% cashback from ebates!)
Heart Me Sweater on the left is the size XS and the right is XXS.  
I recently discovered that I've been wearing the wrong size at J Crew all along!  I used to think that the XS was fine until I tried on an XXS and realized that it fit much better.  I just had this perception that "I'm not that small, I would never be an XXS" and didn't even bother trying it on until I didn't have a choice when they ran out of XS in a sweater I wanted.  I'm such an advocate of wearing your correct size but I was letting my own mindset hold me back from actually even trying on a different size.  Anyway, as you can see the length is a bit shorter in the XXS which I don't like as much but I do like the fit on the sides and shoulder better.  Since I have a short torso, baggy sides make me look a lot bigger in the midsection so I try to avoid that.  The sweater is SO cute but a huge con is that it's mostly wool with only a tiny bit of cashmere so it's itchy.  I'm going to try to layer it with a shirt underneath and see how I like it.  If it's too itchy, it's going back as I can't stand wearing itchy sweaters for long periods of time.  Oh and I ended up getting the camel one but now seeing these pictures, I might like the navy one better so if I keep it, I may exchange the color.

Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Bright Dahlia (XS) and Minnie Pant (00) in Vibrant Flame
The Honeycomb Sweater is a prime example in the XS being slightly too big and making me look a lot boxier.  I felt the knit was a bit too chunky on me anyway so didn't bother trying it in a different size.  I already own two pairs of Minnie pants and thought I loved them but then wore one of them recently and felt they were weird on me.  Again, it dawned on me that I possibly bought the wrong size and sure enough I tried on the Minnie Pant in this really pretty red in a 00 and they fit perfectly.  I do want to point out that I'm typically a 0 in every other brand so I think that J Crew is definitely doing some vanity sizing.  If you are like me and typically go for your regular size at J Crew, I suggest sizing down just to see, you may find out that you are like me and are buying the wrong size! 

I absolutely LOVE the Wynter sweater.  The stripes and the sequins are such a great combo!  It may be my favorite buy of the whole shopping trip.  It's the same as the Heart Me sweater in that it's a bit itchy so I'm debating on it as well, however because I love the sequins it's closer on the "keeping" side :)  They don't have this color combo online so check out the stores, mine still had a ton left.

Sorry for my distracting RuMe bag in the back there, I should have moved it out of the photos but I didn't notice until now.  I always shop with a reusuable bag and stores love me for not having to use one of their bags and I love that I'm not wasting a paper bag!

I'm a bit shopped out so will be skipping the malls and such for Black Friday but will definitely be seeing what sales will be popping up online.  How about you?  Do you like fighting the Black Friday crowds to get the amazing bargains?  Or would you rather sit at home and shop online like me?  Let me know what you guys get, I love seeing the fun stuff that everyone gets during the sale season!

pssttt.. want to know how I get my designer shoes on sale?  Check out my tips here!

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  1. You look great in all the outfits! I especially love that Heart Me sweater :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. I love the PS1 bag! I wasn't planning to go shopping on Black Friday but am tempting now =) You look super adorable in the sequin sweater. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tiff!

  3. Love those Lanvin bow flats! I saw the J. Crew Wynter sweater in the store the other day but didn't have time to try anything on. It looks so pretty on you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. great shopping trip! ya for pre-sales! glad to hear you found sizes that fit you better at j crew!

  5. I just LOVE your shopping posts! Your shopping outfit is killer, and my fave of the items you showed are the Madewell henley and that J Crew Wynter sweater. So cute!

  6. Those bow flats are so pretty! I love your outfit- especially that ruffled top! I love both of those heart tops- tough decision!

  7. Hold the phone! Did you get the MJ bag on 40% off too?

  8. Yay, it was fun shopping with you! so many cute things! I really like the Minnie pants in red!

  9. That sequin sweater is SO cute!! Great haul!

  10. I love those heart me sweaters and the navy one is so my style! I heard black friday shopping sprees are crazy! So online shopping is probably the way to go if crowds are not your thing!


  11. Great post!!! Love your pre-picks for the crazy Black Friday sales!

    Those heart sweaters are so cute!! I sometimes I have trouble finding tops that fit me properly since I'm so used to grabbing for mediums, but sometimes smalls do fit bitter! I too get surprised. heh heh.

    I feel like the Black Friday crowds get crazier and crazier every single year. D: It's fun to go out, but i find that the parking is the worst part. =[

  12. You look amazing in the Soft Silk Boyshirt! It drapes so beautifully and gray is so lovely on you! And I'm glad you got the Wynter sweater, hopefully you decide to keep it!

  13. Love the PS1, the color is gorg! And I adore your phone case :) super cute.

  14. Tiff, I love everything you tried on! The flats and the sequin striped sweater is definitely my faves! Me loves shiny. tee hee.

    I hope you've been well. Miss your gorgeous face!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  15. i need to make a trip to j. crew & madewell STAT.

  16. Ah I love that heart sweater too! I was *this* close to buying it but you aer right about the itch factor - it definitely got to me. I hope it softens up over time for you - I love, love that Wynter sweater too!

  17. Happy Thanksgiving! (And Black Friday :P) I'd love to know where you got your phone case! SUPER CUTE!

  18. Loving all the choices especially the PS1 Keep All Bag! Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. I was about to buy some regular LANvin flats but love the bow ones pictured here! The heart sweater is adorable on you - you need it :)

  20. ohlala....great juicy shopping post!!!! Btw, i love your hello kitty iphone case, so cute:)And i want that F21 top you're wearing! i just came back from Singapore and i went crazy when i saw F21!!! lol

    Now for your shopping items - those lanvin bow flats are really sweet and girlie:)

    i agree about the heart me sweater, i think you look better in the navy color. But i defo think you look better in XXS, the fit seems better???? it shows your nice figure;) and yes, i hate wool sweaters too! sooo darn itchy that i can't stand it!!!

    i've tried wearing XXS and XS before too but somehow they turn out looking big on me! i hate when that happens.

    Cant wait to watch your video about your shoe shopping til you drop trip!hehe

    p.s. we don't celebrate black friday over here so it dont mean much in HK...in fact, i even forget about this day! lol


  21. @Anonymous yes! Sorry I forgot to mention, handbags are 40% off too. (not the PS1 though, I wish!) :)

  22. Those were the flats I thought about getting on my Twitter (the sequin Prada's in silver). I figured I'd pass since I already got the blue pair. But the Lanvin's look SO adorbs!

    I love the heart sweater :)


  23. I love everything! Tiffany, you are going to make me broke;) However, my favorite thing on this post is your iPhone case. The sparkliness and the bow are to die for. Anyway, happy Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving outfit:)

  24. You have the BEST taste in shoes! I'm so excited for the holiday sales. Thanks for keeping us in the loop! :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones!

  25. Everything is just TOO cute! My favorites are: heart sweater and sequin stripe sweater! You give us so much inspiration :).

  26. Great Shopping Tiff! I love that you use a re-usable bag while shopping. That pink and blue striped sweater looks amazing on you. I also like the fit of the XXS. Length will probably depend on the garment each time. But it's wonderful that you can go down a size. I wish I could! HaHaHa And what a wonderful heads up on those shoes. Glad you're having a wonderful holiday. :D

  27. i love your phone case! where did you get it?



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