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Video: How to take care of your bags

5:00 AM

As a follow up to my How to Take Care of Your Shoes video, I had several people ask if I could do a video on how to take care of your bags so here it (finally) is!  I go over a few tips on how I take care of my bags from aging from weather and stains, how to clean my bags and how I store them.

My basic tips are:
  • Use a weather and stain repellent spray before using your bags and spray again if you haven't used the bag in awhile.  If you use the bag frequently, spray the bag every few months or as needed based on your weather.
  • Use a leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and scratch free.
  • To clean stain spots, use a leather cleaner or a mix of baby shampoo (a small amount) and water and dab with a clean cloth.  Let dry and repeat if necessary.
My caveat is that I have never done this on any of my new Chanel lambskin bags (like my Ultimate Stitch bag) because the leather is a bit different than the leathers on all my other handbags (it's a lot more delicate).  So I don't advise this for your lambskin bags since I've never sprayed or treated them before.  Same with Chanel caviar bags.  I just really baby them (they never get taken out in the rain, if they do, I hide it underneath my coat) whereas my other bags I'm a bit more rough.
Products in my video:

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  1. I saw the video on Sunday an totally loved it, it came at the right time for me cause I started to switch my SS closet for my FW clothes, and my bags needed to be reorganized, like the idea of stuffing the bags with tissue paper for them not to loose their shape, need to look up for a similar product cause don't think there's Gardé available here in Mexico, oh! and loved loved your blazer!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. Gosh, you put me to shame when i read this post. I handle my bags sooo badly!!! But some great tips in here:) I learn something from you every now and then, Tiffany, cheers!!!!=D


  3. Great tips! I subscribed!


  4. I love this stuff and use it for all of my Chanel bags. Thanks for sharing. I picked up a few more tips that I could use. :)

    Have a great day!


  5. can`t wait to watch the video after work. my balenciaga looks dirty sometimes, but sometimes i think it`s also just the papyrus color!

  6. Thanks for linking the products! I need to pick them up for my shoes and bags.

  7. After watching this video, I feel so bad about not keeping up with my bags! I think I'm going home and clean it! :D

  8. That's really great advice Tiffany!!! Excellent video. When you invest in a bag, it's smart to protect it. :)

  9. Fabulous video! I try to take care of all my bags tu admittedly have been slacking a bit lately - I use the same Apple Care stuff, also purchased from the same site! :)

  10. Great video Tiff. I needed this. My year old Alexander Wang Rocco looks about 10 years old. I need to take care of my bags accordingly.


  11. Fab tips, love it thank you - saves me a trip to the tailors to sort out my Birkin! xxx


  12. thanks for sharing these tips. i'm always nervous with stain fighting on bags, but this is definitely helpful.

    your polka dot blazer is so cute.

  13. Thank you for the tip!! I just got a scratch on my empriente LV bag. A white scratch :( I'm going to try the baby shampoo idea.





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