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Video: My Flats Collection!

5:00 AM

It's true! I do own quite a few flats :) You may have noticed them in my shoe closet video and since I spend so much time talking about my heels I thought I'd give my flats some attention so put together a video of my favorite flats. 

What I'm Wearing - Sweater: ASOS | Scarf: gift from Happy Scarf | Bracelets: Crystal Bracelets in Pink and Diamond, and Blue Crush Ring

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 As mentioned in the video:

Missoni for Target and Maud Frizon
Prada Bow Flatsprada_flats
Prada Puffer Bow Flats (and here but the bow is patent leather)


Oh and I forgot to take pictures of the Louboutin flats but you can see them here in a really old post and you can see a glimpse of them on me in my Washington D.C. post, I wore them all over the city for hours and they got super beat up on that trip.  Totally worth it though! :)

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  1. That is why small feet are so perfect! Love being able to wear kids sizes!! :)

  2. Oh cute flats got a vlog post, how cute! I adore your Prada's, the pink LV look so cute, but they do look very soft although I wouldn't mind cause the color is gorge, just like you I wear my flast as transitional shoes, like from the car to the actual spot and so, that has really saved my feet and my pumps!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  3. I love your shoes- you seriously have my dream shoe collection. My favorites are the pink Loubs, black Prada bows, and glitter bow flats.

  4. Your flats are so pretty. So true about the TB Reva's being tight initially. Since I live in NYC, I pretty much walk everywhere so I'm all about flats. I love ones by Corso Como cause the styles are great and they have gel insoles which make them super comfy.

  5. Cute flats! I love the Tory Burch ones!


  6. So many cute flats! It seems since I became a mother I wear flats more often. I just don't feel as comfortable chasing around a toddler in heels, but of course when the occasion is appropriate I definitely go for heels.

    I like the scarf you're wearing in the video, very chic.

  7. great flat collection, tiffany. i love heels, but am a huge fan of flats also. reva flats are great, aren't they? i LOVE the bow-detail on your pradas! :)


  8. The Prada bows are so cute! You make me want a pair so bad! :P

  9. Nice video. I keep hesitating on the Revas b/c of the elastic part in the back. I had a pair of flats like that that ended up leaving sort of a scar tissue on the back of my ankles from the elastic/leather rubbing against it all the time. Do you find that that part of the she stretches and softens too?

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  10. I love your flat collections! I need to get some Tony burches!


  11. You have such a fabulous flats collection! I love the Prada bows - so sweet and they look like they are comfy too!

  12. Tiff, I love your flat collection! I love Tory Burch, the Maud Frizon's look like candy and the pink LV's are sweet! Thanks for sharing your collection with us. Love them!

  13. Love those prada bow flats! I'm starting to collect LANvin flats and love the colors!

  14. Ok, so I just watched both of your shoe videos and you shoe game is on point! You have the Shoe Collection of my dreams. And you can tell I'm a regular follower of your blog, because I recognize MOST of them from your posts. LOL!!!

    7eventh Letter

  15. Sooo, I'm not a huge flats-girl...but I gotta say that your collection almost makes me a fan! Your TBs are gorgeous and those Prada bows? So fun!!
    You always do the best posts Tiffany!
    XO - Marion

  16. Love this post !! Got the Prada puffer bow flats for my bday and love them !!


  17. adore this post!! i loveeeee the sparkly glitter flats! WANT!

  18. cute, sometimes a girls gotta wear flats so they may as well be chic!

  19. ahh i've always loved your Maud Frizon glittery flats! adorable

  20. I have those same puffy Prada bow flats and I love them :) perfect amount of girly-ness!

  21. glad to see a flats post! i love my flats, they do a lot of work! i love your pink louboutin flats the most, although the prada puffer bows come in a close second.

  22. yay another video from you! i enjoy watching them so much! love your glittery maud frizon flats! you have quite a collection of flats for being a heels gal! xx

  23. I'm so in love with ur Prada Puffer Bow Flats! I wished they still had them!

  24. Are the Revas that comfortable? I was thinking of investing in a pair of the black ones.

  25. LOVE YOUR FLATS COLLECTION! :D Thanks so much for sharing. The video was definitely very informative. I must own a part of Tory Burch flats one day. ^^



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