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Gifts that Sparkle!

7:22 AM

1. Urban Outfitters Sequin Swirl Pillow - Use code PARTY for 10% off and 2.5% Cashback
2. Jimmy Choo Teddy luggage tag - Free Shipping on all orders
3. t+j Designs Pink Drop Earrings  - Take $10 off orders of $50 or more. Use code HOLIDAY1
4. Ivanka Trump Crystal Small Shoulder Flap - under $100!
5. t+j Designs 3 Stone Statement Ring - Spend $100 or more and take $20 off! Use code HOLIDAY2
6. Nine West Handbag, Small iPad Case - on sale for more than 30% off until 12/12 and 6% cashback
7. t+j Designs Pink Gem Earrings - Order over $200 and get $60 off! Use code HOLIDAY3
8. Nine West Sequin Laptop Case - only $15.99 (until 12/12)! and 6% cashback
9. MICHAEL Michael Kors Grayson Sequins Satchel - a bit pricey but so darn cute!
10. Deborah Lippmann Glitter Polish set - the perfect holiday glitter set! 3% cashback
11. t+j Designs Emerald Cut Statement Ring - I wear this almost every day.  It's the perfect statement ring!

Have you started shopping yet? I'm almost done with my list but I still like to look around for fun stuff in case something I ordered doesn't work out.  Plus I like shopping for gifts for myself too ;)  I love to give gifts that I think my friends and family will love but don't tend to buy for themselves.  Luckily my (female) family members and most of my friends love shiny, sparkly things so here are some things I'm eyeing for them!  

Also, if you need another fun new site to lose hours of your time on (hehe, currently that is what I do on Pinterest) check out CurrentlyObsessed.me, where you can stalk your favorite bloggers and their obsessions.  You'll be able to "stalk" me and see what items I'm coveting and buying and mark your favorites so if you see something you like, you'll be able to find it and where to buy it easily!  I'm currently stalking my blogger faves like Atlantic Pacific, Oh Joy and Mrs. Lilien.  It's currently by private invite only but luckily I have 100 invites for you guys!  To join click here and enter the code I_am_Style-ishObsessed and you are in!  Once you are in you can stalk me here!  Let me know if you are on there so I can stalk you back! (Currently I think only invited/accepted bloggers are allowed to be "stalked"  I think because it's so new, hopefully it will open up to everyone soon!)

Have a good weekend!  Happy Shopping and don't forget to enter my $50 gift certificate giveaway!

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  1. great sparkly gift ideas! I really like the pillow!

    oh my gosh, another way to stalk people?! is it just me or is it getting more difficult to keep up? don't get me wrong, it's fantastic, but it's getting harder to keep my stalking ducks in a row, haha.

  2. oooo i love all the sparkle!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love sparkles too! Thanks for your comment. I read it and thought, "Tiffany...not I am Style-ish Tiffany?!" Totally made my afternoon :)

  4. Great sparkly picks! That luggage tag is so pretty. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I love all the sequins I'm seeing around right now - SO festive! I'm especially liking that throw pillow...what a great way to instantly holiday up a room.

  6. I love sparkles!!! And I love shopping for friends and family to and finding stuff that they generally would not think of buying for themselves. Makes the shopping experience even though more enjoyable.

    I tried joining with your code but it didn't work. Boo! Oh well. Looks like a fun site. ^^

  7. @bevy I know! So many, haha! It's getting out of hand. But I had to see what this one was all about and I'm loving it so far. One thing that I can't give up is Pinterest, I am completely addicted!

  8. @Nellie You are so sweet. Thank you Nellie! :)

  9. @rolala I know, it's so pretty right? I wouldn't put it on my luggage, I'd probably just stick it on my purse! Have a good weekend too!

  10. So pretty! Lusting glitter nail polish at the moment! Going to have to go out and shop now :) Thanks for the gift ideas


  11. @JJ I have a sequin comforter. Not the most comfortable so we don't use it but it's sure pretty to look at! :) We only use it for decor. So I feel like the pillow would be the same. Sometimes you just have to have sparkles for the home!

  12. @tiffyama oh no, it didn't work? SAD! But I was having trouble logging in yesterday too so I don't know, maybe it's just because it's so new it's probably got a few bugs. Hope you try again later!

  13. I'm really loving that Jimmy Choo luggage tag! And thanks for the invite to Currently Obsessed - too bad I'm not on Facebook to reap the benefits :(

    Happy weekend!

  14. Beautiful choices!!
    My husband always says that "if it sparkles, Marion will buy it." Sad but true! I am attracted to shiny things :-)

    That t + j statement ring is incredible!
    XO - Marion

  15. Sparkles all over the place! I love it! I am 'stalking' you now ;) Find me at Pinterest too!! http://pinterest.com/ericarkelly/


  16. Who doesn't love sparkles! Nice gift guide.
    P.S. I'm so eager to see who (hopefully I) will win the statement jewelry challenge!! :)


  17. loving all the sparkle! i`ve been obsessed lately!

  18. i had to open nearly all of those items in other tabs.. i think i may be doing some holiday shopping for myself right now!

  19. Oh wow! That purple laptop sleeve has my name written all over! I need to stop by Nine West asap! Lovely sparkly stuff!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  20. soooo obsessed with glitter right now! i love it ;)

    xx Kathryn

  21. I am LOVING the Michael Kors sequinned bag. But it is pricey to be so festive!!!

    7eventh Letter

  22. I just posted about sequins and glitter as well today on my blog! Love this holiday guide :)

    xo, tasha
    twenty-something blog
    follow me

  23. great picks. i love the ivanka bag... and the cocktail ring. i am a huge fan of michael kors... but i don't think i can pull off this one... but it is darn cute! :)

  24. These are super sweet pics Tiff! I would love ALL of it. HAHAHA You and Jen can pick some great stuff. Love your jewelry! :D

  25. Hi, pretty ideas.
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  26. This may sound weird but I am currently stalking you! haha The code worked for me...thanks so much!! Great sparkly picks to Tiffany!

  27. i could really go for #11!!! that ring is GORGEOUS!!

  28. yes yes yes...I LOVE anything sparkly!! great choices

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