Mar 31, 2011

Miu Miu Minibags!

The press release for these just landed in my inbox and I screamed "CUUUTE!" I had to post them!  I love the Miu Miu bow bag and plan on getting that bag soon (if only I had a Miu Miu store by me it would be sooner.) but check out these MINI bow bags!!  Cuteness.  I have no idea what I'd do with one except for exclaim how cute it is everytime I see it.  haha!  Thought you guys would love them too :)

Happy Thursday!

They are only available at the Miu Miu stores so call them up (of if you are lucky enough to have a store near you, stop by) if you want one!

If you want to see the bow bag in real life size, check out my newest favorite bloggirl, Lisa of Cocobella Ballerina's brand new baby.  I LOVE the color she chose!  

Update:  I found out that they are $380 each.  Um Yikes?  But still cute! :)

Mar 30, 2011

Color Pop!

I was looking through for all my favorite designers runway shows and whenever I happen to find an outfit I like, I click and save. I noticed a pattern of saving the brightly colored outfits and the very on trend color blocking so I went looking for outfits that I could wear without the designer price tag.  Here's what I loved from the runway:
all images from

And my "real life" picks!  Clothing wise I think I can only stick with one bright color per outfit.  I might not be bold enough to do too many bright colors at once.
Herve Leger V-Neck Bandage Dress
I'm late to jump on the bandage dress bandwagon and although I don't totally love the look of bandage dresses, I love the color and the longer length of this one.
Trina Turk Carousel Dress
Perfect! Hot pink top with a patterned bottom is something I would try to do with separate pieces but I like that this is just built into one.
Trina Turk Coley Blouse
Or just the hot pink blouse is so pretty.   I think I would pair this with a floral skirt.
Ralph Lauren Long Sleeve Sweater
Not a huge orange person but this neon orange is kind of calling to me.  You wouldn't have to add much more to your outfit than this sweater as it would be all that people would notice!

Diane von Furstenberg Bairly Louche Silk Dress
I love love the effortless look of this dress.  I can see it paired with gold jewelry and my gold Miu Miu sandals.

Marc by Marc Jacobs blouse
This just has my name all over it.  I would wear this with jeans, skirts, shorts, dress it up for work, dress it down for dinner.  The perfect little blouse!  (it's in my cart right now, waiting to be checked out) :)

Diane von Furstenberg Reara Two-Tone Dress
This one might be the closest I come to mixing two bright colors.  I love the two colors separately and wouldn't have put them together but it just looks so cute on this dress.

I've always loved bright shoes and they are the easiest way to add just the right amount of personality to your outfit.  I guarantee if you went out in any of these shoes, people would notice you!
Dolce & Gabbana Floral Satin Platform Sandal
A great shoe paired with a LBD

I love the thought of these purple pumps popping out underneath your flare/wide leg jeans.  Just the right amount of color pop!

So similar to the Elizabeth and James Mason pump, don't you think? I love the deep purple suede.

Steve Madden Scandall Heels
Blue shoes are a lot more versatile than you'd think!  I wear my blue shoes a lot and these ones would go perfectly with so many summery dresses.

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Satin Pump
I think you all know this Manolo if you are a SATC fan but I've never seen it in this pretty coral color.  Would be such a fabulous shoe for a bride!

Ah, pink pumps are a favorite of mine.  I think you've seen mine quite a few times, most recently here, and I actually do plan outfits around my pink shoes!

And lastly, you can't forget about the handbags.  I'm obsessed with trying to find a blue or pink bag.  I have my Rebecca Minkoff clutch that I've been carrying a lot but I want something like the blue Prada in the collage I put together above.  I just love the color and the shape.  The pink and black striped Prada clutch in the lower right corner is a current fave as well.  Below are some of the picks that I'm loving that are in a better price range than the Prada bags!
Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Shoulder Bag
Very similar to my MbMJ Petal to the Metal bag but in a much more fun color!  I love all my MbMJ bags, they are so durable, I toss them around and treat them terribly because I frequently travel with them and they get quite abused at the security scanners but they still look fab!

Marc Jacobs The Single Bag
I've been coveting this little bag for quite some time.  The quilting and the pink!  I adore!
MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted Flap Shoulder Bag
But this little quilted bag is quite adorable too right?
Dooney & Bourke Medium Framed Compartment Bag
I don't own any frame bags but I've fallen in love with quite a few this past few seasons.  I just saw this one and couldn't take my eyes off of it.  This bag is so on trend this season but I think it would last through many more years as well without looking outdated.

Are you finding yourself adding a lot more color to your wardrobe than usual this season as well?  Have you tried out the color blocking trend yet?  I might give it a whirl in a future lookbook!  Oh and if you need a bit of inspiration, Kileen over at Cute and Little does a Color Brigade post every week where she and other fabulous ladies post their most fabulous, colorful outfits.  I plan on joining one soon and you guys should too! :)

Mar 29, 2011

Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial (Vlog)

A new video!  It took me forever to edit this one as I realize I have WAY too much hair and watching me curl my entire head was so boring :)  So I cut out a bunch of footage and hopefully just left the important parts of the tutorial.  This tutorial is inspired by the pretty beachy waves frequently worn by Kate Hudson.
source: image 1, 2

The magic tool used for this tutorial was the Conair Clipless Curling Iron.  I love the waves that this curling iron produces and it works great for my now shoulder length hair.  Considering I'm a bit of a hair tool snob as I don't mind spending a lot on my hair tools/products, this cheapo curling iron has really impressed me!  I have yet to try a more expensive brand of a clipless curling iron but I'm looking into buying one so if you guys have recommendations, please do share!
In the video I'm wearing a blazer from Anthropologie, tank from Forever 21.  The ring is YSL and the necklace is Tiffany & Co.

So obviously, this was done when my hair was long but you can totally use this technique for shoulder length hair too.  I did my hair the same way and this is how it turned out with my short hair.

I'm running out of ideas for videos so if you have anything you guys want to see from me, please let me know!

Mar 28, 2011

Lookbook: Streak

I've never highlighted or dyed my hair and never really felt the need too, but I had this random thought that I wanted to try out a streak of pink or blue hair, kind of like Katy Perry here but more toned down. 
When reached out to me to see if I wanted to try out any of their products, from cosmetics, to hair extensions, to wigs, I immediately went towards the pink hair extensions thinking I could do something fun with them!  I tried them out and I love the subtleness of the pink streaks when I have them tucked underneath the top layer of my hair.  It's like you just see a hint of pink when my hair moves.  I really liked that I could curl them just the same with my curling iron or my flat iron so the curls matched my hair curls.  It's definitely not something I'd do every day but it's fun to play with every now and then!

What I'm Wearing
Cardigan: Spring and Clifton
Top: C&C California
Jeans: Madewell
Shoes: Christian Louboutin - Bianca
Pink hair extensions: gift from

 Spring & Clifton Sweet Valley Slouch Cardi

This one from Forever 21 is super similar and it's on sale for $8.99!  And also, love the sequins on this slouchy cardi.

Only size 24 left of the legging jeans.   You should also check out the High Riser Jeans or the Skinny Skinny Jeans.  The Skinny Skinny jeans aren't as tight/stretchy as the legging jeans so if you don't want totally huggy jeans, those are great for that.

Louboutin Bianca Cork Pump
I'm usually not a fan of cork shoes but am oddly attracted to these.  They look great in the nude color too. If you are looking for gray pumps like mine, these grey pumps are cute and very similar the the YSL tributes.  Or maybe these Dolce Vita heels, a little bit more edgy wedge/heel combo.
They have "normal" hair colors as well but I like the funky colors better :)  Mine are the pink ones.  Also, for my long hair I should have chose a longer length but the 11" length works great on my now shoulder length hair.   And really for $3.30 for one, it's totally worth it to play around with!  Also, if you are thinking about ordering from there, I do have to mention that all the makeup they sent me is really great!  I had doubts on the quality as I'm not used to ordering makeup from an Asian website but I've found myself using a lot of it lately and the color payoff is really nice.   You can see the palette I used from them on my everyday makeup post.  The prices are so fantastic and the quality is great so I'll be ordering some more color palettes from them.

Mar 24, 2011

Week in iPhone Pictures: Pastries and Chanel!

The last few weeks have been crazy but good.  I'm not traveling for work as much so I've been able to enjoy my time at home, catch up with friends and spend lots of fun times with hubs and the dogs.  As usual, always taking pictures on my iPhone along the way so just wanted to share my week with you guys!  (I think these pics span the past 2 weeks).

So my "no sugar" thing didn't last too long.  Ah, what can I say?  I'm weak to pastries and doughnuts!  Top Pot doughnuts are amongst the best (I tell everyone that visits to go there and everyone thanks me later, even those who aren't a fan of doughnuts!)  The maple bar was hubs' pick and I went for the blueberry glaze.  A morning spent at Macrina Bakery is the start of a good day! (In the picture is an Italian Plum Roll... yummy!)
But, don't worry, I'm not gorging on pastries only, I'm eating other yummy food too! :)  Our recent trips to Serious Pie (fancy wood fired pizza?  Yes please!) inspired me to make my own version of their soft egg pizza (that is TDF if you ever go there, get that one).  How I make it: start with a whole wheat tortilla, brush with olive oil.  Top with a mix of cheeses, 2 slices of cooked bacon (turkey bacon if you want to be healthy or ham/canadian bacon) and 2 eggs.  Pop into the oven preheated at 475 for 6-8 minutes (watch it! it cooks fast! if you like your eggs a little runny I find that the 7 minute mark is perfect) take it out, top it with arugula, grate some fresh Parmesan on the top and voila, a fabulous meal for breakfast OR dinner!  I consider it the "healthy" version since you can control how much cheese and bacon you put on it as well as using the whole wheat tortilla.  With the whole wheat tortilla you'd think it wouldn't taste as good but it actually tastes great!  You can't even tell it's whole wheat.  (I get them at Trader Joe's)
I don't drink beer often (I'm a wine girl through and through) but hubs has introduced me to the world of GOOD beer (yes, it's true, not everything tastes like Bud Light) so I indulge in a brewskie every once in awhile (but I never drink the whole thing).  Hubs made a perfect half and half for us to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.  One thing that I've completely cut out of my diet (successfully) is chips, crackers and anything that is considered "junk food".  All the store bought ones are just filled with bad stuff but I had a hankering for some crackers so I looked up a few recipes, stumbled upon homemade wheat thins and was delighted to find that they taste exactly like store bought wheat thins!  I also make tortilla chips with the whole wheat tortillas and they are so easy and delicious!  On a related note - I've been baking a lot of things with whole wheat flour - scones, biscuits, etc... and it doesn't make a difference in the taste.  It's great knowing that you don't have to use the bad white flour for everything.  (On cookies it does affect the taste.)

What I wore to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at our local Irish pub.  A tank top and jeweled earrings were the only things in my closet that were green.  But my Zoya Intimate Collection polish had arrived the day before so I put on a fun mix of green, gold and glitter!  Wearing: Zoya Gemma, Jules and China Glaze Medallion which is my favorite gold glitter polish.

A promotion at works means a new bag for me.  Yay!  I've been promising myself a new Chanel bag since last year and kept on putting it off.  With the promotion and now that our taxes are done I felt like it was finally time.  I was running errands all day long (literally running around - that's why I'm wearing flats) when I remembered it was Triple Points time at Nordstrom.  I left the post office and immediately went to Nordstrom.  (Downtown Seattle Nordy's is one of the few that has it's own Chanel boutique)  I marched into the Chanel boutique and promptly asked to see about a million bags.  I settled on the 3 below and I swear took me an HOUR deciding which one to buy.  I didn't have my husband with me (basketball was on - I couldn't tear him away but I preferred to shop alone anyway so I could take my time) so I was texting him and a few of my BFF's the entire hour sending them pictures and asking for their advice.  I loved all 3 and in the end I picked out the one on the left.  It's BEAUTIFUL and the leather is TDF.  So happy! :)  I'll tell you though, I am so tempted to go back in there and get the others too but I'm holding back for now...  I don't know if I'll do a post on my new purse (should I?  do you want to see it?) If anything I'm sure it'll show up in a future lookbook!
(I took way more pictures than just these 3!  The SA was so patient with me!)

And a few outfits that I snapped that didn't get lookbook shots.  The one on the left was me trying to decide if I should keep the Miu Miu bag that I had just bought.  In the end, I decided it was just too big and overwhelmed my frame so it went back.  It is such a beautiful bag though, for those of you that are taller than me (5'2") I totally recommend it!  Just look how good it looks on the model!  Also, I'm wearing the J Crew Pipette Cargo Pant and I love them!  I haven't been able to find a cargo pant that looked good on me until these.  They are fab and on sale now! On the right - I must've been in a patriotic mood in my red/white striped blazer and blue paper bag skirt!  Added the vintage necklace to try and distract from the fact that I was a walking American flag.  LOL!

That's it!  So how's your week going?  Anything exciting to share?  I'd love to hear!  I've had a few of you ask if you could steal this idea for your blog and of course!  I'd love to see your week in photos, send me the link if you do!

Mar 23, 2011

Lookbook: Pop of Pink

Sometimes I'm into the matchy matchy but this day I was into mixing colors and prints but really I just wanted the focus to be on the fun purple skirt!  I spotted this cutie skirt in other colors on several other bloggers but didn't have any luck finding it at the stores until until about a month ago, I walked into a J Crew and saw the very last one in this purple (that I hadn't seen before) hanging on the sales rack in my size!  Meant to be! :)  I love the slight sheen to it and the slight poof to the shape.  It even has a bit of purple tulle underneath which even if you can't see it, I still love having it there.

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: Elizabeth and James
Skirt: J Crew
Tights: Nordstrom
Shoes: Miu Miu
Earrings: Macy's

My silk blazer has gotten a lot of use, it's definitely one of my favorite blazers.  I also love the ruffle shoulders of the Juicy Couture Tuxedo Blazer.  You also gotta check out this Silk Velvet Blazer, silk velvet sounds odd right?  I'm intrigued, it looks so soft. This blush pink blazer is so pretty, I think it's the perfect color for spring and summer.

So many cute printed blouses... I actually can't stop buying them.  I have my eye on thisJuicy Couture Floral Blouse or this Joie blue violet blouse. And this Marc by Marc Jacobs silk blouse would be so cute with this outfit or just worn alone when it gets warm enough. I love the little ruffle "sleeves".
J.Crew Crinkled tier mini
I couldn't find my skirt online anymore but this one is pretty darn cute isn't it?  It's on sale too!
I also saw the Felted wool mini but didn't end up getting it. I should though, it's super cute and now on sale for $39.99. Also adore this gold jacquard mini the color and the pattern are fantastic for a day to night skirt.

still loving the polka dot tights!

Michael Antonio Luna Pump
I wonder if you could take off the ankle strap?  If so, these are perfect!

Paris Hilton Shoes?  Don't kill me for picking these out but these pumps in pink are really cute!  I love the glitter on the platform.  These pumps in the deep pink are really similar to mine for $70!  I so wish these Sergio Rossi pumps were in my size! Such a pretty color and perfect for the spring.

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