I am Style-ish {Seattle Fashion and Beauty Blog}: May 2011
dior - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Mirrors

I decided after this lookbook that the big football shoulder pads on this blazer make me look bigge...

lookbook - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Zara Love

Why oh why does Zara torture me by not having a store in Seattle?  I love how San Francisco has tw...

giveaway - 5:00 AM

Stiletto Hardware Foot Cushions (and giveaway!)

I get asked so much about how I can wear heels all day long and although I think just the experience...

Shoes - 5:00 AM

The Wantlist: Shoes!

Oh just doing some shoe shopping and thought I'd share some things on my "wantlist".  ...

Chanel - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Pink Pantser

Thank you guys so much for all the nice comments about the new format of my lookbook photos!  I'...

crafty-ish - 5:00 AM

Easy DIY! Make your own cocktail rings

I had a few sharp eye readers notice my vintage earring to ring DIY that I occasionally wear on my l...

lookbook - 5:00 AM

Lookbook: Miu Miu Bow Bag

First lookbook for the Miu Miu bow bag!  I <3 this bag so so much.  I haven't stopped carryin...



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