Jun 29, 2011

Week in iPhone pics: Taiwan!

I will have a lot more pictures of my trip from my dslr camera but for now, here are pics from my trusty iPhone! Just a quick little recap... Warning, a lot of food pics ahead because we did A LOT of eating! :)
  • The view from Taipei 101. This was not my first time there but my first time getting to go up to the viewing deck and it being clear enough to see the entire city! Taipei 101 is one of the world's tallest buildings but the fun part is that there is a ton of shopping in there! Almost all the high end designers have shops there so it's fun to go and shop around and then go see the view.
  • We went to quite a few Buddhist Temples which are always so interesting to see. This one was a newly built modern temple (all the other ones we went to see were well over 100 years old). I love all the statues that are carved by hand and so beautifully detailed. It's much more amazing to see in person than in photos.
  • You can't go to Taiwan and not go to a night market! It's the best part about going to Taiwan! This one had a fancy entrance but most don't. It's craziness and a lot of fun, all you do is shop and eat!
  • These buns were the latest craze at the night market so we stood in line to try them. They were good but not blow me away good. I still prefer all the traditional night market food.
  • Taiwanese street food at it's best! I love these kinds of dishes, delicious meats over rice and veggies.
  • We have a Beard Papa here in Seattle but they only serve the boring little cream puffs. The one in Taiwan had several kinds and I gobbled this fancy little one right up! For some reason, it tasted a lot better than the regular cream puff.
  • Gotta love Asian candy! I went to 7-11 to stock up on the candy. I love buying the different flavors of Hi-Chew that we don't get here.
  • Taiwanese department stores are awesome because the bottom floors are just one gigantic food court with so much yumminess that it takes forever to decide what to eat! They had one floor of just desserts food court and we stumbled upon Mister Donut! I love the shape of the donuts. You pull them apart and it's like you get a little donut hole in every bite.
    • You can't go to Taiwan and not get Xiao Long Bao! These little dumplings are one of my favorite foods in the whole wide world.
    • Green Onion Pancake! The name sounds gross but it's delicious.  I introduced it to my husband here in Seattle and whenever I pointed it out to him on the menu he always said "that sounds disgusting" but I ordered it and now he loves it!
    • Chinese magazines and much needed iced coffee.  We had to take breaks from being out in the hot and humid weather Taipei is having. It is SO hot there.  I love that they have tons of magazines to read while you are sipping your coffee.
    • I love the packaging of Asian cosmetics. I tried to find these polishes but couldn't find them anywhere. Too bad though, I love the design!
    • I did get my hands on Asia exclusive makeup like this Bobbi Brown BB Cream. Why they don't bring BB Cream to America is beyond me. I think people would buy it here. If you don't know what BB Cream is, check out this link
    • The hotel we stayed at in my grandpa's city had 3 of the cutest dogs! I fell in love with the littlest one, how can you resist that face?
    • You can't avoid the cuteness in Asia, especially the Hello Kitty love! I saw this bag in the window of a shop (obviously a fake Hermes) but gotta appreciate the rhinestones and how long it must have taken to do that!
    • The Taipei airport has a whole gate dedicated to Hello Kitty, which I wrote about before (click here to see more pictures of the gate!) but I hadn't noticed these cute pay phone booths before! I never thought you could make a pay phone so cute!
    • Me and Hello Kitty before getting on the flight for the long 12 hour trip back. This was already after I had flown from Shanghai to Taipei and then had a 5 hour layover so I was a bit of a hot mess. Excuse the weird outfit, I suddenly got cold and threw on everything I had to keep me warm!
    That's it for now!  More pictures to come next week!

      Jun 28, 2011

      Matching Sets

      Nail polish and shoes are two of my favorite things ever. As you can see from my nail polish collection and my shoe collection, I have a lot of both of them. I love changing up my shoes as much as my nail polish and now that I'm wearing a lot more shoes that show my toes, I'm all about coordinating my shoes with my toe nail polish. I love putting fun combos together so thought I'd put a post together! It's kind of fun visualizing it with this way, that way I can create similar combos with the colors and shoes that I own!

      Jun 27, 2011

      Lookbook: Loving My iPad

      Getting back from a long international trip is rough but getting back and having a cold on top of it is super rough!  I was feeling terrible but am finally getting better.  Good thing I took a lot of lookbooks before all my trips (I was in Jamaica before I went to China and Taiwan so I've been gone a really long time!) otherwise you'd have a lot of sickly, no make up, sitting in my jammies lookbooks and that's not so pretty ;)

      I had my iPad with me that day which is what I'm holding.  I got a quilted leather case for it which is great for traveling but my one complaint is that it doesn't hold it very tightly so it kinda slips around when I'm trying to use it.  It does it's job though so I'm keeping it until I find something I have to have.  And then when I was in China, I got a new very pretty but very impractical case!!  I love bling!  I couldn't resist :) And of course my iPhone got new covers as well.  Can't leave them out you know? haha!  I didn't really care when the iPad came out but once I played on my parents' iPad (we got them the first generation one for them last Christmas) I thought it was pretty neat and then when iPad 2 came out I decided I NEEDED it.  I still don't think it's super necessary but I LOVE it.  I didn't bring my laptop with me on my trip, just my iPad and it served it's purpose just fine and was so much lighter than carrying my MacBook Pro with me.  One of my favorite things is reading magazine on my iPad!  I need to change all my subscriptions to digital subscriptions because I often have piles and piles of magazines just sitting around waiting to be read and it takes up so much room!  What about you?  have you given into the iPad craze yet?  What are your favorite apps? 

      I got mine awhile ago so I can't find anything similar but I love the color of this plaid cardi. This look could be done with different patterns and textures as well like with this crochet cardigan would be really pretty. You could also do stripes on stripes with this cardigan (which, btw, Patterson J Kincaid for $59! A really good deal!)

      You can't really go wrong with a striped tank! I own so many but I keep on buying more. How cute is this Kate Spade bow striped tank? Love this stripe ruffle tank too! The color of this heather gray/blue stripe tank and it's on sale for $19.90!

      I love skirts like these.  I like to wear them high waisted like I did here or something I roll down the waistband and wear it like a mini underneath flowy tops.  They are just so versatile!  Also, check out this adorable MICHAEL Michael Kors Tiered Ruffle Skirt, on sale for $58.90!

      Mine are from a few years ago but I still get lots of emails about them!  I understand though, they are one of my favorite shoes that I own.  L.A.M.B. is one of the non "high end designer" brands that I love.  Their prices aren't super cheap but are great compared to designer brands and the quality is fantastic.  I do admit though, that the heel height of L.A.M.B. shoes are quite high!  Gwen Stefani likes them tall!  I am so in love with the L.A.M.B. Crepe which are now on sale.  I'm on the hunt for my size!  The L.A.M.B. Kam are kinda similar to mine and they are on sale!

      Jun 23, 2011

      VLOG: My Spring Purse Collection

      First of all, I'm back from my trip and I've missed blogging so much!  I was in Taiwan and China and while I was in China I couldn't access blogspot, twitter or facebook so inadvertently, I really stayed away from it all on vacay.  I seem to have caught a bug or something at the end of my trip so I'm not feeling well and going to try and get as much rest as I can.  Just wanted to put up a quick post that I had prepped before I left and hopefully will be back to regular blogging next week.  Hope you all are well and will be answering the emails that I got while on vacation later this week!

      Finally!  My handbag collection video is up!  I didn't do the whole collection, just my spring bags.  And I know that it's summer now but I shot this when it was spring, just didn't have the chance to put it up until now.  Nonetheless I think it's still relevant :)  I like the video better because you can see size wise how the bags look but here are some pictures for those of you that won't be watching the video. As you can see I really like pink! :)

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      Chanel Patent Tote (purchased: late 90's - borrowed from mom)
      Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Croisette (2007)
      Chanel Classic Flap Caviar (early 2000 - borrowed from mom)
      Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM (2010)

      I also had a few new posts on the Smarter blog while I was on vacay! Click here to read about Fedoras and how I wear them and my 4 must have summer accessories!

      Jun 20, 2011

      Lookbook: Butterfly in the sky

      Pattern on pattern is such a fun trend to play with.  I never would have thought to wear these two prints together before but I looked through my closet to mix patterns on purpose and just thought "why not?" with these two and it worked!  The dress is really cute but it's a tank dress which Seattle weather is not quite ready for so layering the blouse over the dress was very weather appropriate.  I just took the belt from the dress and belted it over the blouse so it all matched.  The dress has ruffles in front so it's cute to see the ruffles poking out the bottom of the blouse.  And you'll be seeing a lot of my yellow shoes because sunny days require sunny shoes!

      **Did you guess that the title is from one of my favorite childhood shows?  Please tell me you watched Reading Rainbow too! :) **

      Forever21 Bow Print Chiffon Top
      Forever 21 has some great printed blouses now to easily try out this trend.  I love tops like this with the big print and the lace texture mixed in.  Or a smaller print like this Rosy Chiffon Top or even a striped top would be cute over a floral print dress. 

      Forever21 Bow Front Floral Dress
      Contrast your prints with a different size print but in the same color scheme.  My black and white top was easier to mix with any other colors but the light blue top paired over this brighter blue dress would be a fantastic mix.  Or you could do a dress with a smaller print pattern or bright floral print.  The possibilities are endless but the key is to stay with matching colors.
      Cole Haan Air Talia Open Toe Sling
      Cute summer shoes!  Or these ones with a bow! Ooh these Michael Kors Wedges are so cute (expensive but cute!)

      Zoya Marley and Zoya Dove
      You can't really see my nail polish but I'm wearing these two which I loved this combo.  Dove is the perfect light gray!

      Jewelry: vintage necklace, Wendy Brandes Diana Ring, Tiffany & Co. Amethyst Ring, Bracelets by Jewelmint and vintage.  Handbag: Chanel Ultimate Stitch

      Jun 13, 2011

      Lookbook: Headband

       I rarely wear my hair completely up but fun hair embellishments like this headband really inspired me to try it out!  Goody sent over a package of cute hair accessories and I had a ball playing with them all.  I normally would not have picked up this headband but I tried it on and really liked the color against my hair.  I ended up putting my hair back in a bun with the spin pins (love them!) and held the rest of my hair back with the cute headband.  I have giant head syndrome though when I wear headbands like this as it kind of gave me a headache after awhile but when I tweeted about my headband aches many of you chimed in with the same thing so I don't feel so bad!

      I ordered this sweater from Forever 21 and it was one of those things that I wanted to return but it was so cheap that it was not worth the hassle of going to the store to return it so I kept it and worked with it.  I liked that it was a short sleeve sweater, since I'm always cold I figured it would be a good top to wear in the Seattle summers where it's nice but still windy.  The sweater it actually a bit more boxy than I'd like and it doesn't really work with someone who's short and apple shaped like I am.  To solve the problem from it making me look even wider in the midsection I added the fitted striped tank underneath to give it some depth and take away from the boxy-ness.  It's definitely a different look for me as I tend to dress for my body shape - I try to elongate my short midsection - and this outfit was kind of the opposite but I think it still worked and I may not stray from boxy sweaters as I usually do.

      I turned the camera around and got a shot of my photographer's awesome shoes and his little helpers! :)

      Oh and the winner of my Stiletto Hardware giveaway is Carrie! Congrats! I sent you an email so check your inbox!

      I actually think this one is a cuter shape than mine. I love this coral color and it comes in a pretty yellow too. The Relaxed Scoop Neck Sweater is a slimmer and more fitted. Or you could probably do the same type of look with this Purl Knit Top.

      Similar and on sale for $14.99!

      Also love the Wave Tank with the stripes going at different angles which would look cute underneath a sweater.  Or the Sequin-stripe tank is adorable and on sale for $25!
      J Crew and Madewell denim is pretty on par with each other.  The only difference that I've found is that J Crew runs a bit bigger while Madewell is more true to size.  I think this outfit would look cute with the Matchstick Jeans in white too.
      Miu Miu Suede Peep Toe Pumps
      I'm slightly obsessed with the Miu Miu fall collection and their quirky shaped shoes.  The heel is so weird but cute at the same time!  The same with the Leather platform versions which I'm so tempted to get!  5 inch heel!  I'd be TALL! :)  The favorite part of my pumps is the ruffle detailing on the back and the Vince Camuto 'Momas' Corset Back Suede Pump is the "look for less" version of my pumps. They pretty much look exactly the same!

      It's not available online but you can find them at Target.

      If you are wondering about my jewelry, the necklace is vintage, bracelets by Jewelmint, bangles by J Crew and the watch is Rolex.

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