Dec 30, 2011

New Years Eve Shopping!

I was getting ready to write a recap post, since this will be my last post of 2011.  But... I was bored by it.  HA!  So you guys get a shopping post instead because I've been busy scouring the deals out there and had to share.

You know my love for Madewell so I was very excited to see that they are doing an additional 30% off sale items. (4% cashback at ebates)  I'm often asked about Madewell sizing since I know they don't have stores in a lot of cities.  For me, I'm mostly true to size.  However, I noticed that they recently started carrying XXS in some items and I bought a few cardigans like #4 below in an XXS and it fits great for (obviously) a slimmer fit.  Otherwise, an XS works fine for me.  For jeans, they run smaller than J Crew and their skinny jeans are definitely more form fitting.

1.  Spotted Snowfall Sweater - not on sale online but it is in stores.  I think for $49.99 (?) not sure about the price but I know it was on sale for sure and addt'l 30% off in stores as well.  I love it but for some reason these kinds of crew necks look terrible on me (I look like I have no neck) so I passed but I love the sweater!  See it on Kelly in the tan color, doesn't she look great?
2. Printed Storybook Dress  - I can't help but love this dress even though I'm not a huge fan of strapless dresses.  The print is adorable as well as the pleating and the full skirt.  I tried it on in store and passed because I bought too much stuff but am really tempted to go back for it.
3. Sweater Blazer - just a great classic looking blazer but in a sweater material which I adore because blazers can get a bit uncomfy since most of them are a bit stiff to keep the structured look.
4.  First Frost Cardigan - I own many cardigans from Madewell and I especially love the quality and that they don't get misshapen.  I wear cardigans a lot during the winter, even if I'm already wearing a sweater (I get cold a lot) and I can't stand it when the sleeves and shoulders start to stretch too much which a lot of cheaper sweaters do.
5. Spotted Snowfall Slipper - I always wear slippers at home.  Yes, mainly because I'm Asian and I've always taken my shoes off at home but also because I live in an industrial style loft and our floors are concrete.  If I don't wear slippers at home, my feet will freeze!
6.  And I didn't include it in the collage above since you just saw them on me but if you are on the hunt for pink skinny jeans (or even purple) get the BlankNYC ones for $50!  I just saw that they had turquoise ones too!  Hmmm... might add those to my cart right now!

ASOS is having an up to 70% off sale now with lots of cute stuff.  (3.5% cashback at ebates) ASOS is always a hit or miss for me.  Lately more hits than misses so I've been looking and bookmarking quite a few things.  Here's what I'm loving and at great sale prices too.
1. ASOS PETITE Cropped Pant with Jet Pocket - I got these in a purple earlier this year but in the regular sizing and it didn't work out for me.  I loved the style so hoping that these in petite sizing will be better for me. 
2. ASOS Pussybow Blouse In Floral Print - cute floral print and my obsession with bow blouses still isn't over.
3. ASOS PETITE Exclusive Midi Dress With Button Front - just cute.  Love the color.  Will pair it with black tights and my Miu Miu heels.
4. ASOS Fluffy Spot Sweater - dots are the new stripes for me.  I've been loving everything spotted lately.  Again with the high crew neck, so it might not work for me but I figured I'd try it out.  I love this color combo.
5. ASOS Fluoro Sweater - I really wanted this sweater and sad that it's already out of my size.  I bought a few things in this bright yellow and I've decided it's my new "pop of color" fave!

I bought a few Christmas gifts on Piperlime and ever since have been stalking their sale section.  They carry a lot of great brands and lots of good stuff on sale right now.
1. Michael Stars Short Sleeve Off Shoulder Top - this top is so pretty.  I can see it being paired with my red skinny jeans and my gold clutch.
2. Michael Stars Sequin Front Tee - another pretty tee.  I think this would be cute paired with a cozy cardigan (like #4), kind of an unexpected pop of sparkle.
3. Hive & Honey Double Layer Crochet Cami - like I said, I'm really into yellow right now and love it paired with this gray.  Would be so pretty underneath a blazer and paired with jeans.
4. Hive & Honey Fair Isle Open Front Sweater - I live for cozy cardigans in this weather.  It's my favorite thing to slip one over anything that I'm wearing.  It doesn't even have to match! 
5. Citizens of Humanity Angie Panorama Twill Pants - Since I discovered my love of flare (or bellbottom) pants, I think I might take the plunge with another pair and I love that these are twill and not jeans since I mainly just find flare jeans and I don't need another pair as I love mine.
6. AG Adriano Goldschmied The Sateen Stilt Pants  - another pair of colored pants, but I love this purple.  I think they would be perfect with my brown over the knee boots

Oh and if you were looking for the J Crew sequin shirt that I wore in my giveaway video (you still have time to enter!) they finally put it back online.  You can get it here in 3 colors.  Also wearing our Gold Drop Luxe Earrings.

And lastly, don't forget about our sale going on for my jewelry line!  Lots of great pieces at our lowest prices yet!

Happy shopping but most importantly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Dec 29, 2011

Christmas recap in photos!

 I can hardly believe that Christmas is over and 2012 is almost here!  Since I like to think of my blog as a little online journal for myself, I thought I'd share a little bit of the Christmas pictures I took this year.

Our holiday decor.  I kept the wrapping very simple this year with just some kraft paper and fun ribbon.  I made all the bows myself and the ribbons were all purchased from JoAnn Craft store.  The red tree and the plant were found at a boutique flower shop last year.  I love pulling out our holiday decor but some of it was so buried in our storage that I couldn't get to it and had to order a bunch of new decorations!  (Cleaning that storage is top of my new year's goals!)
(i downloaded and printed off the gift tags from Creature Comforts round up of free holiday gift tags! Thank you to The Sweetest Occasion and Ellinee for the cutest gift tags! ) 

My husband was very thoughtful and spotted these roses for me and I loved that it went with our holiday decor. 
I also keep a little space just for my "girly" holiday decorations. :)  Christmas2011-6Christmas2011-5
Just some of the goodies that I made.  I had never had homemade chex mix before but decided to make it and YUM!  So addicting.  I put a bowl out and in an instant it was gone.  I made chex mix 3 mornings in a row!  And white chocolate covered pretzels are so delicious!
The cutie tins that I put the treats in.  They were perfect for gift giving!Christmas2011-9Christmas2011-10

I just had to include this picture of me and my super adorable nephew in the sweater we got him.  We love H&M kids where we bought him this sweater.  He just looked so darn cute in his little winter sweater and I was wearing a cozy winter sweater too so I had to get a photo with him!  :)

Dec 28, 2011

Lookbook: The quest for pink jeans

What I'm Wearing
*Madewell Soft Silk Boyshirt - as seen in my shopping post.  I went back and got it later.  (sold out online but my store had a ton in stock.  Here's the item info if you want to call them about it.)  This one in "sleek charcoal" is practically the same.
*BlankNYC Skinny jeans - on sale and Madewell is doing 30% off sale items! (and ebates it to get  4% cashback!)  Get them at a great price!  They are true to size and although they fit fab in the legs and the waist, the crotch part is a little baggy and creates a bit of the "wrinkly crotch" effect.  It's not uncomfortable but looks a little funny so now I'm mostly wearing them with my shirts untucked.
*t+j Designs Silver Baubles Necklace - one of my favorite necklaces to wear for everyday.  It looks so much better on, I get so many compliments on it whenever I wear it.
*t+j Designs Silver Edge Bangle and Modern 3 Stone Ring  - take 40% off all Sale items!  use code EXTRA40.
*Miu Miu Bow Bag  - I just saw that Valentino's lower end line RED Valentino has a bunch of cute bow bags!   This is a great size tote, but I'm totally in love with this satchel.  I think I'm going to get it in the nude color.  But after seeing this bow tote, I'm contemplating it as well as I've been wanting a navy blue bag.  For leather, it seems like a good price!
*Christian Louboutin Bianca pump - (also in black)  my gray flannel ones were from last year so they don't have them anymore.  These shoes are one of my top 3 favorite shoes ever.  Every time I wear them, I feel fabulous! :)  Thank you to my husband who got them for me, the guy has great taste ;) If you are thinking about getting the Biancas, one word of caution, they are VERY high and only for the super stable high heel walker.  They can be pretty bad ankle twisters if you aren't careful!

I have been on a hunt for pink jeans for the longest time.  I started with these cute ones from Zara but they ended up quite mishapen and unsightly to wear (super baggy in weird places) after only 2 wears.  I wanted to invest in a pair like my rag and bone jeans that I adore but I couldn't find the perfect pink.  UNTIL!  I went to Madewell and fell in love with these BlankNYC skinny jeans.  They are pink but not too pink and look great with so many colors.  I've totally embraced the whole colored pant trend.  I did a huge order with J Crew when they were doing 30% off everything.  I opened the box and my husband said "woh, color explosion!"  I ended up getting the toothpick jeans in a bright yellow, the Cafe Capri in warm jade and the Minnie Pant in vibrant flame and a few other things.  Unfortunately as much as I loved all the pants, I had to return two of them for sizing issues.  The Cafe Capri in a 0P was huge and the toothpick jeans in my regular size 25 was a size too big as well.  Not sure what's going on with J Crew sizing, it's been wacky lately!  For reference, the Minnie pant in a 0P fit perfectly.

So, where are you guys shopping at?  Any good deals?  Turns out a ton of stuff I ordered during the Christmas sales didn't work out for me so I had to return a bunch of stuff (and ahem Barney's canceling my order 17 days after I placed an order for shoes is so annoying.) so I'm itching to score on some deals since most of my stuff didn't work out!

Two new posts on the smarter blog!  My suggestions for affordable new year's eve dresses and the best dry skin solutions that I've found to help me out in this winter weather.

Dec 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

my sister and I with our doggies at our parents house :)

Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!  I had a wonderful few days with my family and my husband's family and now am resting up because I ate WAY too much food!  haha!

I got some great presents but can't resist doing a little bit of after Christmas shopping :)  And speaking of shopping, if you've been wanting some t+j Designs pieces, we've marked down some more styles in the sale section AND we're offering an additional 40% off all sale items.  Shop here!  If your order is $50 or more, you'll get free shipping and a $10 credit to use in January!  Jen and I wanted to thank everyone for being such great supporters of our jewelry line so we wanted to give you guys the best deal that we could before the year ends!  For most of the pieces, we won't be getting any more inventory in so once it's gone, it's gone forever!

Oh and my giveaways are still going on!  The gorgeous sequin dress has ended and is going to ANITA B.!  Anita - I sent you an email already so check your inbox!  The Stila Palette/Lip Gloss set and the t+j Designs necklace and bracelet giveaway doesn't end until 12/31 so enter here if you haven't yet!

Dec 22, 2011

Holiday Giveaway! 3 prizes!

I truly appreciate you all reading my blog and just generally making my life so much better with you guys in it.  I can't imagine my life without the wonderful emails/comments, tweets, etc... that I get on a daily basis.  I've made so many new friends and connected with so many women who I can relate to and I just so appreciate being a part of this community so I wanted to thank you all with a fun little giveaway.

There are 3 prizes (so 3 winners) for this giveaway.  Please make sure to fill out the rafflecopter form for each prize that you'd like to win.  The first prize is this gorgeous dress that Motel Rocks sent over.  I thought it was the perfect dress to celebrate New Year's Eve and so in order to get it to somebody, the entries for this dress will only be open for 5 days in order for me to get the dress out in time to make it to the lucky recipient for NYE!  The dress is a size XS.
If you don't want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can get the dress now for $52 (50% off!)  They are also having a great sale so make sure to check it out!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The next prize is a Stila palette and Paul Dorf Lip Gloss set.  I am such a makeup junkie so had to pass on some of my fun finds to you guys.  The Stila palette has everything you need, a great range of eye shadows, lip and blush colors.  The Paula Dorf lip gloss set is the best set of neutral lip gloss shades that I found.  They all have a bit of shimmer to them too which I love.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And the 3rd prize is from my jewelry line, t+j Designs.  I wanted to give away one of our newest designs, the Luxe Twisted Black Crystal Necklace and one of our most popular styles, the White Pyramid Bracelet.  From the bottom of my heart, I so appreciate all of you that have given me encouraging words, who have given us feedback about the line, those of you who have bought from us, who have given our jewelry as gifts, those of you who have helped us spread the word about our line.   You are AMAZING and I thank you so much.  You are truly helping my dreams comes true in starting my own business and watching it grow and hopefully becoming successful in the future :).  I can not thank you enough so this is just a small token of appreciation.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
If you want another chance to win, I also filmed a video showing you the prizes and you can get additional entries on my youtube channel.  Just subscribe to my channel and leave a comment on the video letting me know which prize(s) you'd like to win.  Please leave a separate comment for each prize and only 1 comment per prize per person on my youtube please.

What I'm wearing: J Crew sequin top (not available online but check your local stores!) Here's the tank top version on sale for $29.99 that I bought as well.  My jewelry is all t+j Designs.  Gold Luxe Drop Earrings, Glam Leatherette Ring and Dashes of Purple Ring.

Thank you again for being such amazing readers and friends.  Happy Holidays!

Disclosure: The dress was provided to me courtesy of as consideration for review.  The rest of the prizes were bought and paid for by me.

Dec 21, 2011

Lemon Pound Cake (my Light version!)

You all know that I love baking and I'm preparing for a full on baking day tomorrow as I'm preparing to make white chocolate bark and cookies to give as gifts and to bring to both of the Christmas celebrations we will be celebrating with my family and my in laws.  (I'm also thinking about making chex mix and muddy buddy mix if I have enough time!)  Before I start all that, I thought I'd share my recipe for a Lemon Pound Cake that I made about a month ago that is to die for and would be a good treat to have on Christmas morning!  While I typically do not believe in substituting "healthy" stuff for stuff that's supposed to be indulgent (like you will never convince me that "cauliflower mashed potatoes" is as good as the real thing.  I believe in indulging in what you love, just control how much of it you eat),  my one exception is butter.  I don't like butter.  Yes, I love to bake but I don't like butter.  I don't like the taste of it so I always am trying to cut down on how much butter I use when I bake.  I understand that most of the time that you can't taste the butter and that it just adds to the texture of the baked good, however, in my mind, I still dislike butter so I just try to use as little of it as possible.  I've found that yogurt does a great job in replacing butter which is what I did with this Lemon Pound cake and it tastes amazing.  My husband (who does love butter) can never tell when I substitute yogurt for butter and he enjoys this lemon pound cake so much that I had to make another loaf just to freeze and eat it for later.  I cut the butter in half for this recipe as well as used non-fat milk (that's not an on purpose substitute, that's the only kind of milk I drink.) but feel free to use low fat or whatever kind of milk you like.  The pound cake still had a wonderful heft to it like pound cake normally does but it also had a light and buttery texture, even without all of the "regular" ingredients.  I also made a lemon glaze and oh man it was yummy!

While I wouldn't count this as healthy or anything, if you are trying to reduce the amount of butter in your diet or you are like me and don't like butter, this is a great recipe to try, especially when you are in the mood for something lemon-y!

Lemon Pound Cake (light!)
Adapted from: 
2 cups all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/4 cup white sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup plain yogurt (you can use Greek yogurt too)
1 egg
~1 cup non-fat milk (when mixed with egg)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 tbsp lemon juice
1 lemon, zested

2 cups of sifted powdered sugar and
1/3 cup lemon juice

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease a 9x5 loaf pan.
2. In a large bowl, mix flour, baking powder, and salt.
3. In another bowl (or in your stand mixer), cream together butter, yogurt, and sugar. Break 1 egg into a measuring cup and then fill to the 1 cup line with milk. Add to butter/sugar mixture and beat well. Add vanilla, lemon juice and zest. Add dry mixture and mix well.
4. Pour batter into the loaf pan. Bake for 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of cake comes out clean.

For the glaze: mix together powdered sugar and lemon juice until desired consistency. Let cake cool completely before pouring glaze over cake.

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Dec 20, 2011

Video: Designer Shoe Sale Haul

If you watched my last video, you got to go shopping with me during the designer shoe pre-sale, so here's the follow up video of what I bought!  I ended up buying a few pairs on a different date as well so there will be a few pairs that you haven't seen yet, except of course if you are on my facebook you saw a sneak peek :)
The Haul!

Here's just one of them!

Watch the video to see the rest of my Shoe Sale haul!

In order of appearance:
I would so appreciate you subscribing to my channel and "liking" my video, obviously if you liked it! :)  I will try to make more videos, suggestions always welcome!


And check out my latest post on the Smarter blog, my favorite winter accessories - all topped with a bow!

Dec 19, 2011

Lookbook: Tweed Queen

What I'm Wearing
*J Crew Vintage V-Neck Tee - Through today, take 30% off your order!  Use code SNOWMAN. And don't forget, 4% cashback at ebates.
*Seven for All Mankind "The Rachel" Bellbottom - I bought the petite sizing (shorter inseam) but I don't see it available anymore.  These are higher waisted than what I'm used to but in a good way.  I stayed true to size for these.  If you are pregnant (ahem, my sister :) ) the maternity versions of these are on sale for $59.97!
*Chloe Marcie Small tote - my color is not available any longer but check it out in this gorgeous metallic silver!  Also available in black in the Medium size (which is not much bigger than the small).
*t+j Designs Crystal Bauble Earrings - on sale for $20 , Turquoise Statement Cocktail ring.  Take 20% off your order with code GIFTS

If you are on my facebook you may remember this adorable tweed jacket that I got from UniQueen all the way back in October.  I have no idea why it hasn't made the blog yet because I've been wearing it like crazy, I absolutely love it!  You may have recognized it also as it's been seen on a few other bloggers.  Jean showed us how she wore the cream version and Wendy who has the same version of mine, wore it hereKhatu also rocks it in a few of her outfit posts!  I've never owned a tweed jacket because when I think of tweed jackets, I think of Chanel and then I also think I'll never be able to afford one so I've never really looked anywhere else to buy one.  Well, Anna from UniQueen must have known that I was missing one from my life as she surprised me and sent this one over.  I fell in love the instant I put it on.  When I think of tweed jackets, I also think of Rachel Zoe because she has such an incredible collection and when I think of Rachel Zoe I also think of the really big bellbottom jeans that she wears all the time which was exactly my thought process in putting this outfit together.  Silly but true!  Especially because these are the bell bottoms that Rachel wore on her show.  I will admit, they felt weird at first, I mean the bell bottom is HUGE and I felt like I had to walk all funny because they would swish around when I walked.  But they've grown on me and I've been wearing them a lot more than I expected.  Oh and I didn't get these hemmed but I'm wearing my platform Rag & Bone booties (as seen on me here) with them so they work just fine.

Thanks for your patience with choosing the winner of the t+j Designs Style Challenge!  We had such a hard time picking the winner because everyone did such an amazing job!  Just a reminder, there were two fun prizes for the winners of the Style Challenge.

Prize 1 will contain the Layered Statement Necklace, Glam Leatherette Ring and the Gold Double Braided Cuff.

The 2nd prize will be the Glam Leatherette RingGold Large Braided Cuff and the Satin and Pearl Rhinestone necklace.

And the winners are...
The judges pick was Design & Style!

It was so close that I also had to include some "honorable mentions" which were Natasha Fatah and reader Petite-ish!

The 2nd winner (chosen randomly from all participants) is AdamAlexMommy!

I will be emailing all the winners so that we can get the prizes over to you so make sure to check your inbox! :) 
I want to thank all the participants again for being a part of the Style Challenge.  It was such a nice way to get to "meet" new blog friends and help me find new ways to style jewelry as well.  I hope you guys enjoyed being a part of it too!

P.S.  You still have time to order if you need last minute gifts!  You can order up until this Wednesday to make it on time for Christmas.  I suggest any of our $20 specials :)

Dec 16, 2011

Lookbook: Polka Dot and Bow Ties

What I'm Wearing
*Top: Shop Sosie Tie Blouse
*Skirt: Zara - Similar for under $20, adorable red polka dot skirt at shopbop.
*Tights: DKNY - my favorite no waistband tights.  So comfy and doesn't squeeze in the belly area!
*Shoes: Miu Miu Leather Platform Pumps - on sale! Cute look for less (under $100)
*Bag: Chanel
*Jewelry: t+j Designs Luxe Mesh and Gold Bangle, Hammered bangles (wearing 2), Glam  Leatherette Ring (on sale for $20!), and  Gold Drop  Luxe Earrings (if you want pretty, sparkly and lightweight earrings, these are it!  I wore these all day long and they didn't hurt my ears at all.) Use code GIFTS to take 20% off your order.

My husband and I have an annual tradition of where we treat ourselves (TREAT YO SELF - please tell me you watch Parks and Recreation) :) to a nice dinner for the holidays before work, family and friend parties/dinners/get togethers jam pack our schedules.  It's nice to celebrate the holidays just the two of us.  I love my family and spending the holidays with them but something about celebrating some moments with just my husband really makes it special.  Anyway, it's completely not necessary to dress up anywhere you go in Seattle, even at the fanciest of restaurants as it is a very casual city.  And although the weather was crappity crap I felt like dressing up to feel a bit pretty that night, so put on a very girly ensemble.  I adore bow tie blouses and this one from ShopSosie is perfect.  I love the light material, the flowy sleeves and of course the bow tie. 

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season!  I'm getting a bit caught up in the stress and excitement of everything so am looking forward to finish wrapping all the gifts and getting a nap or two in and snuggling with my puppies this weekend. :)  Happy Friday!

**Despite Monday's post that I wrote last week, I wore this outfit this weekend so this actually is a recent lookbook! :)  Sometimes scheduling my posts ahead contradicts myself.  haha!**

Dec 15, 2011

DIY Glitter Clutch

Do you remember this clutch from this lookbook?Rag_Bone_Jeans
Well, now it looks like this! DIY_clutch2
I made it gold and glittery!  I LOVE it!!  

You see I've been in love with the gold sequin Zara clutch that I've seen on a ton of bloggers (seen here on my sister) and all over Pinterest.  But I missed out on getting it online and don't have a Zara nearby so I was searching for other cute sparkly clutches when I thought, "why don't I just make one?" I wasn't super attached to the yellow clutch so thought it would be the perfect canvas to make it glittery.  Obviously the Zara one is covered in sequins but I did glitter because it was easier but just as pretty.  Pictures don't do this baby justice, it looks amazing in person!

What you need:
  • Clutch
  • Mod Podge
  • Very Fine Glitter - I used Martha Stewart Glitter (and after this project, I'm seriously considering buying this set of all of the colors! I want to glitter everything now!)
    *You could try chunky glitter if you want the look of the clutches above.  I'm not sure how it will turn out but I do like the smoothness of mine. 
  • Foam Brush
  • Bowl
  • Patience :)

I don't have step by step pictures because I did this over two days and it was kind of a trial run for me anyway, but you don't need the pictures because it's super easy.
  1. Mix the glitter and Mod Podge into a bowl (I lined my bowl with foil so that it wasn't a sticky mess and clean up was easy.) I'd say 1 parts glue to two parts glitter is good.  I just eyeballed it though until I thought you could see enough glitter through the glue mixture.  You want more glitter because when it dries you want as much glitter stuck on as possible, otherwise you'll have to do way more coats.
  2. Start painting the clutch with the foam brush.  Do only one side!  When you paint it on, it will be all white and goopy, don't worry, it dries clear and all you see is glitter.
  3. Wait 20 minutes or longer until it's dried and you see the glitter.
  4. Wash your brush thoroughly between layers of painting because you don't want your brush to get hardened and not be able to paint anymore.
  5. Paint the next layer with the same mixture.
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 until the entire surface is covered in glitter or until you are happy with how it looks!
(I wasn't sure how much Mod Podge and glitter I needed so I just bought the big sizes of both, but ended up using about only 1/3 of both of them.)

Tada!  That's it.  Mine took about 4 coats on each side.  My clutch has a zipper on the back and I just painted over the entire thing so you can't open the zipper anymore but it didn't matter that much to me.  I never used that back pocket anyway.

The best part about doing it this way is that there is no glitter fall out!  I have been leaving this clutch all over the place, on our dining room table, on the couch, on my bed and no glitter has fallen off.  Hubs loves it because usually when I do glitter projects, we find glitter EVERYWHERE.  haha!  And it's great because it doesn't come off on your hands.  Now I have the perfect glitter clutch for the holidays!
Have fun and let me know if you try it too! I'd love to see how yours turn out :)  I actually ended up glittering a few other things so will share them soon!

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Dec 14, 2011

t+j Designs Style Challenge: The Participants!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first ever t+j Designs Style Challenge!  I really enjoyed seeing your outfits and loved how everyone styled their statement pieces.  This was also a great way for me to find new bloggers that I love!  I hope that you all will check out everyone's outfits and blogs and discover some new favorites as well!  Everyone had some great tips on wearing statement jewelry and I love how it got some of you to be really creative and help you with wearing certain pieces with other outfits!  Check out all the lovelies!  (in no particular order)



And a few awesome readers that don't have blogs but wanted to join the challenge!


About: If a dress has an interesting or low-cut back I like to take a page out of Holly Golightly's book and use jewelry to also adorn the backside. A longer necklace can be great for adding sparkle to both the front and back of an outfit. Also, hats can be a great enhancer to an outfit while holding up the hair to show off gorgeous statement earrings. 

What I'm wearing: 
dress: urban outfitters
necklace: stella and dot
earrings: ten thousand villages (old)
bowler hat: borrowed from boyfriend
jacket: gap (old)


The theme for this look is called Playful Fall. I wanted to wear something that would feel breezy but still fashionable and stand out. Fall is such a chilly season. I love how the leaves turn into different colors. I enjoy watching they fall and always want to catch the leaves with a picture as they are falling down.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so that was how I came up with this look.

What I'm wearing:
1. Skirt: Ann Taylor size 4.
2. Peachy Pink Top size medium
3. Fioni Black platform pump
4. Brown Vintage hands free bag
5. White flower over red stone ring
6. Pink pearl necklace and pink pearl bracelet
7. Curly crystal earrings
8. White flower with white feather pin

Doesn't everyone look fabulous?!  I am working with my "judging panel" of Jen, Jean, Khatu and Kelly and will let everyone know who the winners are hopefully by Friday, if not, it will be early next week.  I promise! :)

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