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Lookbook: Blue and Gold

5:00 AM

shopsosie_blouse4 shopsosie_blouse2
What I'm Wearing:
*Blazer: Hinge (Nordstrom, from a few years ago) - I'm totally in love with this Hinge Waterfall leather jacket.  I think it would look perfect with this outfit!
*Booties: Rag & Bone Lovell Platform Booties - on sale here!  Also in brown and purple.  After wearing these all winter, I adore them and totally recommend.  Very comfy and keep my feet warm and stylish!
*Clutch: Semi-DIY - see my tutorial
*Ring: YSL Arty
*Earrings: t+j Designs Large Diamond Teardrop Studs

The mod podge/glitter clutch is still holding up! :)  Anyone else try out this DIY?  It's one of my favorites.  I have a few other glitter projects I gotta show you!

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  1. I really love the blue jeans on you! you can definitely pull off colored jeans! I tried it on once and for some reason, I just cant pull it off! :/

  2. You pull of the bright jeans so well. Me, not so well. Love the outfit!

  3. LOVE the cobalt color of those jeans, and how you grounded their boldness with more neutral hues. So cute!

  4. You look fab and effortless!

    To the ladies above who say they can't pull of colored jeans, give it a try! I said the same thing until I found a reasonably priced pair at H&M and said "what the heck". Start out with a cobalt blue pair like Tiffany, it seems to be the easiest. Paired with a simple top and heels you would be surprised how wearable they are! I posted about my cobalt jeans a few days ago.


  5. Great outfit, love the boot! I like the mix of leather and suede on them :)

  6. I had a pair of electric blue jeans in my hands the other day and I thought hard of how to wear them. The issue is that I can't wear jeans to work (bummer) so I figured that weekends are waaaay to casual for me to dress them up. sigh* I might still get them cause' you make em' look good ;)

    I did, however order a pair of "mellow yellow" and "geranium" colored crop pants (for work!) via Talbolts.com. They're having a mega sale for $16 bucks a piece from $89? Steal!


  7. I absolutely LOVE cobalt + gold + black!

    http://www.theprettyfactor.blogspot.co​m/ - my first giveaway!

  8. Loving those cobalt blue jeans and the balloon sleeves on your top!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  9. LOVE this outfit !!! You look so cute ! Love the bright blue with black (really want that blouse) and love the gold mixed in !


  10. I love those earrings!


  11. glad to hear the clutch is still holding up! it looks great paired with your outfit. love the pop of blue!

  12. I love blue and yellow/gold together. One of my favorite color combos ever :)

  13. this is so pretty! i totally am wanting to add some colored denim to my wardrobe!

  14. I love the colored denim on you and that clutch is so cute! Would love to see what other DIYs you have in store for us :)


  15. ... so a minute ago I was debating whether I should o shouldn't buy blue jeans ... after seeing you, I will! Love the clutch, takes it to a more stylish level!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  16. loving the candy colored denim! makes me want to get a pair too!

  17. I lovee those cobalt blue jeans!!! They are one of my fave colors ( i just did my nails in cobalt blue with a tint of silver glitter too!!!).

    ANd yes, your DIY clutch, absolutely loved that tutorial. Amazing that it's still holding up:)

    Your YSL (again in cobalt blue!) is oh soo pretty...i've seen it for a while and really like it. Then again, i got super tiny and thin fingers so they prob dont have my size!lol

    Great outfit post, Tiffany! Hope you are havin a great 2012 so far:) and yes, pls show us some of your glitter projects soon!


  18. The blue and and gold combination is so pretty!! And yay for your clutch still holding up~ if I ever find a cheap envelop clutch, I will totally be trying out your DIY!

  19. Love, love the blue jeans on you!

  20. love the jeans they looks amazing on you..I just uploaded an outfit post with blue pants..but they're a little darker

  21. Outfit looks super chic and effortless! Can we have some
    pairings with sequins for the next post? Xmas is over but my craze with sequins ain't over! Haha! Hope to be able to get some great outfit ideas from you! Thanks!

  22. Hey hun, as I was browsing through your blog I noticed in your recent post you are wearing bright blue jeans. I wore mine on Wednesday as well, a little different though. Check it out if you get a chance glofashion3.blogspot.com

  23. can you do a blog on your favorite style blogs or youtube bloggers?

  24. can't wait for your other glitter diys! and love that blue :)

  25. loving the bold blue! so fabulous!!!
    p.s. i hope you are able to join my red carpet hangout tonight! don't forget to RSVP...only a few spots remain :)

  26. Adore the bright blue! I am totally loving brights right now... so over deep dark winter shades.


  27. Oh my gosh those heels are amazing! I am jealous! I also adore the oversized envelope clutch. I've got to get myself one of those. They YSL ring is fab, as well. You are so wonderful! <3

  28. I like your blog and I really like your line of jewelry.... If you want pass to my blog to look my handmade clothes...


  29. I love the bright blue and gold together..so cute!:)

  30. I love this outfit. So chic and edgy!

    Check my fashion/beauty blog


    Greetings from Finland

    xx Heidi

  31. looove your gold clutch! i'm pleasantly surprised that you made it yourself! can you make some and sell it on t+j?? xx

  32. Love this. I just bought a red pair...colored jeans are definitely going to be a huge trend for spring too!


  33. Love this outfit!! Cobalt blue looks great on you!

  34. can I ask what size your blouse is? What normally size you wear for tops?

    1. I bought the small but I usually wear XS (I'm not sure they carry XS) and it's a bit baggy so looks best layered with something or tucked in. Hope that helps!



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