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Capture the Moment

5:00 AM

As you’ve seen from my Cell Phone pictures posts, I love taking lots and lots of pictures and love documenting even the littlest moments with my phone camera.  I find that some of the smaller moments are the ones that make me smile the most when I look back through the pictures on my phone.

A few weekends ago, before my week long business trip, my husband and I went out with our doggies (mostly because Savvy is sick, poor thing is losing her fur and we can’t figure out why) so we had an appointment at the vet but then took them out to walk around a neighborhood that we love (Ballard).  It was such a “normal” day but so fun to have our doggies with us.  I randomly snapped photos throughout our walk and while I was on my business trip, I looked through the photos and it was fun to relive the fun little moments that we had that day.  As a photographer, of course I love my fancy dslr and variety of lenses to capture some of the more important moments but I don’t think that you need a fancy camera at all to create pictures that you will love and treasure for a long time.  Like they say “the best camera is the one that’s with you” and for me, that’s my usually phone camera.  I try to clear the pictures in my phone once in awhile but there are some from even 2 years ago that I still haven’t cleared off yet and I just can’t because I love looking back at the moments. Some of them don’t seem like much, but to me, just seeing the small detail of the picture I took that day makes me remember so much more. I love having this little “diary” to look back on which is also why I love posting my phone pictures to my blog just because there are certain things that I forget about but I look back through the posts and love seeing what I was doing/where I was at, at that moment. I never thought that I’d rely on the camera on my phone as much as I do but I live such a crazy, fast paced life that I love having these moments captured on my phone and have it be so easy to look back on.

Just a few snaps from the day... At the Vet, we brought Macho for moral support but I don't think he was very excited about that.

Walking through Ballard and finding funny things to get the dogs to pose with (unsuccessfully I might add, all the pictures were blurry).
A new restaurant that we want to try.  I love the chandelier and the wall paper!
Seattle has lots of yummy bakeries that get mentioned a lot (my favorite being Macrina) but Larsen's gets no hype at all, however I still think they are one of the best!  They are a Danish bakery so they make a ton of stuff that no other bakery makes.  Whenever I go in there I want to buy everything they have in their case.  I settled for 3 pastries to split with the hubs and we took them home for a little late afternoon picnic.
Later that night after we dropped the doggies off at home (they were pooped from their adventurous day!) we went to our favorite place to get some late night snacks, the new-ish Seattle location of Cactus.  I love their calamari mainly because they also deep fry jalapenos in there.  SO YUM!  And their Patron Agave Margarita (Fresh pressed lime juice, PatrĂ³n Blanco tequila and 100% organic agave nectar) is so good that it's dangerous.  Meaning I could drink so many of them that you'd probably have to carry me out of there.  haha!  Don't worry I only stuck to one but that's how good they are!

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  1. cute photos! I know exactly what you mean, some of my favorite photos are on my phone. They may not be the best quality but they are of the best memories.

  2. android powered? don't you have an iPhone? hope the doggy feels better!

    1. You're right, I do :) My parents both use Android phones and they are just as fun as my phone!

      Thank you! She's still losing fur and we can't figure out why :( We've done several tests that came back okay but are waiting on one more test to come back. We've tried several medications too but nothing is working. Sigh... trying hard not to worry too much.

  3. ohh no i hope savvy's ok!! that is so scary :(!! you'll have to let us know what happens after her new tests.

    yummms fried jalapeno's that sounds delish!

    hahaha.. you're more then welcomed to stay in my closet.. i think i can fit a futon in there ;)

  4. Your Outfit looks so comfy and cute ..these shoes are amazing ♥

  5. poor little savvy!!!

    i love having my phone with me at all times. it's wonderful to have a chronicle of your life that may feel insignificant at the time, but you can find so much meaning in later :)

  6. Super cute! I love looking back at old pictures, I agree that you don't need a fancy camera to take nice photos. However, I'm biased because I don't have a nice camera ;)

  7. I love photos as a diary too! Instagram is an awesome app that allows you to jazz up photos and you can always look back at them for reliving memories ;)


  8. I use my iphone to document pretty much every moment ! Dont know what I would do without it. LOVE your bow flats !!


  9. The food looks great (and the doggies are too cute)! I had friend calamari with fried jalepenos for the first time last night - DELISH!

  10. i rely more on the camera phone than my regular camera! it captures those little moments perfectly!

  11. I like documenting with my cell phone too. Your doggie is so cute.


  12. Poor Savvy!! Is she ok? Did you guys find out whats wrong? :( I'm glad you guys had a fun day!! I love phone pictures. Do you have instagram?


  13. I love taking photos with my phone for the very same reason. Every once in a while when I'm getting my nails done or on the subway I flip back to pictures of the baby when she was first born or when I was still pregnant and up to today...so many small memories that are now with me forever bc I had my phone. sorry the pup is sick. Hope he gets better soon. :) x

  14. ahahha! I LOVE the hot dog FRANK'S photo! Priceless even blurry I love it!
    Poor Savvy. Is she getting Alopecia? Our current vet thought Chloe had Alopecia because she never had =much hair on her head or on her neck/chest. She was always like that even as a baby. Then I started feeding her Avoderm when she was about 8 y/o and suddenly she grew a TON of hair! I just wanted to share that with you so maybe a change in diet could help? Even the Dr. was surprised!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com



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