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Lookbook: Missoni for Target

5:00 AM

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What I'm Wearing
*Missoni for Target Cardigan - thank you to my mom who was lucky enough to score some great stuff during the Missoni-Target frenzy!  This cardi was definitely one of the best things that I got, the quality is fantastic, almost unbelievable that it's Target!
*ASOS bow blouse - I'm wearing a size 2 Petite and it's slightly big on the sides (which creates lots of bunching when tucking it in so I only tuck in the front).  I'm usually an XS in tops so if you are about my size, I'd probably try a 1 Petite in their blouses.  I left the blouse untucked in one pic so you can see the length.  Similar bow blouse (no print and short sleeve) would look great under a cardigan or blazer.  Love the ruffle collar blouse too.  And similar horseprint blouse.
*ASOS crop skinny pant (petite) and regular sizing (on sale!) - These are also a 2P and the fit is great (I'm typically a size 0/25 in pants) but a little long even for being petite and crop.  I need to get them hemmed, I rolled them under for these pics.
*Christian Louboutin New Simple Pumps (black) - my go to shoes when I need a bit of cheering up!  Also in nude.  In my experience, the Simple pumps run more true to size than the New Simple pumps which are a bit small to begin with but with wear they now fit perfectly to my fit.  I've heard quite a few people say that they go 1/2 size up.
*Balenciaga Classic City (gray) - I have mixed feelings about the Bal bags.  I love the look but hate that they get so heavy so quickly.  I feel like I have nothing in my bag but my arms are already tired from carrying it.  I know you can use the shoulder strap but it looks better handheld in my opinion.  But then whenever I see other people carrying them, I want to buy another color.  They are so pretty!  I love this purple.  However, I may have found my solution with the Hip bag.  I saw one at Nordstrom and they are a great size and I love that they just look like mini city bags.
*t+j Designs Gold Luxe Colored Crystal Bangle Set - One of my favorite of our new bangle sets.  These go with everything.  I wear them all the time.

Can you tell these are another set of tripod/remote pictures?  Mostly you can tell because the gratuitous overposting of photos!  LOL.  I had a hard time editing them down because I had so many.  I felt like I took about 100 pictures!  When my husband takes my photos he takes about 10.  Like I said before, huge props to those of you that self shoot every outfit photo.  It takes a lot of patience!  I started out at a park that had nice scenery but it was next to a kid's playground which I didn't think much of until I heard this slight "aaaaaahhhh" sound from far away and then it got closer and closer until it was "AAAAHHHHAAAHHHAHHH" and about 30 kids from a nearby school poured in and the entire area was swamped with kids!  I really couldn't shoot with that commotion, I literally had kids running under my tripod so I packed up my stuff and found an office building instead.  It was much quieter there ;)

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  1. looks so nice ♥ love the cardigan

  2. I love the colors in that cardigan. Very pretty.

  3. Adore that Missoni cardigan and your yellow pumps:D

    I totally agree about the B bag, i have the Town bag and i always feel that i don't put much in but it gets real heavy real fast. I tend to do it hand held too;)


  4. Wow love that shoes! and works so well with the cardigan too! I didnt even notice the remote control until you mention the tripod!

  5. Love the pattern mixing here! It looks terrific. And those shoes go perfectly with the Missoni cardi.

  6. Okay - this is seriously one of my favorite looks from you Tiffany! The pattern and color mixing is perfection. You look gorgeous!

    And LOL at the idea of kids running around your tripod! I would move too. I wish my hubby would take my photos, but alas 99% of my shoots are self-serve. You do much better job than I do with the self-photos though!

    Enjoy your day friend!
    XO - Marion

  7. I can't believe how great this cardigan looks with that top. Very Nice!!! That look is so cute. I need to try a bold cardigan with a patterned top.

    7eventh Letter

  8. your missoni cardigan is awesome! it looked kinda ugly when i saw it online and in person, but it looks uber cute on YOU. the horse top is surprisingly cute too! it`s funny how you never think of things looking great until you see it styled on somebody else haha (=

    xoxo, LC

  9. I love this print mixing so much!! Absolutely love love love everything about this look!

  10. Hi Tiffany, I wish we have Target and the many fabulous stores you guys have. Sigh. Anyway, you really rock the cardigan and boy, you are soooooo talented! xo Jo

  11. So cute Tiffany! I love the print mixing here. And the bright yellow heels are perfect with it!! I've been craving yellow shoes...

  12. I bought quite a bit of missoni during the frenzy, including that cardi. love the way you styled it! I am happy with the quality too-
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  13. kudos to you for the self photos, they look awesome! I need to learn how to do this... Are you going to go pick something up now that Jason Wu's at Target?


  14. Jen! I love how your posts are composed now. They look so great, not to mention another knock out outfit!


  15. I love that blouse and the color of your shoes; perfect pre-spring wear!

  16. Love your cardi! It looks awesome on you.
    And, I love how your yellow pumps add the right pop of color!

    xo Annie

  17. Hi Tiffany! Great look! Just wondering what size sweater you are wearing?

  18. I love that horse-print blouse, so cute! And I really like how you mixed the prints here, Tiffany :)

    xo, alison*elle

  19. i love the outfit. Thanks for sharing. Please come follow me on my blog too. :)



  20. Ha I couldn't even tell these were self-taken until I read they were and then I realised the little remote was in your hand! Fab as always lovely.

    I love how you mixed the colours and prints - you have such a knack for that!

  21. I love the different prints, you look terrific! But, I really, really, REALLY love the Balenciaga hip bag you posted and now I have to figure out how to convince my hubby what a bargain it would be if I had it! lol!

  22. I was admiring the pants...(I have to hem everything,)I love the fit of them!

  23. It's okay to take your own photos. I do it too. It is super hard. I'm still learning how to hide the remote and do the blurry background.

    I am still trying to style the Missoni for Target Zig Zag dress. Hopefully it will not be a return. I couldn't snag the cardigan like yours. It was out of stock.

  24. I just wore that same cardigan for the first time yesterday ! New follower, great blog!

  25. I usually don't go for Missoni because theirs are so bold, but this one has a very pretty color combination in pastesl. Love it!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  26. I've been trying to stalk that horse print shirt forever! Love it on you! Another great outfit. Love the shoes!

  27. I would have never thought of mixing the blouse and the cardigan. I love the outfit! Thanks for the great idea.


  28. hey, tiffany! hope you're well. you look amazing!
    i love mixing patterns, and you did an amazing job. i have that cardigan also... and i absolutely love it. :) love the yellow pumps... it pops. :)

    hope you're having a fabulous wknd.

  29. great set of photos! You nailed your self-portraits! =) I like the pop of yellow with your heels. Such a nice surprise.

  30. Gorgeous photos, Tiffany. You looks so effortlessly chic in this outfit...Love, love the blouse and the yellow pumps.

  31. Such a fun outfit with the different colors and patterns! Love your shoes!



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