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Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

5:00 AM

So many things to blog about but so little time to do it!!  I've been a little MIA on the internets lately because I've been meeting with lots of awesome people and getting new ideas and have a few fun projects/events on the way!  Super excited for the next few weeks/months!  So anyway, that's why these cookies that I made for Valentine's Day are being posted so late but they are so yummy and work for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day.  The best part?  They are SO easy to make you won't even believe it.

Thank you to my husband who brings me flowers for no occasion at all but also never forgets on VDay either :)
I like to bake everything from scratch just because I think it tastes better (and any excuse to use my Kitchenaid Mixer - my favorite appliance!) but as I was looking for cookies to make for Valentine's Day I found these Strawberry Cookies and thought it sounded delicious and then when I saw that they were made simply with a cake mix I was like "WHAAA?"  I have never heard of such a thing!
Doesn't the dough look like strawberry sorbet? :)strawberry_cake_mix_cookies2strawberry_cake_mix_cookies
Head on over to Love Veggies and Yoga to get the very easy to make recipe.  All you need is strawberry cake mix, butter, egg and vanilla!  She made a cream cheese frosting which I'm not a fan of so I took an easier way out and bought whipped topping from Trader Joe's and topped the cookies with sprinkles or made them "whoopie pie" style and sandwiched the whipped topping in between.  These are DELICIOUS and are so easy to make.  Everyone who I gave them to loved them, especially my husband!

My tips on the recipe... 
  • Definitely take the time to let the dough chill in the refrigerator/freezer.  They really do spread a lot but they stay thicker if you chill the dough. 
  • Make sure that they are cooked through by checking the bottoms of the cookies are browned.  She mentioned that they will be a little loose and jiggly but after you take them out they will cook more on their own.  This usually happens when I make cookies but not for these ones.  I had quite a few undercooked cookies so I ended up cooking mine for about 12-14 minutes as opposed to her 8-10 minutes.
  • You don't need the cookie scoop like I used but I like to use it so I could get about the same size/shape for the "whoopie pie" style ones.
I've got a new post over on the Smarter blog... I'm a total heels girl but I've got a soft spot for certain flats, come see my favorite ones!

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  1. really nice pics

  2. these don't just sound amazing, they a look amazing! love the raw dough shots as well--youre right about about them looking like scoops of sorbet!

  3. This recipe looks so cool~ Definitely looks like ice cream! Is the biscuit soft or hard?


    1. They are kinda crunchy on the outside but nice and soft on the inside, my favorite for cookies! :)

  4. Oooh, yum! I saw a pin on pinterest for strawberry cake mix cookies awhile ago but it used shortening (I prefer butter, lol), so I'll have to check out Averie's blog! :) and the whipped topping sounds SO MUCH better than cream cheese frosting! I'll definitely try these out soon!!

  5. oh wow this look sooooo good! they look like macarons which I am craving now!

  6. Lovely, pink and yummie! My sister's bday party is coming up and I'm sure she'll love these treats!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  7. aww, these look soo cute and delish! Totally want to try them
    Style Cue by Suzie Q

  8. My daughter made these a couple weeks ago. They are SO good!

  9. These look yummy! Thanks for posting!

  10. isn't that a west elm plate that clearly states not for food use. i think it contains cancerous lead materials in the shiny silver part.

    1. Hi Shel! Do you think you could send me a link to where it states that? When I bought these they were called "dessert plates" or something like that which I think would be odd that they would sell dessert plates and you could not eat from. As far as I know, there was no warning like that when I bought them.

    2. im not sure i can't seem to find anything on the site or google but i remember shopping in there and under some plate it stated that on a sticker. not all so if that was a dessert plate then it should be ok. i have ones with silver too in a different design and its ok for eating i read the sticker. the ones that are cancerous are only for the bath like for soap or jewelry

  11. Your food pictures always look so GOOD! I'm just curious how do you photograph food without the 'natural light'? I was told that we should take pictures of food in natural light. Thanks!

    xo Jo

    1. Thanks Jo! I used natural light for the cookies as the window is off to the right off the photo but for the cookie sheet one, I actually took that one under a lamp that we have that uses a "daylight" kind of bulb so it's bit whiter. Shoot at a higher iso and you'll be able to get a better photo in non-natural light too.

    2. Thanks for the tips, Tiffany!

  12. tiffany, so excited to see what you've been up to. :)

    i love these cookies! so pretty. :)


  13. this looks and sounds delicious! i never would've thought they were made from cake mix. ;)

    p.s. i love using my cookie scoop -- perfect for keeping cookies the same size. :)

    <3, Mimi

  14. Wow, not only do they look delicious but also very cute! Is it wrong that I've told my friends that I want to do a gift registry with a KitchenAid Mixer? Is it even worse that I'm not celebrating anything?



  15. Thanks for blogging about these and linking back to my site. I REALLY appreciate that :)

    And your cookies look awesome!! Love your TJ's trick with the whipped topping frosting. Perfect...and look at how cute the little whoopie pies are. I think the reason yours took longer to cook is because I can tell from the size, yours are much bigger than mine were. Mine were pretty small whereas yours are medium-ish, but 10 minute variance is huge on something like cookies...I could talk oven temps and cookies all day :)

    1. Of course and thanks for the great recipe! oooh, that definitely makes sense. I didn't even think about my cookies being bigger than yours. :) I might make smaller cookies next time, I think I would like them even bite sized!

  16. These are SO cute !!!


  17. Those look so yummy! You have the best recipes!

  18. oh These looks so lovely. MUST TRY recipe for sure! Where did you get the cute little plate from Tiffany? I love it!

  19. we're registering for a kitchenaid (in the pistachio color!) on our wedding website and i can't wait to get it!

  20. awwwww....your hubby is sooo sweet to buy you flowers for no reason and not forgetting it on V-day either;) He's defo a keeper for life, hehe

    And those strawberry cookies look delish, they kinda remind me of macarons,lol and whoopie pie eh? I've heard someone mention it on a blog but i've never heard of it!!!!lol


  21. omgosh so sweet!! those flowers ARE so pretty.. the perfect blush pink color!! LOVE!

    omgosh your cookies look amazing! i'm so going to get some strawberry cake mix next time i'm at the store.. they look SO pretty!!



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