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Lookbook: Good Hair

5:00 AM

What I'm Wearing
*Elizabeth and James Blazer (similar, gorgeous cream version too)
*Madewell Soft Silk Boyshirt
*Seven for all Mankind Bell Bottoms - I bought them in the Petite sizing but they do have regular sizing too.  I didn't get mine hemmed, I just wear really tall shoes :)  Oh and they run true to size but they do sit high on your waist so if you're not used to that I think you'd be fine to go up a size too.
*Chloe Marcie - Mine was from last season so the color is not available anymore.  (I do love this light gray color too) I love my bag, however a little disappointed that the leather hasn't softened up much.  It creates the weird wrinkles at the bottom of the bag (because of all the crap I carry) but also because the leather is still pretty stiff.  Other than that though, I love the size and shape and it's really comfortable to carry.
*Kate Spade iPhone Case
*t+j Designs Charmed Key Crystal Necklace - from our Charming Collection which everything is under $30!
*t+j Designs Rose Gold Turquoise Cushion Ring and Rose Gold Pretty Ring (only $18!) - from our NEW ARRIVALS - we launched over 30+ new styles this week!  I love this ring, it looks like you are wearing a bunch of stackable rings but it's just one piece and super sparkly.  Rose gold is so my new jewelry love.

We've been so behind in spring weather it's almost unfair.  BUT we're finally getting some warmth so figured I should post one of my last fall outfits which was perfect for the very gray day.  I was having a good hair day which is always nice when captured in pictures.  LOL!  I was recently sent the John Freida Volume Curls Curling Iron which I had to mention because I'm seriously in love with it.  I have both expensive and inexpensive curling irons and this one (which is at a great price point and on sale) may have replaced all of them!  And coupled with the Yuko Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner (which is heat activated so perfect to use when curling my hair) my hair has been quite cooperative lately which makes me happy.  What is it about having a good hair day that puts you in a good mood?  :)

In case you missed it, I did a rare Sunday post so click to see my J Crew and Madewell sale shopping post!

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  1. The hair? It is definitely GOOD girl! :)
    Looking great as always. Love those smoky, grey tones.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. Gorgeous hair!! And great recommendation on the curling iron.

  3. i love that bag...and your hair looks FANTASTIC. makes me extra jealous today since i'm having a rather bad hair day :(

  4. Your hair does look gorgeous!

  5. Good hair? I's say gorgeous hair! :) Wondering how you got it to look like that :)


  6. Yay! for great hair days. God knows I only get ONE good hair day a year and I parade it like there's no tomorrow. I mean, floats and parades, the works!

    I'm loving the shades of gray and your legs look loooooong! ;) yay!


  7. really like that bag! its the perfect colour

  8. Your bag is so pretty, I love the color!

    Your hair always looks so fab. I wish mine would behave!

  9. LOVE your hair AND those bell bottoms! And that grey Chloe bag is just luscious! :)

    xo, sam

  10. You look gorgeous as always, Tiffany, and I love this look. Your Marcie is so pretty, pity it hasn't softened up though. The colour is perfect.

    xo, alison*elle

  11. You look great as always! I like to see you in other pants other than skinnies (though I love skinnies too!)

  12. Hi Tiffany, you always have good hair day.:)

    xo Jo

  13. I love your bag!!! And you have fabulous hair too :)


  14. Great hair!! Can I ask what size barrel you use? Love the look.


    1. I used the 1.5" inch barrel. I really like it as I usually use a 2" so this one gave a bit of a tighter curl which gave it a great wave after it relaxed.

  15. Your hair always looks great! Love those jeans too.

  16. The bell bottoms are coming back! I remember the days in high school when I wore my "flare jeans" and platform heels. And btw, your hair (always) looks great!

  17. I haven't seen you with bad hair day, your hair looks great in each and every post and I'm pretty sure that each and every single day (all day) too:-)


  18. I love your hair here!!! I have yet to buy a hair curler...not sure what brand is good. Any suggestions?:)

    Btw, i finally revealed my last 2 gifts for my giveaway so feel free to drop by and check it out:)

    Lastly, hope you had a great Easter and happy weekend ahead!


  19. I love the grey and black combination. Very classic look :-)





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