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Lookbook: Plum

6:00 AM

What I'm Wearing
oasap.com blouse (sold out) - similar, similar by Theory
Rag & Bone Jodhpur jeans (in black) - mine is the "plum" color but I can't find it online anymore.  Love these with the leather insert, it's like wearing leather pants without wearing leather pants.
Christian Louboutin "Insectika" pumps - similar,  I think these will be my next black pumps purchase.  I love the slightly rounded pointy toe.
Alexander Wang Rocco Bag - also love it with the rose gold studs.
t+j Designs
- Luxe Chain Crystal Necklace
- Silver Double Row Crystal Bangle
- Gunmetal Double Row Crystal Bangle
- Star Charm Bangle - adjustable to fit all size wrists
- Black Crystal Bangle
- Czech Crystal Stainless Steel Bangle (on left hand) fits small but also expandable to fit all wrists

And just a few detail pics since you couldn't see the leather insert in the pictures above, I had to show you how cool they are :)  And my hot pink matte mani which is Zoya Lolly.

I've been taking self shot (remote/tripod) lookbooks lately (did you notice that this one was self shot?) and this was my first one that I was cursing my way through it.  First my remote was malfunctioning so I was already frustrated with that, then the wind took over and I could not get one workable shot and then when I switched lenses I didn't realize my lens was not focusing correctly so that's why there are no full body shots.  (It was too hard to tell in the viewfinder if it was focused or not because I was in the sun and I was already frustrated with the remote situation so wanted to get out of there.)

This is what most of my pictures look like.  LOL!  You should have seen me quick posing when the wind would take a few breaks to get as many shots possible before it kicked back up.  I'm sure I looked hilarious! The things we do for our blogs right? :)

P.S. Check out my latest post on the Smarter blog on how to brighten your eyes!

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  1. What a great look and I love those jeans.

  2. Great look, love that blouse too!

  3. Wow I LOVE this outfit! Black & white with plum - never would've thought it would go well together.

  4. i love the plum + black leather look. oh yea, i admire you fashionista bloggers and beauty bloggers. taking so many shots is hard! lol that's why you don't see many on my blog ^_^

  5. i.love.those.pants.
    they are AMAZING!!!

  6. Love how you incorporated plum into your outfit. And I LOVE the color of your nail polish!

  7. cute! I actually adore that last photo of you with the wind blown hair! =)

  8. hi Tiffany.
    i didn't think these where taken by a remote at all until you mentioned it. i think they look awesome. i can totally relate to being fusturated with the focus and remote. i've def stopped taking lookbooks all together b/c of it. lol.
    i love your blouse. i bought a similar one at h&m however it looks like a pj top on me b/c the fabric is satin and i just couldn't pull it off the 'i just rolled out of bed but i look super chic' look. lol.

  9. I know how that wind'll get ya during a shoot! My biggest pet peeve is when my hair gets all stuck to my lip gloss because of the wind! Now I can say my hair is never chapped! Love the purple pants.

  10. Hi Tiffany, Awesome outfit! I love your jeans and bag. I think you look really cute in the last photo too! I agree, we do silly things for our blog.:)

    xo Jo


  11. Love these pictures, you look stunning!

  12. I love that last photo!! You need to do more "wind-in-da-face" shots!

    I went to sephora this weekend looking for a eyebrow powder and I could not remember which you had mentioned a while back...then I remembered: Will & GRACE > Anastasia Beaverhausen > ANASTASIA! And that's how my brains work!

    I hope you know what I'm talking about....

    I bought the eyebrow powder, so far... so good ;)


  13. I am so loving your jewelry. I am a silver girl ...so will you be slowly adding more silver pieces? I love some of your pieces that have bright colors but they are will gold. I'd love the option of silver in some of those. I bet you've heard this already. Just thought I'd share.

  14. The photos look awesome for self portraits! Even the wind is gorgeous. Love the leather detail on the pant.

  15. I love the blouse and shoes, plum looks so good on you, you should wear it more often, maybe also on top.


  16. puhahahaha.. thinking about you struggling with self-timer is killing me with laughter right now! that's why i never use that damn thing. you're hilarious!

  17. I love that last pic!! Self shots are so hard to take! I try to use a timer but it takes soo many shots to get one I like :)


  18. Fantastic outfit! Guess and Ann Taylor had a similar top that I've been eyeing all season - I think you might have sold me on it (now if only it's still available!)

    Chelsea (www.hautechildinthecity.com)

  19. Your photography is stunning as always!

  20. Those jeans are incredible! Plum is such a great color on you! And I would never have noticed that these were tripod shots until you said something and I realized those weren't your keys :)

    - yuni @ the|next|obsession

  21. wow, i lovee those jeans, esp the color!!! I didn't notice the leather part until you took a close up photo:) I gotta say, you are doing pretty well for self portraits Tiffany!!!I can so imagine the frustration though with the wind, hahaha it sounded so funny when you said that.


  22. Lovely outfit Tiffany! The plum pants really pop with the b&w top!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  23. You look super fab Tiffany. Love how you styled the jeans. Looks like you were born wearing them.

    BTW, congrats on been an Aunt!

  24. This is one of my favorite looks! I love those pants and that A.Wang bag :O


  25. love the top!


  26. Aw I like the color of your jeans...too bad they ran out of those! I still think your photos look pretty good despite all of that. haha



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