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Double Cash Back + Win $150!

6:00 AM

It's a busy week so just popping in to say hi but most importantly to post a fabulous giveaway to say thanks so much for reading my blog! 

Thanks to ebates for partnering with me to give away $150!  I know you want some cash to do some shopping right? :)  And if you aren't already signed up with ebates, I am here to convince you to start!  All you have to do is to sign up (referral link) and before you buy something, search for the store on ebates, click through and then you'll get a % of your order back into your ebates account!  And it's all cash back, no collecting points or anything crazy like that, just straight up cash back so it's like you are always getting extra savings when you shop, all with just one little click.

Also, check out the Double Cash Back offers for Mother's day!  J Crew is 6% cash back,  Sephora is 8%, Nordstrom, Saks and Macy's are all 6% as well!  I definitely do the majority of my shopping and present shopping online so I love double cash back times. 

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to join ebates using my referral link.  If you've already joined using my link, then no need to do anything, you are already entered.  Unfortunately I can't accept entries if you are already an ebates member but not through my referral as this is the only way that the ebates team and I can track the correct entries.  Oh and if you need an extra incentive to join, if you use my link, you will get an extra $5 in your account after your 1st purchase!

That's it!  Good luck!  I'll choose a winner on Monday 5/7 and will contact by email so make sure you check the email that you signed up with!

I am not sponsored or affiliated with ebates in any way other than them supplying the giveaway prize. I just really really love ebates and want to share the awesome-ness! 

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  1. Probably can't join as a Canadian but thanks for hosting the giveaway. :)

    ~Natasha Fatah~

    1. Natasha - you can sign up for Ebates! We have several Canadian stores.

      Thanks, Allie from Ebates.com.

  2. I already am an ebates fanatic, now I make the "dude" do it before any making any purchases. I wish Amazon would join ebates.

  3. I heart ebates. I think it was either you or Jean from extrapetite.com that convinced me to sign up. :)


  4. Each cashback program has its strong and weak points. For a review of over 40 programs purely in terms of compensation program, please see my report - http://j.mp/cbk-report

  5. I know the contest is over but I'm sure you still benefit from people signing up, so just used your link! ;) so excited to start saving on some of our online shopping! thanks for introducing!! xxoo

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