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Lookbook: Lace Pants and Sale Finds!

6:00 AM

What I'm Wearing
Top: ASOS - no longer available, cute BCBG top in a pretty blue.  This Forever 21 top is a great option for the summer and love all the colors!  For $13.80 I think I'll pick up two colors!
Pants: ASOS Lace Skinny Pants - on sale!  These lace pants are gorgeous as well (love that teaberry color) but I haven't had much luck with ASOS regular sizing pants.  They run a bit big so if you are my size, stick with the petite sizing.
Shoes: Gucci Hollywood Pumps (in beige logo) - you can also get the "new hollywood pumps" in black and nude and they look a bit more comfortable because of the small platform in front.
Bag: Miu Miu Bow Bag - on another note, I love this mint Miu Miu clutch!
Jewelry: t+j Designs Round Champage Crystal Earrings and Luxe Mult-color Crystal Trio Bangles  and YSL Arty Too ring (no longer available, similar here)

I don't usually combine posts but with my lack of time I thought I'd share a lookbook and a sale alert all at once! :)

Read more to see my J Crew sale finds!

I went shopping last night and J Crew had the very popular Blythe Blouse on sale in this pretty yellow color.  I had to let you know since it rarely goes on sale and when it does, it sells out really quickly.  It's $59.99 in stores and online it's still $98!  I'm wearing the 0 here but they said U Village has seven size 00's so head on over there or call them if you want one!  I'm headed there tomorrow to get mine.
Also on sale: Perfect Shirt in Leopard (I came in wearing this),  3" Chino Short (in Grappa Punch) and Apple print shorts (so cute! They came home with me.)

Also, check out my tips and faves for what to wear to work this summer when the temps are up!  You can stay professional yet be cool and comfy at the same time.

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  1. Great outfit, and I love it when you post these shopping pics. You look good in everything...seriously, I would not be able to post my shopping/trying stuff on pics. ;)

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  2. What size are u wearing in the leopard shirt?

  3. The color of those ASOS pants is amazing!

  4. I love the chino shorts! So cute!

  5. what size do you take for the shorts? thanks!

  6. BEautiful pants and that bangle! Ahhhh!

  7. @hipposotong - blogger is being fussy and won't let me reply to your comment. anyway, the purple shorts are a 00 and the apple shorts are a 0. They both fit fine but the 00 the legs are a bit tighter so depending on if you like them to fit a bit baggier or not.

  8. I love your style! And that bag is just beautiful!

  9. Bellevue Square? I was there last night and I thought I saw you at J Crew...I didn't have time to look through the sale section so I'll definitely have to go back! <3 your blog! :)

  10. such a pretty outfit, I love the lace pants, so sdorable.


  11. I actually saw these on ASOS and contemplated getting them also!! So glad to see it on "someone I know". :)

  12. I love the whole look. The navy blue and the hot pink/magenta lace? LOVE!

    Always looking gorge, Tiffany!


  13. Amazing look dear and gorgeous blog dear! Following! Hope you'll follow me back!

    I would like to invite you enter my Romwe giveaway dear: you can win a pair of cool sunnies and 60 $ freebies!

  14. Cute outfit (as always). I love your bow bag but I've never owned Miu Miu and not sure if I should get one too (most of my bags are LV which I'm familiar with). Is it a heavy bag?

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog the other day. I've been a long time follower and I'm so glad that you're doing something you like with your lovely sister. :)

  15. You have me thinking I need those lace pants!! I'm trying to add more prints to my closet and I like how subtle the pattern is on them.
    The yellow Blythe is the only color I've wanted so I was surprised to see it on sale at the store this past Friday. They didn't have my size but I ordered it immediately on the red phone. Why is it still full price online?? I can't wait to start wearing it.

  16. I love this look Tiffany! Those lace teaberry pants are so gorgeous and feminine! teaberry - first time hearing this term but i like it;)Gosh, i loveee your top and it is soo perfect for work. Too bad it's not available anymore!!:(

    Just wondering, do you ever have problems when online shopping at ASOS? I don't do it normally as i'm quite petite and always worry about the sizing! But i can see you fit the pants just fineeeeeeeee:)




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