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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Haul!

9:51 AM

Did some shopping yesterday at the Nordstrom Half Yearly sale and wanted to share my finds!

Love these two from Via C.  The silky Rag & Bone top is a bit pajama-y but in a good way.  The sequin cardigan fits really well and although I do like sequins and sparkle (I was even wearing my sequin heels that day!) I'm a little hesitant on this as it is very sparkly in person but I got it anyway.  Going to try pairing it with stuff in my closet to see how I can make it work.

Rag & Bone Contrast Trim Shirt (40% off) - wearing the XS
Rachel Zoe Sequin Cardigan (60% off) - wearing the Petite (another Rachel Zoe sequin top on sale!)

(If you are wondering about the rest of my outfit, I'm wearing Current Elliott jeans with a Shop Sosie dress that I tucked in to make a top, Manolo Blahnik Sequin heels and t+j Designs Leatherette Heart Pendant Necklace)

Read more for the rest of my buys!

Please ignore my very mismatched top :) I love these jeans and glad to see they went on sale.  I ended up getting the cream pair as I didn't love the navy on me but I think both are really cute.  I bought a size down in these as they were pretty baggy in the butt and knees in my regular size but quite a few of the online reviews mentioned that they ran small and people had to order a size up.  Very confusing so I suggest going to the store to try these on if you can.  Oh and the SA told me that they were to be worn cuffed up so I tried them both ways, cuffed up and folded in, that's why I look like a weirdo in these pics.  haha!
Citizens of Humanity 'Mandy' in Natural Petite Rose Print (in size 25) &  Navy Petite Rose Print (in size 24)

This is not on sale but I succumbed to the double points (I love my Nordstrom card!) and ended up getting a new bag!  I've had my eye on the Double Zip tote for awhile (as you know from this post - which I know I still need to do a review of the bag I did get!) and when I walked into the boutique this time, I spotted this little gray bag and instantly fell in love.  It was like a mini version of the tote that I've been loving and I loved the addition of the shoulder strap.  The SA said it just came this week and the color is new for them as well.  This is a terrible picture but the gray is SO pretty in person.  I'm not sure if I'm keeping it because when I got home I decided that it was a little too small for my taste and that I'm kinda crazy for having 3 gray bags... but nonetheless it's such a cute bag so I had to show you guys.

I went shopping with the fabulous Yvonne and we managed to spend 3 hours at Nordstrom but didn't even hit all the departments so later that night, I put in an order online for the stuff I didn't get a chance to see.

{1} I love these type of work out tops and I am totally addicted to my Lululemon racerback tanks but awhile back I stumbled upon an article that was saying that Zella was created by someone that had designed for Lululemon so the stuff was very similar and the price was better.  I do have a pair of Zella workout capris that I love so when I saw these tops on sale for $20, I had to pick them up.

{2} Nothing is worse than when you're wearing a cute top but for some reason or the other, either a bloated tummy or just how some pants fit, you get weird lumps and bumps in your waist area which are noticeable through the shirt.  I use shaping tops for this purpose as it sucks you in and creates a very smooth area so you aren't distracted by how your tummy looks in that top!  I also really like to wear nude camisoles under sheer or white tops so I thought this would be cute with the lace detailing up top.

{3} Just thought this dress was cute so added it to my cart.  It's 50% off!
  1. Zella "Z" Racerback Tank - Yellow and Green 
  2. Yummie Tummie 'Roma' Shaping Camisole 
  3. Frenchi® Polka Dot Drop Waist Shirtdress (Juniors)
I want to get a new pair of sunglasses but I'm over paying $$$ for sunglasses so I loved the price point of these.  I have a hard time finding glasses that fit me as my nose bridge is very flat so often times the sunglasses hit my cheeks instead of my nose which is not a cute look at all.  I'm not sure that either of these will work out but thought I'd get them just to try.
MARC BY MARC JACOBS Sunglasses kate spade new york retro sunglasses

And on the topic of sale, we're having a huge sale for my jewelry line!  Take an additional 30% off all sale items with the code MDAY30.  The code expires on Monday so hope you take advantage of it now! Shop the sale here.

Let me know if you guys shopped the Nordstrom sale too! Would love to see/hear what you got!

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  1. love love love the flower pants♥

  2. Fun fun! Shopping with Yvonne? You two must do a lot of damage together! :D
    Love the R&B top and that purse! 3 grey bags? Not crazy if they're all a different shade or shape!
    I'm headed to the sale today so can't wait to check stuff out. And I'll have to give the Zella stuff a look
    at, though I am a very devoted Lemonhead!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  3. For a moment I thought WOW Prada is also on "sale" at Nordstroms?? Then I kept reading hahah. One can only hope, right? I think it is a cute bag but you're right, it's a little on the small side. I'm a big bag kind of person myself.

  4. Now I can't wait to go shopping. Well if you ever decide to sell a handbag, let me know. I love your style but sometimes can't afford what you have but wouldn't mind buying secondhand, lol! :p

  5. I love your style! Those pants are so cute! :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  6. Great post and love all of your selections, especially the printed jeans you tried on....xoxoxoxo

  7. Those flower jeans ran small on me when I tried them on! Usually am a 29 - no way I was going to buy a 30! ;)

  8. Oooh I'm liking the Marc Jacobs sunglasses, they're all sortsa fancy :)

    I'm giving away a free logo design in case you or any of your readers are interested! www.houseofhemingway.com

  9. If only we have a Nordstrom here, I'll go crazy too! I really like your bag and colorful workout tanks. Seriously, do you need a body shaper? You're probably the fittest bloggers out there. ;) Thanks for letting us know that Yvonne is blogging again. I really like her style too. Have a great long weekend!

    xo Jo

  10. Great haul - so jealous! My work week has been so hectic so I haven't had the chance to stop in yet! I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

    xO Kristen



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