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Gorgeous bags and looks for less!

10:37 AM

I'm not in the market for a new bag since I just got one that I'm slightly obsessed with, but in my weekly visit to Saks.com (yes, I love checking out their new arrivals!) I spotted these photos by Phil Oh and I love them!

I've gotten a few messages about my YSL chyc bag as it seems like quite a few of you are thinking about getting it too.  I've been carrying it nonstop since I've gotten it and it's quickly becoming my favorite bag.  I like that when you have stuff in it, it keeps the shape well.  That's a pet peeve of mine when bags get droopy or change shapes after you've put stuff in it.  Even for the mini size, it's pretty roomy and I can fit quite a bit in there.  I love that it has the shoulder strap option too.  I debated getting this larger size and am glad that I ended up with the mini but I am loving the Chyc in this purple.  It's gorgeous!

You probably guessed it but I'm in love with the bag on the right.  The pink, the quilting, the bow!  It's a must have in my book.
The Chloe Marcie Mini is adorable!
I've never been a big animal print person but this Jerome Dreyfuss bag is calling out to me.  The clutch is gorgeous too!  Alexander Wang has a similar style as well.

Since I can't afford something too pricey right now, I went looking for a "look for less" and I love love these bags and are all in the right price range for me.

Michael Kors Hamilton - similar to the YSL Chyc in color and size, this one is even better as it has a shoulder strap!
 Rebecca Minkoff Ostrich Embossed Beau Clutch - the color is super similar to the Marc Jacobs but the price is much better and it's even on sale for 30% off.
Salvatore Ferragamo Miss Vara Bow - while it's still a tad expensive, it's actually a great price for a Ferragamo and still way less than the mini Chloe.
Ann Taylor Animal Print crossbody Bag - I really like the gray animal print and the mix of the suede and leather.  And the price is right!

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  1. The pink bag with the bow is super cute! Although, I'm not sure if I'd be able to rock that color. I super love the Ferragamo purse! I'll probably get it in the Cypress color =)

  2. the marc jacobs bag is so you! it really is perfect. i got a classic cambridge satchel co. bag recently and still can't help looking at more bags!! :P the chyc in purple is on my wishlist.

    xox P

  3. oh my goodness...i love the pink bag too! so adorable!!!

  4. I love the Ferragamo bag but it's currently a little out of my price range unfortunately. However, I am a huge fan of Rebecca Minkoff bags! I think they're at a great price point for the quality you get.




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