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6:00 AM

I avoided joining Instagram for the longest time because I didn't need one more social media distraction in my life but after seeing so many people's photos all over twitter and facebook, I finally joined and am glad I did!  It's my favorite thing ever!  I love sharing photos and seeing everyone else's photos. As you may know, I've been working with Intel on my ultra stylish Ultrabook and they asked me to share a few snapshots on my love for fashion on instagram and I wanted to share them here with you too.

New t+j Designs bangles + chain bracelets that will be in the shop soon!
An outfit of the day that was very bright and sparkly!  I love that J Crew tank, I got it last summer and just love the sequin sparkle.
My new bag + a new makeup palette that I picked up on my trip to China.  (I love Duty Free cosmetics shopping.)
A look at a few of our new arrivals.  Yes, we even started carrying iPhone accessories!  I love these cases and the bow topper.  Everyone that has seen it in person goes crazy for it. :)
Walking by Nordstrom and spotting these pretties in the window.  I love the set up with the hands.
A new pair of sunglasses that I bought from LC's blog sale.  I love them but unfortunately they don't fit my face (very few sunglasses do).
The prettiest lipstick holder.  I just adore Kate Spade packaging.  They make everything so pretty!
Another set of new bangles in store combined with a few new chain bracelets.
I recently discovered Polish & co and I love it!  It goes on really smooth, and one coat is all that's necessary with these super bright colors.  Perfect summer colors!
Bows on shoes.  Love. :)

You can find me on instagram as tiffanyish!  Let me know your username so I can follow you too!

Now you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for power. Introducing the ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabook™, Inspired by Intel. Visit intel.com/ultrabook for more information.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Intel via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Intel.

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  1. I loooove all those bracelets!

  2. great photos! i especially love the gold and coral bracelet combo!

  3. So many pretty things! Love all of the chain bracelets!

  4. You capture the cutest things, Tiffany! I love all the prettiness :) Oh and I have the exact same iPhone case, my favourite ever!

    Love, Pauline


  5. I'll have to find you on Instagram! I resisted too, mainly because I wasn't aware that it was available for Android phones. I joined a couple months ago and I'm obsessed!

    1. yes! Please do! my name is tiffanyish on instagram. I'll look for you too if you don't find me first. It's so much fun, i love it!

  6. Ooh, LOVE the peek of the YSL Chyc tote--I've been lusting after one myself, but am worried it'd be too big. Can't wait to see it in an outfit on you, Tiffany! And hooray for joining Instagram--I finally bit the bullet and joined too. Off to find you! ♥

    1. Thanks Chloe! I actually got the mini Chyc so it's the perfect size! I think it would look great on you too!

  7. Hi Tiffany! Too bad the sunglasses did not fit you. Will you be selling it again? Let me know. I hope you'll blog about the shoes you got from the Nordstrom rack designer sale =) Following you at Instagram.

    1. Hi! The sunglasses have been sold. I'm still trying to decide which ones to keep from the Nordstrom Rack sale but maybe I'll blog about them next week and have you guys help me decide :)

      Thanks for following me on instagram!

  8. yay you're on instagram! follow me back at vnssa906 <3 and thanks for extending your Friends and Family! will def. take a look and order the Lime Teardrop Necklace -- I've been lusting over it!



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