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Rockstar Video

9:00 AM

Oh and one more thing since I'm loving my Rockstar jeans so much wanted share this video with you!

Old Navy had a fab fashion show last week in NYC to show off The Rockstar jeans and just how well they fit every body type.  It's a fun video and really does show how they fit every kind of body type.  Watch it here!

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  1. I'm kind of surprised they tout these jeans as fitting all body shapes.
    I tried on my size, tiny.
    I sized up. Tiny.
    Perhaps I should have gone for 2 sizes up... I'm not even a weird shape. Oh well :( Someday I'll get my perfect colored skinny.

  2. i went to old navy last night cuz of your post. and well i had to size up 3 sizes! my calves are not like normal tiny calves. i got some calves. But i like the fun colors. i ended up getting the brighter purple jeans. i think they made them kinda way small than normal. but for $19, i'm willing to have fun with one pair of jeans!



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