Nov 22, 2012

Designer bags and shoes on SALE!

I'm doing my crazy shopping this morning to make sure I don't miss out on anything and I saw that SSENSE already has a ton of designer stuff on sale!  (I believe most retailers won't be starting the sale until 11/23 or 11/28 depending on the brand.)  I have ordered from SSENSE before and they are a reputable retailer.  One thing to note, they are based in Canada and you'll be charged a foreign transaction fee on your credit card, but hey no tax so you still save!

All these bags and more are on sale.  Looks like it's ranging from 20% to 30% off regular prices.  You'll also get free shipping with code FREESHIPWW.



They also have some YSL Tribtoos and Arty rings on sale! (I'm wearing mine today!)

 OK, I'm really getting off the computer to go start cooking now!  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. awesome bags

  2. great picks! happy thanksgiving, T!

  3. This sale is sort of amazing. Is it wrong I want to buy like, 5 bags?

  4. Oh the pink one by Cloe looks amazing, I want.. If you have a second please visit my blog to check my last post with pictures from my engagement photoshoot, xoxo

  5. Aww, amazing creations! Especially the third Sandal. Its so stylish! :D Nice post :D
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