Jan 31, 2012

February Calendar and iPhone Wallpaper

Thanks so much for the great feedback and support about continuing my free calendar downloads and for everyone that has tweeted or emailed me their iPhone screensaver.  I love it!  It makes me so happy to see you guys using it!

February's calendar is ready and I decided instead of making you guys go to a different blog post each month (and in case you missed it, having to search for it) that I would just create a page where you could find the download links and wallpaper images all in one place!  So click on over here to get the February calendar!  Enjoy!

Want to know my favorite dry shampoos?  Check out this post for my faves!

Jan 30, 2012

Lookbook: Photo Bomb

What I'm Wearing
*Forever 21 Sweater - It's only $12.50 but I'll tell you, probably best to wash on delicate and line dry.  I made the mistake of not doing that and it's now completely shrunken and misshapen.  A better alternative might be this cute textured knit from Anthrpologie.  I'm also loving yellow striped sweaters like this one or this one with wider stripes from Gap.
*Madewell Rail Straight Jeans - a bit baggier than their legging jeans that I usually wear.
*Happy Scarf Polka Dot Scarf (gifted from Happy Scarf) - This scarf is super soft, I often just keep it on when I get home because I love how soft it is and how warm it keeps me.
*Vintage Chanel Bag - borrowed from my mom.  She's not the original owner as she bought it vintage about 10 years ago so we're not sure exactly how old it is but it's still in fantastic shape.
*Prada Booties - my favorite and they are from last year.  I got super lucky last month and found them on the sale rack at Nordstrom in purple!  Low cut booties definitely work better on my shorty legs so I love the Cole Haan booties or these Vince Camuto booties (on sale!) which are great alternatives to my Prada ones.
*t+j Designs bracelets - get FREE shipping on all orders!

Kimberlee from I have a degree on this did a post on "dog photo bombing" in fashion bloggers photos that I thought was so cute.  And although mine is not a true photo bomb (mostly it's a forcing my dog to be in my picture. lol)  Macho's been "photo bombing" mine lately, mostly out of necessity.  The only time we brave it outdoors these days (it's mainly too cold/windy/rainy) is when we walk the dogs so that's also when we take outfit pics.  I get so insanely jealous when I see the outfit photos of bloggers that live in Southern California because in every picture, they actually have sun.  And they are wearing shorts.  SHORTS! I can't even imagine pulling out shorts right now.  Sometimes, I get so cold that I have to wear leggings under my jeans!  Nobody is jealous of that.  Nobody.  haha!

Oh and a fun little giveaway that's going on the t+j Designs facebook page!  Would love it if you "liked" our page (and if you already do, thank you!) and then leave a comment on our page or on the giveaway photo (you'll see it on the page) and you'll be entered to win our Mother of Pearl Rose Gold Necklace from the Timeless Collection!  Giveaway will end on 2/6.

Jan 27, 2012

Lookbook: Zig Zag

zara_clutch2zara_clutch4 zara_clutch3
What I'm Wearing
*ShopSosie Dress - I have it in the khaki and black too but now they have lots of new pretty colors, I love the berry!
*Elizabeth and James Blazer - on sale but limited sizes.  I'm stalking this E&J blazer, I really really want it to go on sale.
*Miu Miu Suede Sandals  - got mine last season, this year comes in a gorgeous blue that I'm thinking about getting too.  They are truly one of the most comfortable pair of sandals I own. (I look like I'm slipping out of them because of the dang tights.  I hate how tights make my feet all slippery in shoes!)
*Zara Clutch (Christmas gift from my sister!)
*t+j Designs Gold Drop Luxe Earrings Rose Gold Statement Ring and Glam Leatherette Ring

It's been one of those weeks where I have no idea where the time went.  Crazy busy.  Started out rough but it's definitely looking up and looking forward to the weekend.  If you're on my facebook, you may have seen a preview of this outfit.  I wore it on new year's eve for dinner out and then the best part, champagne and cupcakes before midnight.  I love this dress - so much that I have two, which is rare as I don't usually buy the same things in different colors - but here's my dilemma, if I don't belt it, it's a tent on me.  If I belt it, it's waaay too short.  Hence, why I don't love this outfit but hey I saw way more scandalous outfits on New Year's Eve.  (why is NYE like Halloween except instead of your sluttiest costume you put on your sluttiest sparkly dress?  haha!)  And then I compensated for the shortness by teasing my hair to make me look taller.  Just kidding!  (sorta) ;)

P.S. If you didn't know, I also write on the smarter.com blog.  Check out my tips and picks for wearing lace!

Jan 24, 2012

Currently Loving: Neons

I'm completely obsessed with the neon trend.  I've been seeing it pop up everywhere and I wrote a post about how to incorporate neons into your winter outfit but I also really can't wait for spring so I can start wearing it a lot more!  Here's a few fabulous neon looks as soon on a few of my favorite bloggers...
Image Sources: The Blond Salad | Le Blog de Betty | The Golden Diamonds | A Pair & a Spare (hers is a DIY!) | Fashion is My Drug

And a few things that I'm thinking about adding to my wardrobe...

Oh colored jeans, I'm still not over you.  Especially in these fun bright colors!

Fabulous tops that you can wear now but will look great with shorts in the summer!
3) Ladyee Boutique Shredded Sweater   - use code STYLEISH for 10% off your order!

And loving these dresses and the flare skirt.  Would be so cute with black tights!

Lots of fun neon jewelry from my jewelry line and we've marked them down to some super great prices!

I wearing the J Crew Vintage Cotton V-Neck, my color is sold out online but check the stores.  And Cosmetics Arts Nail Polish in Pink Rush.  I bought it from Bartell's (a local drugstore) but unfortanately can't find a place that sells it online!

Jan 23, 2012

Lemon Blueberry Muffin Tops

The best part of the muffin IS the top.  Am I right?  So I HAD to share this recipe with you guys, especially because I found it on accident.  You see, I was in the mood for scones and you know me, I love the combo of Lemon and Blueberry together so I went looking for a scone recipe.  I found this one over at allrecipes.com and I liked the looks of it as it was a bit different than most scone recipes as there was no need to use a pastry cutter (hurts my arms), no heavy cream (didn't have it), not a lot of butter and used yogurt (you know I like using yogurt better than butter).  Oh and you don't need to roll it out as they are called "drop scones" which is just that, you drop the dough onto the baking sheet instead of rolling it out and cutting the shape of the scone.  I mean, I love scones but sometimes they can take a bit to make and these just sounded so much easier so I had to try it out. 

Turns out, they are nothing like a scone but they are YUMMY in their own right!  They are light and fluffy with bursts of blueberry and lemon flavor.  I was also generous with the lemon glaze as it kind of needed it (they are not that sweet on their own).  After my first bite, I thought, "This is just like a muffin!" which I then saved it into my Springpad* as Lemon Blueberry Muffin Tops!

Go here for the recipe and a few changes that I made were I added lemon juice and used plain yogurt since I didn't have lemon yogurt.  And before baking I brushed them with egg wash to get the brown color on the tops.

*I use Springpad to keep all my online recipes as it saves them and organizes them very nicely and also has an iPad/iPhone app which is awesome because I use my iPad as my cookbook in the kitchen and iPhone as a grocery list so I can always reference the recipe when I'm out grocery shopping.

Jan 18, 2012

Lookbook: Chartreuse

What I'm Wearing
*Cardigan: Madewell - the First Frost Cardigan is really similar and on sale (+ additional 30% off)
*Blouse: ASOS - Mine is unavailable but for you mamas to be, there is a maternity versionSimilar horse print blouse, or a cute horseshoe print and if you are feeling a bit nautical, I like this cute seahorse print blouse.
*Jeans - Madewell Legging Jeans (now on sale)
*Boots - Roberto Del Carlo (last year) - get them here in black and on sale.
*Headband - t+j Designs (will have them on the site soon!)
*Earrings - t+j Designs White Drop Stone Earrings  and Jewel Tone Crystal Ring- Free Shipping on all orders!

We're snowed in today!  Hope everyone in the Seattle area is staying warm and safe!  We're going to head out in a bit to play in the snow with our doggies but for the most part I'm keeping near the heater! 

Sale alert!  Madewell has a ton of great stuff on sale and additional 30% off all sale items!  If you liked my pink skinny jeans from this lookbook, they are now on sale for about $35 after the 30% off!  I just bought them in purple too.  I also have this Striped Ex-boyfriend sweater and love it.  It's now 50% off and with the 30% off it makes it ~$24.50!

Madewell Striped Ex-boyfriend sweater and t+j Designs Gold Link Necklace and Ivory Satin Chain Necklace - both are $12 and free shipping!

You know I can't resist a good sale at Madewell!  Here's what I'm contemplating...
First Frost Cardigan - love the Mulberry color! | Sateen Skinny Ankle Pants  
Clear Dawn CardiganSilk Sojourn Shirt - I swear this is the same top as my Soft Silk Boyshirt | Flowerlace Top 

*At the time I wrote this post, all the stuff was available but I think some of it has sold out so check your stores if you can't find it online.  I find that the stores always has great markdowns on different stuff too!

Jan 17, 2012

Lookbook: Stars and Hearts

What I'm Wearing
*Blazer: Forever 21 (old) - similar contrast trim blazer
*Top: Forever 21 Starry Blouse - similar in black at ASOS (on sale)
*Skirt: J Crew (old) - similar sateen skirt
*Tights: DKNY no waistband tights - my favorite!
*Shoes: Miu Miu Platform Pumps - The ones I'm wearing are suede. Similar in suede and not as high.
*Bag: Foley & Corinna Disco City in Rose Nubuck - available in lots of colors and a few colors are on sale.  It comes with a shoulder strap too so you can wear it cross body.  I love this little mini bag, it's so cute!
*Jewelry: t+j Designs Love and Heart Necklace and Rose Gold Turquoise Cushion Ring - Free shipping on all orders!
*Nail Polish: Julep Anne which came in my latest Julep Maven box and I've been wearing it since I got it!  I love the lavender color and don't have anything else like it.  Remember to enter IAMSTYLEISH to get your first Julep Maven box for $9.99!

I haven't shot many lookbooks lately.  In between the weather, how dark the day gets and my husband's schedule, it just hasn't been happening.  But last week, I was inspired to take a lookbook (mostly because our new collection came in) and I actually took these photos myself using the tripod and remote (major props to all you style bloggers that do this all the time). 

If you are wondering, I am not embarrassed easily so I totally didn't care who saw me.  (I was in an industrial area and I had guys in hard hats walking by and being funny asking if they could be in the picture :), men siting in their pickup trucks watching me and construction going on right behind the wall that my tripod was standing.)  I've done self lookbooks outside a few times already and to be honest, I actually think it's fun.  I wouldn't do it in a super crowded area but the area I was in was only semi-busy so if you are inspired to shoot self portraits outside but are embarrassed to, just be confident and smile at the people that are looking at you.  You have nothing to be embarrassed about, all you are doing is taking pictures.  I've seen much crazier things done in public :)  Everyone was super nice to me, some even crossed the street so they wouldn't be in my picture and I chatted with a few people.   The only factor that has me concerned about doing this often is someone running up and stealing all my camera equipment since I have to be away from the tripod.  (my husband worries about this so he got me worried.)  So that's why I don't do it very often but it's always fun to see the pictures that I shot when I'm done, it's kind of like a surprise roll of film where you know what's in the pictures, you just have no idea how they turned out!  It's definitely not easy and I'm not just randomly shooting as I do have a few tricks that I do to create the kind of pictures that I want, but it's fun to see if they turn out right.  As long as you have the kind of shot that you want in your head, it's a lot easier to set up the photos.  Oh and of course, make sure your settings are right.  I shoot on manual 100% of the time even on self portraits and the first thing is I adjust the settings, find my focus point and then base my composition from that.  Anyway, I won't get into it unless you guys have questions which I'd be happy to answer in the comments, but I've heard so many people say that they don't want to bug their boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister/roommate about taking photos for their blog so I'm here to say, go out and do it yourself!  It's totally possible.  :)

Check out my latest smarter.com blog post on how I wear plaid all year round!

Jan 16, 2012

Our latest collection is here!

Some fun news to announce today!  I've been a little quiet lately on the blog and everywhere else really just because I've been so busy with so many fun projects including this one.  Well, we are finally able to reveal our latest collection and I'm so excited that it's here!
So many have you requested more rose gold items from the beginning and being a huge fan of rose gold myself, I knew that we had to incorporate it somehow and I love, literally LOVE, this collection.  We are only starting with a few designs and limited quantity but will continually grow this collection with more designs and styles.  We want the Timeless Collection to be something that you can wear for years or something that you can gift to your mom, sisters, bridesmaids, aunts, anyone that you truly care about and want to share your love for.   All items are 18K rose gold and the chains are beautiful and delicate.  I am so proud to bring this to you guys at this quality for under $65!  We wanted to get this collection out before Valentine's day in case you wanted to give someone a hint or two about a potential present. ;)  Unfortunately, it's not in stock yet but they are on their way to us as we speak so for now pre-orders are being taken and will be shipping next Monday January 23rd.  Oh and for the first time ever, we're offering free shipping on all orders.  Check out the Timeless collection here!

My favorite is the Love and Heart Necklace as it looks like two necklaces but it's just one so that means, you won't have to deal with untangling a bunch of chains while it's on.
I hope you guys love this collection as much as I do!  I think you'll be seeing them a lot on me as I just can't stop wearing them!  Lookbook of the outfit above will be posted tomorrow!

*Free shipping offer lasts until January 31st, no code necessary.

Jan 11, 2012

Lookbook: Blue and Gold

shopsosie_blouse4 shopsosie_blouse2
What I'm Wearing:
*Blazer: Hinge (Nordstrom, from a few years ago) - I'm totally in love with this Hinge Waterfall leather jacket.  I think it would look perfect with this outfit!
*Booties: Rag & Bone Lovell Platform Booties - on sale here!  Also in brown and purple.  After wearing these all winter, I adore them and totally recommend.  Very comfy and keep my feet warm and stylish!
*Clutch: Semi-DIY - see my tutorial
*Ring: YSL Arty
*Earrings: t+j Designs Large Diamond Teardrop Studs

The mod podge/glitter clutch is still holding up! :)  Anyone else try out this DIY?  It's one of my favorites.  I have a few other glitter projects I gotta show you!

Jan 9, 2012

Sale alert! J Crew and t+j Designs!

J Crew has 30% off sale items right now.  (It's not a lot but ebates has it at 1.5% cashback, so don't forget to use it to get a little bit extra savings.)  On Friday I went shopping and tried on a few items including the Honeycomb Cable Sweater.  It was $39.99 in stores and 40% off.  Online it's $54.99 and 30% off so not as good as a deal but still a great price.  See the sweater on Jean in a few different colors and her review as well.

I'm wearing the XXS and is a good overall fit as I like that it's slim fitting on the sides (my apple shape does not fare well with chunky knits + baggy sides.) and the sleeves are not too long.  The length is a little on the short side for me as I have a short torso and I tend to like my sweaters a little farther below my waistband to elongate it.  I passed on this but regretted it the next day (as some of you know from my facebook).  Although looking at the pictures now, I do think I look a little chunky in it so probably a good thing that I passed.  One plus was the color and it looked fantastic with my Luxe Chain Crystal Necklace!

Two other things I tried on were this Paisley Blouse (not online but same print in a button up) which was $79.99 and 40% off (Style # 60333 if you want to call stores to see if they have it.) and the Glimmer Long Sleeve Tee that you've seen on me in bronze.  Now marked down to $59.99 and 40% off in stores and 30% off online.
I'm wearing a size 0 in the Paisley Blouse.  Fit is a little loose and I could have sized down if they had it but still doable and I fell in love with the print so I took this one home with me.  In the Glimmer Tee I'm wearing an XS here which I decided was just a bit too baggy on me and since I already own the bronze in an XXS which fits a lot better, I passed on this one as well.

My phone case is this Kate Spade Resin Case that my brother and his girlfriend got me for Christmas.  So cute right?  I have quite the collection of iPhone cases now, I love changing them up!

Anyone else pick up great stuff at the J Crew sale?  I'm actually on the hunt for the silk Lucinda blouse in stores, I hope I can find it!

Also, my sister and I went a little crazy marking stuff down on our jewelry line.  Check it out now before we change our minds about the prices :)

Jan 6, 2012

I am Style-ish Calendar is back!

I did a calendar last year on a whim, kind of just to make one for myself and then decided to share it on my blog and ended up (much to my surprise) getting a great response to it.  I was so happy to receive such nice comments and emails throughout the year from you guys letting me know that you were enjoying it.  I got a ton of requests to do a new one but... I don't have time to do a full calendar right now so instead of making you guys wait (since it takes awhile for me to pull all my pictures together, edit them, photoshop them into the calendar format, etc...)  I thought I'd do it a bit different this year and just offer it a month at a time so you'll have to come back each month to get the next month (but I hope you're reading my blog weekly anyway.  hint hint, wink wink!) :)

And this year, I have also created an iPhone wallpaper!  The easiest way (for me at least) to save on your iPhone is to look at this post on your iPhone and hold down on the image below and "save image" will pop up and save to your Camera Roll.  From there you can select to make it your wallpaper.  I don't know if this size will work on other phones but you are welcome to try!

Here's what it will look like:

For the print version, it's the same as last year, this size will fit into an empty CD case.  You'll notice it's not in the same format as last year but you can print on an 8.5x11 (or similar for those of you not in the US) and cut on the corner lines that I have marked. 


** Just a few notes concerning the free download and iPhone wallpaper: This download is for personal use only and can not be sold or reproduced in any way.  If you'd like to mention this on your blog/website, I would LOVE if you passed it along but please link to my blog and/or this blog post and not directly to the download link.  As with any of the images on my blog, please be respectful if you use the image in any way on your site and to link/credit me. **

(this image has my iamstyle-ish tag on it but the printable version does not)

An easy way to share it without worry about crediting/linking is to pin it :)
Pin It
And one last thing, the winner of the t+j Designs necklace and bracelet is Mayumi and the winner of the Stila Palette and Paula Dorf Lipgloss set is Carol L.!!  Congrats ladies!  I have sent both of you emails so check your inbox!  Thanks to everyone who entered my holiday giveaway!

testking - http://www.testking.com/MCP-certification-training.htm pass4sure - http://www.pass4sure.com/646-364.html actualtests - http://www.actualtests.com/certs/Sharepoint-Certification-training-certification.htm realtests - http://www.realtests.com/exam/648-232.htm testkingworld - http://www.testkingworld.com/network-plus-certification-training.asp

Jan 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Our new year's eve and new year's day was quite low key and uneventful but still spent with the ones I love so that's all I need to be happy.  (Above are a few of the accessories I wore.  I still believe in dressing up even for a low key night!)  Wishing everyone the best for 2012 and although 2011 was a fabulous year, I think that the best is yet to come... :)  I have lots of hope for 2012!

Unfortunately, I'm a bit under the weather and mixed with some highly stressful things going on in my life so blogging is going to take a back seat for a bit but being that we are in the midst of creating our next jewelry collection, I've been trying to get all the creative juices flowing and thus started a tumblr full of inspirations.  (Would love for you to follow if you have a tumblr and let me know yours so I can follow back!).

The tumblr is more for just pretty photos and anything that will inspire me but of course, my first love for all things inspiration and fun things found on the internet will always be located on my Pinterest.  Which, BTW, I have started a board for lovelies wearing t+j Designs so if you have a photo of you wearing our jewelry, please email/tweet/facebook me the link on your blog or the photo and I'll pin it to our Pinterest board!  I love seeing our jewelry on all of you guys!

And lastly, I've started a tumblr for t+j Designs as well.  It's a place to find inspiration on how to wear jewelry pieces and just generally gorgeous jewelry.  Sales announcements and other news will be posted on there as well!

So I may not be around here as much but I'll still be pinning and tumbling away.  And of course,  you'll be able to find me on my regular places, twitter and facebook.  See you in a week (or maybe even sooner!) :)

Oh and I promise, I will come back and announce the winners of the giveaways as soon as I can.  I just have to finish entering all the youtube entries into the pool of entries and then I will select the winners.  Thanks everyone!

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