Apr 30, 2012

Lookbook: Plum

What I'm Wearing
oasap.com blouse (sold out) - similar, similar by Theory
Rag & Bone Jodhpur jeans (in black) - mine is the "plum" color but I can't find it online anymore.  Love these with the leather insert, it's like wearing leather pants without wearing leather pants.
Christian Louboutin "Insectika" pumps - similar,  I think these will be my next black pumps purchase.  I love the slightly rounded pointy toe.
Alexander Wang Rocco Bag - also love it with the rose gold studs.
t+j Designs
- Luxe Chain Crystal Necklace
- Silver Double Row Crystal Bangle
- Gunmetal Double Row Crystal Bangle
- Star Charm Bangle - adjustable to fit all size wrists
- Black Crystal Bangle
- Czech Crystal Stainless Steel Bangle (on left hand) fits small but also expandable to fit all wrists

And just a few detail pics since you couldn't see the leather insert in the pictures above, I had to show you how cool they are :)  And my hot pink matte mani which is Zoya Lolly.

I've been taking self shot (remote/tripod) lookbooks lately (did you notice that this one was self shot?) and this was my first one that I was cursing my way through it.  First my remote was malfunctioning so I was already frustrated with that, then the wind took over and I could not get one workable shot and then when I switched lenses I didn't realize my lens was not focusing correctly so that's why there are no full body shots.  (It was too hard to tell in the viewfinder if it was focused or not because I was in the sun and I was already frustrated with the remote situation so wanted to get out of there.)

This is what most of my pictures look like.  LOL!  You should have seen me quick posing when the wind would take a few breaks to get as many shots possible before it kicked back up.  I'm sure I looked hilarious! The things we do for our blogs right? :)

P.S. Check out my latest post on the Smarter blog on how to brighten your eyes!

Apr 26, 2012

Butter London Lippy!

I'm not one to match my nails and toenails when painting my nails.  I like mixing it up!  However, have you ever thought of matching your nails to your lips?  I haven't but when I saw the Butter London Lippy and the matching polish, I loved it!
 Trout Pout Lippy and Nail Polish | Yummy Mummy Lippy and Nail Polish

I tried out Trout Pout which is a vibrant peachy-orange and Yummy Mummy which is a beige-y nude.  I loved the combo so tried a scalloped mani.  It didn't turn out as well as I'd like but wanted to show you the colors.  They really go well together and Yummy Mummy is a great color on it's own for the "mannequin nail" trend.
click here for my bow ring!

It's really pink in that picture but Trout Pout is more orange in person.  It's a lovely color and really great for the summer.  And swatches of the Lippy glosses to show you that it comes out pretty true to the color shown in the tube.  On the lips, they are true to the lip gloss consistency of being more sheer which I liked.  So although they are pretty perfect matches in the tube, if you wear them together nobody will really notice that you are wearing the same color on your lips and nails, it just coordinates in a good way.

Trout Pout is my favorite on the lips as it's a perfect glossy peach that looks great on it's own or layered on top of lipstick.  Yummy Mummy makes my lips look a little gray so I don't wear it alone but it works well to neutralize a too bright lipstick so I have been wearing it as a top gloss for my lipsticks.

These are my first Butter London polishes and I really like how creamy they go on.  I barely needed a second coat!  The Lippy glosses are really smooth on and are a bit sticky but not as bad as MAC Lipglass sticky.  The one thing that I did not like was the fragrance of the lip glosses.  It's almost a fruity scent, reminds me of watermelon candy.  If you aren't a fan of fragrances in your make up then probably stay away but if you don't mind it, I do recommend these glosses. 

Here are the other colors in the collection.  I definitely want to get another but can't decide which one, I love all of them!

Disclosure: Product samples were provided by PR for consideration but does not affect my review or opinions in any way. 

Oh and I posted on how to do DIY Polka Dot nails so check it out!  It's easier than you think!

Apr 25, 2012

Latest Loves

First of all, congratulations to my sister and her husband as their baby boy arrived yesterday!  I'm an Aunt!  So happy for them and I can't wait to meet my nephew soon.

Just a quick little post on some new additions to my closet that I am excited to wear...
I usually have a few summer vacations planned out by now but my schedule is crazy these days as I'm traveling about 2 weeks out of the month so fitting in a vacation has been hard.  I'm finally getting pretty close to booking a girl's weekend in Vegas and some time for hubs and I in Cabo so I'm excited just thinking about some beach time!  Hapari let me pick out a suit from their site and I usually go for a printed bikini but this coral tankini caught my eye and I love having something different to wear to the beach/pool now!  I was slightly weary of the molded cups but they actually fit great, the only thing is that it's made for someone with a much longer torso than me.  When I wear the top, it actually comes down so far that it doesn't look like I'm wearing bottoms.  Not good!  So I'm going to have to take it to my tailor to shorten it.  Other than that, I adore the color and the style.  And those of you that have trouble finding bottoms that fit (if you have a flat butt like me) these are perfect!  No droopy butt!

I love long sleeve dresses and actually wear them a lot in the spring so I've been pulling all my dresses out lately.  LAmade recently sent over this gorgeous floral dress that I think will be perfect for an outdoor wedding that I'm going to.  I'm going to pair it with some bright pink shoes!

Some new sparkly flats!  I will have to say though, that the first time I wore these they were super painful because they were so tight!  I ended up stuffing the toes with some thick gym socks to stretch them out for a few days and now they fit fine. 
Miu Miu Flats (similar and similar on sale)
hubs and I walking the dogs in new shoes :)

Also a follow up on my Gap shopping post, I ordered the red pants in petite sizing since the sizes in store were too big on me but these pants in petite are so hilariously short!  While the sizing was fine in the waist, the inseam was so short that it looked like I was wearing weird crop flare pants.  Even in flats!  Not cute at all.  Just wanted to let those of you know that were thinking about trying the petite sizing.  Probably best only if you are shorter than me (I'm 5'2").
And I ordered the maxi dress in pink but the front was so weird and bunchy that it looked terrible.  Stick with the striped one as it hides that bunching a lot more.  So no luck there, returning both!

Apr 23, 2012

Lookbook: Feather

What I'm Wearing
* LC Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Blazer (c/o Kohl's) - I told you I wear these blazers a lot.  This is my typical lazy Sunday outfit so I reach for them almost every weekend.  The Lauren Conrad stuff is so cute.  I recently bought this Chiffon Blazer that's even more gorgeous in person.  I'll have a lookbook soon with it.
* Jennifer Lopez Foil Tank (c/o Kohl's) - you know how some tanks end up really wrinkly and don't look so great under blazers?  This one is a little bit stiffer so you don't get the weird wrinkles.  There's a hint of shimmer to it but not too much so it's great for daytime.
*Blank NYC Skinny Jeans (on sale) - they just got in these jeans in metallic coated!  I'm intrigued, going to try them out.
*Light as a Feather Scarf (gift from Happy Scarf) - comes in black too.  I love the pattern of this scarf and it's so light and soft.  I wore it a ton this winter but it's also light enough to wear in the spring.
*Manolo Blahnik sequin pumps - (similar in black and in metallic) these are the ones that I got at Century 21 that you saw in my March Photos post.  I thought that I might not wear them so much because of the sequins but actually the sequins make them even more appealing to wear them a ton! 
*t+j Designs Jewelry: I'm sooo excited as we are on Daily Candy deals!  If you are loving any of our jewelry, pick up a coupon to get up to 56% off your entire order! 

Thanks for all your input in what bag I should get!  I think you guys made it even harder to pick as the votes were basically split.  haha!  I did end up getting one and it's a little different than what I originally thought, but it is one of the bags in the post.  I'm in love with it and I'll do a reveal soon!  Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

P.S. If you want to know my trick in how I keep my curls to last all day long, I wrote about it on the Smarter blog.  Check it out here!

Apr 20, 2012

Lookbook: Olivia Palermo

There are a few celebrities whose style I adore and Olivia Palermo is definitely on the top of the list.  She always puts together the most amazing outfits so effortlessly and I love that she's great with pairing high and low end things together and just making it look fabulous.  I have tumbled or pinned her outfits so many times that I feel like I should stop, I may be on the border of obsessive!

I was asked to pull together an outfit "mocking" my favorite celebrity style so when I saw this photo of Olivia, I knew immediately that I wanted to copy it. 

I adore this pink blazer but do not get enough wear out of it as I seem to have a hard time pairing it with stuff in my closet.  I love that Olivia paired it with dark neutrals and especially the leather shorts.  I don't own any leather shorts (still on the hunt!) so my "mock up" is a little different but nonetheless love the pink blazer paired with the shorts and button down.

What I'm Wearing
*Zara Blazer - similar, under $30 at Forever 21 and here too, love the coral!
*Madewell Soft Silk Boyshirt (on sale in other colors here) - similar blouse by Equipment (30% off)
*Ella Moss Scallop Shorts - Also adorable in yellow.  oooh, lace scallop shorts! love! And under $20 here.  So many choices, I'm thinking scallop shorts are going to be a summer staple.
*F21 Laptop Sleeve used as a clutch - I like carrying any sort of pouch as my clutch.  I really like that this one is a little structured inside since it was supposed to hold a laptop.  Oh! you could use this cuuuute sequin laptop sleeve and it's on sale.  I kinda want it now!
*Christian Louboutin "Feticha" pumps - mine are a few seasons old but the Simple pumps are similar.  They are actually more comfortable as the Feticha has a higher arch so harder to walk in for long periods of time.
*t+j Designs Hammered Bangle Set and Gold Crystal Bracelet, Gold Faux Stack Bangle, Gold Crystal Hoop Earrings (only $18!) and Crystal Heart Charm Necklace.
*And thanks to Sue Devitt Tinted Body Moisturizer for giving my legs some color or else my paleness may have blinded you!  (Seriously love this stuff!)

I know not totally outside of my box as I always wear blazers and button downs but thanks to Olivia for the color inspiration.  Which celebs do you guys go to for outfit inspiration?
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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Crystal Light Mocktails via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Crystal Light Mocktails

Apr 19, 2012

Sunday Sunday

My husband and I take our weekends very seriously. Seriously in that we don't get to see each other as much during the week as we used to so we savor our time together on the weekends and I look forward to the weekend more than when I was at an office job and I just wanted the weekend to come so I didn't have to be at the office.  Now that I work from home and work basically every hour that I'm not asleep my work life has just simply become "life" but I'm enjoying every moment of it.  I've never imagined that I could do this (be a small business owner/jewelry designer) but here I am doing it and really truly appreciating this time in my life.

Our Sundays are usually busy doing typical errands but to spend time doing even these mundane things with my husband is something that I look forward to.  I recently took my camera along for a typical Sunday for us and thought I'd share!

We either go out for a full on brunch or just a coffee and pastry so this day we decided it would be Coffee and Pastry day so went over to Grand Central Bakery.  Hubs got the seasonal danish (that you saw here when we got it last time) and I went with a cinnamon bun this time.  (That's my DIY glitter clutch in the corner.)
Next stop was Trader Joe's.  Only the best grocery store EVAR.  Seriously, why is this place so fun to go to?  My favorite section, of course is the wine section.  I always buy wine for the week and usually try to pick out something new and different but stock up on our favorites too.
We are totally the people that go to multiple grocery stores because I'm sort of picky about produce and although I adore Trader Joe's, I'm not as big of a fan of their produce.  Which brings us to Metropolitan Market which has the best produce section.  When I walk in there, I'm enticed to buy carrots and celery just because they make it look so pretty.  Don't know how they do it but they make their produce displays so nice that you want to buy everything, but not just looks, their produce really is the best in terms of freshness and taste.

Their flower section is always beautiful too.  I love perusing their flowers and deciding which ones to bring home for the week.
Gourmet raspberry marshmallows!  Um, yeah, that's why I must stay away from their bakery/sweets section because it's filled with delightful things like this that cost an arm and a leg but so hard for me to resist.
And just some of the produce I brought home.  I couldn't resist the beautiful meyer lemons and made lemon bars from them.  Sidenote: the best recipe is from the The Grand Central Baking Book (yup the same place where we started the day from!) and these Sumo oranges where I haven't seen anywhere else, were the sweetest most delicious oranges I've ever had.  We went back the next weekend to stock up on some more!
So there you go, a very boring Sunday but still fun to me :)  What are your Sunday's like?  Do you do all your errands like I do or do you just veg on the couch?  I do have to say though that our Sunday's are very dependent on the weather, if it's gross and rainy, the couch is the best place to be!

Apr 17, 2012

Prada or Proenza?

I'm officially on the hunt for a new bag and every time I go to Nordstrom I try on a bunch of bags but I always go back to the Prada Tote or PS1 Keep All and I seriously can not decide which one to get!  I'm definitely leaning towards a tote as the last few bags that I bought are less structured and I'm needing something with a bit of room in it so that I can travel with it too.

I love the shape of the Prada and Nordstrom actually has it in this really pretty nude/light camel color that goes with everything.  I'm leaning more towards the one in the middle that has the zipper pockets than the open tote, but how gorgeous are those pinks?  I really like this bag also because I know it will be a classic forever and I can't imagine ever getting tired of it.

But then there is something about the PS1 Keep All that I just love!  I think it would be a great work bag too.

Read more for another bag choice and some Chanel spring arrivals....

Apr 16, 2012

Lookbook: YSL TribToo

What I’m Wearing 
*Blazer: LC by Lauren Conrad (gifted from my Kohl’s photo shoot) - I actually have all 3 colors of this blazer and I wear them A LOT.  Like I said before in my Kohl's post, I'm really impressed with the quality of their stuff.  These are the perfect boyfriend blazers, they go with so many things and a great price.  Sizing - I'm wearing a 0 and I'd say size down if you are unsure.
*Jeans: J Crew Factory Destroyed Matchstick Jean - on sale! – they run much smaller than regular J Crew jeans.  Also, they are a bit stiff so not the most comfortable jeans.
*Shoes: YSL TribToo pumps – love these gray stitch ones too! My first lookbook with these! I adooore these shoes, they are one of my top favorites from my collection.  On this day, I wore these babies shopping all day long and they were super comfortable.
*Bag: Summer Tote (gift from simply-bags.com) I’ve never owned a monogram bag before and I’ve been eyeing a few beach bags for some upcoming summer trips so I was excited to get this very happy yellow bag and of course had to get the embroidery in pink! I know it’s an odd bag to go with the outfit but since I can’t get to the beach now, it’s acting as my grocery/carry all bag and I love the gigantic-ness of it! It fits everything! Plus the yellow print is just so cheery, I like that it reminds me that summer is just around the corner.
*Jewelry: t+j Designs White Gold Heart Necklace + Crystal Love Necklace, Bamboo Bracelet Set (I mixed the white in from the other Bamboo set) Bow ring (I wear this every day! It's my favorite), Cable Stacked Rings

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans and while I like these, I don’t love them.  Also, after seeing the pictures, I can definitely see that they need to be shortened as I cuffed them but they look funny because they are still too long.  I'm also adjusting to the boyfriend jean look as somebody that has lived in skinny jeans for the past few years this transition is huge to me! But I really like the look of them so just need to find the right pair.  I find that the true boyfriend jeans don’t work for me since I am already short legged, the baggy + looseness of traditional boyfriend jeans makes me look even more short. So I’m looking for a pair of “skinny boyfriend” jean if you know what I mean so if you guys have recommendations, let me know!  I've got my eye on this pair from Madewell or this one from J. Crew.  I think I need to get to the mall this week!

P.S. I'm clearly loving the pastels, so check out my post on how to incorporate pastels into your work wardrobe.

Apr 11, 2012

Shopping in the boy's department

Just a random quick post on a great deal that I found that I had to share!  I'm not one to usually shop in the children's section.  I know that I can maybe fit into the stuff but there's always something that's a little off about the fit so I just don't even bother trying.  Anyway, I've been traveling and forgot to refill my travel kit (I always keep a toiletry bag full of stuff so I don't have repack it every time) and I ran out of toothpaste so I ran into a Target to get some when I walked by the little boy's section and a chambray shirt caught my eye.  My first instinct was to keep on walking but then I thought "why not?".  I wasn't sure what size I would be and they only had a M (which looked too small) and an XL (which looked too big).  I looked around and nearby were these cute plaid button ups that were similar so I took a chance, grabbed one Medium and one Large and tried them on.  And guess what?  I was quite pleasantly surprised how well they fit!  The shoulders of the size M were perfect on me and the problem that I always have with women's button up tops, the chest gap, wasn't even an issue!  OH and the best part?  They are $12.99!  Here's a few pictures of the fit.

Here's the Medium in this cute purple plaid (sorry for the blurry pictures, I had coffee and nothing to eat so was a bit jittery).  The length is a bit short but since I plan to always tuck it in, it works fine and I'm really happy with how it fits in the shoulder.  Sleeve wise, it's also bit short but that works to my advantage since I always roll up my sleeves so I have less fabric to roll up.  I didn't love this color/pattern (I felt way too businessman-ish) so I didn't end up getting this one.

And the Large in this awesome blue plaid.   I actually really like this one but the fit was pretty baggy which is okay, if you want to wear it super casually like with shorts in the summer which would be cute, but I wanted something more fitted so went back to grab the medium.

Read more for which ones I end up getting...

Apr 9, 2012

Lookbook: Good Hair

What I'm Wearing
*Elizabeth and James Blazer (similar, gorgeous cream version too)
*Madewell Soft Silk Boyshirt
*Seven for all Mankind Bell Bottoms - I bought them in the Petite sizing but they do have regular sizing too.  I didn't get mine hemmed, I just wear really tall shoes :)  Oh and they run true to size but they do sit high on your waist so if you're not used to that I think you'd be fine to go up a size too.
*Chloe Marcie - Mine was from last season so the color is not available anymore.  (I do love this light gray color too) I love my bag, however a little disappointed that the leather hasn't softened up much.  It creates the weird wrinkles at the bottom of the bag (because of all the crap I carry) but also because the leather is still pretty stiff.  Other than that though, I love the size and shape and it's really comfortable to carry.
*Kate Spade iPhone Case
*t+j Designs Charmed Key Crystal Necklace - from our Charming Collection which everything is under $30!
*t+j Designs Rose Gold Turquoise Cushion Ring and Rose Gold Pretty Ring (only $18!) - from our NEW ARRIVALS - we launched over 30+ new styles this week!  I love this ring, it looks like you are wearing a bunch of stackable rings but it's just one piece and super sparkly.  Rose gold is so my new jewelry love.

We've been so behind in spring weather it's almost unfair.  BUT we're finally getting some warmth so figured I should post one of my last fall outfits which was perfect for the very gray day.  I was having a good hair day which is always nice when captured in pictures.  LOL!  I was recently sent the John Freida Volume Curls Curling Iron which I had to mention because I'm seriously in love with it.  I have both expensive and inexpensive curling irons and this one (which is at a great price point and on sale) may have replaced all of them!  And coupled with the Yuko Anti Frizz Leave In Conditioner (which is heat activated so perfect to use when curling my hair) my hair has been quite cooperative lately which makes me happy.  What is it about having a good hair day that puts you in a good mood?  :)

In case you missed it, I did a rare Sunday post so click to see my J Crew and Madewell sale shopping post!

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