Boyfriend Jeans

shopping 6:00 AM

My Guess Ambush Makeover!

sponsor 8:00 AM

Lookbook: Leopard jeans

lookbook 6:00 AM

Slow Churned Brownie Sundaes!

food 8:00 AM

Shopping with me: Forever 21 and BCBG

louboutin 6:00 AM

40th Anniversary of Title IX

nike 8:00 AM

My Favorite Hair Tools & Dry Shampoo

beauty 6:00 AM

Hair Care Products

beauty 6:00 AM

Lookbook: Striped Bow and Cap Toes

Chanel 9:30 AM

Title IX and my inspiration

nike 8:00 AM

Nordstrom Shopping Fun!

sale 6:30 AM

Summer outfits with Guess

sponsor 5:00 AM

Sale Shopping... in my cart

sales 6:30 AM

Swim Style with Old Navy

sponsor 8:00 AM

Lookbook: Lovers + Friends

lookbook 6:30 AM

Revlon Lip Butters - my favorites

beauty 6:30 AM

Shop with me! J Crew and Louboutin Sale

louboutin 6:30 AM

Rachel Bilson - Get the Look!

celebrities 8:18 AM

t+j Designs featured on the Today Show!

tplusj 8:30 AM


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