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My husband and I are approaching our 5 year wedding anniversary so I wanted to capture some photos of us together as we haven't had any since we got married!  Our dogs are such a big part of our lives that I wanted to make sure that we got some photos with them too.  Husband is not too fond of being on the blog (he's not an internet guy at all, he doesn't have a facebook or anything even social media related - the exact opposite of me!) but I had to post these pics because I adore him, adore us and adore our little family.  I can't help but just feel so happy and lucky when I see these pictures.

photos by Miguel Marino 

What I'm wearing
First outfit:
Zara Blazer (similar) | J Crew Blouse | Madewell Jeans | Rag & Bone Booties (similar)
Second outfit:
Forever 21 Blazer (similar) | Shop Sosie Blouse (similar) | Juicy Couture dress (worn as a skirt) | DKNY tights | YSL Heels

I wanted photos that captured us but I also wanted to avoid the "engagement" shoot look.  Since my husband and I used to be wedding photographers we've taken more than our fair share of engagement photos and when you're shooting a couple it's easy to kind of fall back into that look and feel .  Our photographer really worked with us to get the kind of shots we wanted.  I'm very happy with the way they turned out.  If you are in Seattle and looking for a photographer, I highly recommend to contact Miguel! (In fact, you might already read his wife's blog, the lovely Carolyn.  I adore them both!) 

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  1. Those are great photos, Tiff! Happy early anniversary to both of you. I adore your cobalt blue skirt/dress.

  2. these photos are beautiful. You have a beautiful family!! Happy 5 years to you both and to many more years to come!


  3. Happy 5 anniversary to you guys, adorable pics :D as always love your outfit too <3

  4. This is just the most heartwarming post... these pictures are glorious - your little family is just beautiful and precious and lovely! Happy 5 Years! :)

  5. you both look gorgeous and i adore your "kids"! happy anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversary and congratulations to you and your beautiful family!! Simply love these pictures!!

  7. awww such a great pictures of your little family. Your dogs are super cute. Happy Anniversary and many many more years to come !


  8. Tiff, I LOVE LOVE these photos!

    xo Jo


  9. You guys look great! I love your outfit! The black, dots and cobalt work so well together!

  10. Congrats! Just wanted to say that the pictures are super cute :) The first one is great- you all look so happy!

  11. Great photos! I'm not so into the typical engagement type photos either. Love the doggies as always! Happy early anniversary!

  12. Awwww, SO NICE!! Iespecially love the last photo and these don't feel 'engagement-y' to me, so mission accomplished!

    The pups are looking so cute & I love your outfit choices (as per usual!).

  13. Happy Anniversary, Tiffany!

    I think the first post I read on your blog was about your wedding... so it must have been 5 years since I've been reading your blog. LOL.


  14. congrats on the upcoming anniversary! great pics!

  15. Aww this is so sweet! You know I love your dogs so always happy to see them ;) That's cool your hubby isn't social savvy. I kinda like dating guys who aren't because I don't want them stalking my Twitter feed and commenting on everything I do. As long as they understand what I do as a blogger and can respect that, then they don't need to be a Tweetaholic like me :

    Happy Anniversary!

  16. yay I'm glad you guys love the photos! :)



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