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Shopping with me: J Crew and Madewell Sales

7:00 AM

I went to the mall this weekend and spotted the new arrivals at J Crew that I had been eyeing online so tried some stuff on but in the end didn't end up loving them. Thought I'd give you guys my review in case you guys were thinking about getting them too.  Also, I included the sizes I tried on, I found that most things ran TTS for J Crew and for reference, I'm 5'2' and typically a size 0/XS in most brands.

The Tilda Oxford Rhinestone Top is adorable in person.  Sorry I didn't grab a better picture of the rhinestones on the collar, J Crew doesn't have a better close up either but it's so pretty.  I love the detail.  I wasn't so sure about how high it went up on my neck, I felt like it was choking me, so I didn't get it (but if it goes on sale, I might reconsider!).  I'm loving the new Liberty print and immediately gravitated towards the toothpick jeans in the print.  Super cute but a bit pricey.  I have a few pairs of J Crew jeans and they've all stretched pretty badly on me (only after 1-2 wears) and I don't want to be spending $150 on a pair of jeans that stretch so much but if they go on sale, I'll definitely be picking them up as I adore the print!  Oh, the sweater I'm wearing on the right is an old J Crew sweater I was already wearing that day, I just wanted to see how it looked like with a sweater over the rhinestone top which I would probably wear like this most of the time anyway.

Tilda Oxford Rhinestone Top (wearing size 00)
Libery Toothpick Jeans (wearing size 24)

Lots of pics, click through to see the rest of my shopping trip and buys...

I just blogged about this sweater and I really wanted to love it but I ended up not liking it.  The collar is much too stiff and wouldn't sit nicely.  You see how it kind of stands up at the back?  I couldn't get it to lay flat on the around my neck.  I also didn't love the wide stripes on me.  So glad I tried it on before I ordered it online as I definitely didn't love it.

They had a small (very small) sale section that was an additional 50% off so I picked through it and found these cute color block chambray shirts.  In store they were $20 each after discount but they're $29.99 online so I would check your stores first!  I just thought they were cute basics and could wear them with a cardigan or blazer for an easy daytime casual look.
Boy Shirt in Colorblock Oxford (blue: wearing size 0 and pink: wearing size 00)

I stopped by Madewell afterwards (J Crew, Madewell and Nordstrom are always my main staples when I hit the mall!) and the sales associate told me they were having an additional 40% off sale so I headed straight back to see what I could find.

First the new arrivals.  I'm a sucker for cutesy prints so had to try on the Starry Sweater and the cutest bow jeans!  The Starry sweater was too similar to my bow sweater that I got at Madewell earlier in the fall so I passed but I'm totally regretting not buying the cute bow jeans.  I love them, however I do have a problem with printed pants/colored jeans at the moment and vowed not to buy any more but we shall see, I may return for these.  :)
Starry Sweater (wearing XS)

Like I said, the sale was an addtional 40% off so lots of great deals to be had!  The Spectrum sweater is not on sale online but was marked down to $69.99 (the prices I list are all before the extra discount).  I liked the chunky knit but it made me look a bit boxy so passed.  The Heartstripe sweater that I've been eyeing was on sale for $59.99.  And I randomly picked up these striped dot pants that I didn't initially love but after trying them on, I knew I could pair them with lots of stuff I had at home.  And the best part?  They were $39.99! (and if you're wondering, I ended up getting these because they are pants - not jeans - so they can be dressed up a bit more and I don't have as many pants as I do jeans!) 
 Spectrum Sweater (wearing XS)
- just a note, they were too big in the waist for me and I probably should've sized down but didn't see my size out there so just went with these as they fit fine through the leg.  But if you are getting them I do suggest staying TTS.

I thought I would like the gray Heartstripe Sweater better but I ended up liking this tan with the red hearts.  They didn't have an XS in this color but I like the look of a baggier sweater with leggings or skinny jeans so I don't mind sizing up in sweaters.
Heartstripe Sweater (wearing size S)

All in all, with a few giftcards in hand and the extra discounts, I ended spending under $100!  I was a very pleased little shopper. :)

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  1. Love your JCrew prints!!!! And those are already on my stalk-sale watch!!! I love crew, but not all their prices! ;)

  2. The Madewell bow skinny jeans are way to cute! You got some great things!

    Rowena @ rolala loves
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  3. I love that you do these shopping reviews!! I was really wanting to order that liberty stripe sweater, now I'm probably not as sold on it. Jealous of all of your great finds!! I need to get to the mall, asap!

  4. I love that heart striped sweater from Madewell! Now it makes me wanna get it.. is the sale of 40% off still going on? Ah... I might have to go..

    I love your shopping with me posts. :)

    xo – Sheila
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  5. I'm loving that last sweater and also the entire first outfit you have on! All of these additional sales... gotta love it!

  6. Really love all the looks! Love the one with the printed denim a lot, it's great!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  7. Your first combo with the Liberty jeans and Tilda top is gorge - I'm having a hard time keeping myself from that Tilda top!

  8. thank you for the reviews! i love the liberty jeans and that top is adorable!

    xox P

  9. thanks for sharing. my favorite is the heart stripe sweater.


  10. That first pair of jeans are so cute on you!

  11. Ces tenues sont vraiment adorable :)

  12. Great pants!


  13. Looks like you got some great deals! The sweaters from Madewell are soo cute!

  14. Love it all, but the first look is my fav...so cute!
    I am your newest follower :)

  15. BlankNYC x Madewell Bow Skinny Jeans is nice. You look good at it.

    Tote Bags



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